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23/4/2014 06:40 PM  |  NYSE : POM  
Industries : Utilities / Electric Utilities

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
2/13/2014Huffman John UPRESIDENT AND CEO - PES-2,800$18.86-6.51%
2/13/2014GRAHAM THOMAS HVICE PRESIDENT-957$18.86-6.37%
2/13/2014Velazquez David MEXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT-4,195$18.86-4.16%
8/12/2013Huffman John UPresident and CEO - PES-1,200$20.16-2.15%
8/12/2013Huffman John UPresident and CEO - PES-100$20.16-0.18%
8/12/2013Huffman John UPresident and CEO - PES-444$20.13-1.23%
8/12/2013Huffman John UPresident and CEO - PES-1,800$20.15-3.29%
8/12/2013Huffman John UPresident and CEO - PES-5,200$20.15-9.84%
8/12/2013Huffman John UPresident and CEO - PES-7,056$20.14-14.81%
8/12/2013Huffman John UPresident and CEO - PES4,600$20.1414.66%
6/27/2013RIGBY JOSEPH MChairman, President & CEO-25,000$20.38-8.74%
6/26/2013RIGBY JOSEPH MChairman, President & CEO-25,000$20.05-8.04%
6/13/2013Silverman Lester PDirector-3,702$20.06-34.72%
3/13/2013PARKER KENNETH JSenior Vice President-2,400$20.63-26.75%
2/28/2013Huffman John UPresident & CEO - PES-2,719$20.37-5.28%
2/28/2013RIGBY JOSEPH MChairman, President & CEO-24,625$20.37-8.30%
2/28/2013PARKER KENNETH JSr. Vice President-1,017$20.37-10.18%
2/28/2013PARKER KENNETH JSr. Vice President2,621$20.3735.55%
2/28/2013REESE HALLIE MVice President2,995$20.3716.03%
2/28/2013REESE HALLIE MVice President-1,116$20.37-5.15%
2/28/2013JENKINS ERNEST LVice President & CHRO3,714$20.3714.47%
2/28/2013JENKINS ERNEST LVice President & CHRO-1,336$20.37-4.55%
2/28/2013RIGBY JOSEPH MChairman, President & CEO49,699$20.3720.12%
2/28/2013EMGE KIRK JSenior VP & Special Counsel9,145$20.3717.60%
2/28/2013EMGE KIRK JSenior VP & Special Counsel-2,944$20.37-4.82%
2/28/2013RIGBY JOSEPH MChairman, President & CEO31,403$20.3711.54%
2/28/2013CLARK RONALD KVice President & Controller-1,436$20.37-4.30%
2/28/2013CLARK RONALD KVice President & Controller4,462$20.3715.41%
2/28/2013PERRY BEVERLY LSenior Vice President8,191$20.3721.21%
2/28/2013PERRY BEVERLY LSenior Vice President-2,862$20.37-6.11%
2/28/2013Huffman John UPresident & CEO - PES8,447$20.3719.63%
2/28/2013Velazquez David MExecutive Vice President13,667$20.3721.44%
2/28/2013Velazquez David MExecutive Vice President-4,034$20.37-5.21%
1/28/2013EMGE KIRK JSenior VP & Special Counsel-2,281$19.23-4.21%
1/28/2013JENKINS ERNEST LVice President & CHRO-1,058$19.23-3.96%
1/28/2013Huffman John UPresident & CEO - PES-2,131$19.23-4.72%
1/28/2013KAMERICK ANTHONY JExecutive Vice President-3,533$19.23-5.99%
1/28/2013PARKER KENNETH JSr. Vice President-746$19.23-9.19%
1/28/2013PERRY BEVERLY LSenior Vice President-2,088$19.23-5.13%
1/28/2013REESE HALLIE MVice President-611$19.23-3.17%
1/28/2013RIGBY JOSEPH MChairman, President & CEO-12,066$19.23-4.66%
1/28/2013Velazquez David MExecutive Vice President-3,005$19.23-4.50%
1/28/2013CLARK RONALD KVice President and Controller-1,180$19.23-3.92%
11/09/2012Frisby H Russell JrDirector30$19.091.37%
10/01/2012Krumsiek Barbara JDirector673$18.914.70%
10/01/2012HEINTZ FRANK ODirector336$18.911.55%
10/01/2012HEINTZ FRANK ODirector323$18.911.49%
10/01/2012Krumsiek Barbara JDirector647$18.914.52%
9/17/2012Silverman Lester PDirector-2,000$19.00-21.04%
7/02/2012Krumsiek Barbara JDirector636$19.244.65%
7/02/2012HEINTZ FRANK ODirector318$19.241.49%
6/13/2012KAMERICK ANTHONY JExecutive Vice President-1,072$19.23-1.84%
5/11/2012PERRY BEVERLY LSenior Vice President-10,054$19.01-23.16%
4/02/2012HEINTZ FRANK ODirector566$18.773.28%
4/02/2012Krumsiek Barbara JDirector1,132$18.7712.52%
2/26/2012RIGBY JOSEPH MChairman, President & CEO-5,774$19.88-2.76%
2/26/2012KAMERICK ANTHONY JSr. Vice President & CFO-380$19.88-0.65%
2/26/2012Velazquez David MExecutive Vice President-702$19.88-1.33%
2/23/2012CLARK RONALD KVice President & Controller-1,227$20.06-4.72%
2/23/2012CLARK RONALD KVice President & Controller3,810$20.0617.15%
2/23/2012REESE HALLIE MVice President - PHI Svc. Co.1,365$20.069.56%
2/23/2012REESE HALLIE MVice President - PHI Svc. Co.-514$20.06-3.29%
2/23/2012Huffman John UPresident & CEO - PES-3,038$20.06-7.52%
2/23/2012Huffman John UPresident & CEO - PES9,434$20.0630.44%
2/23/2012EMGE KIRK JSr. VP & General Counsel-2,193$20.06-3.97%
2/23/2012EMGE KIRK JSr. VP & General Counsel6,810$20.0614.07%
2/23/2012JENKINS ERNEST LVice President3,039$20.0615.34%
2/23/2012JENKINS ERNEST LVice President-1,095$20.06-4.79%
2/23/2012RIGBY JOSEPH MChairman, President & CEO-12,392$20.06-5.60%
2/23/2012RIGBY JOSEPH MChairman, President & CEO35,454$20.0619.06%
2/23/2012KAMERICK ANTHONY JSr. Vice President & CFO-3,038$20.06-4.94%
2/23/2012KAMERICK ANTHONY JSr. Vice President & CFO8,641$20.0616.34%
2/23/2012Velazquez David MExecutive Vice President-2,758$20.06-4.98%
2/23/2012Velazquez David MExecutive Vice President9,342$20.0620.28%
2/23/2012PERRY BEVERLY LSr. Vice President-2,041$20.06-4.49%
2/23/2012PERRY BEVERLY LSr. Vice President5,837$20.0614.73%
1/22/2012EMGE KIRK JSr. VP & General Counsel-2,047$19.86-4.66%
1/22/2012KAMERICK ANTHONY JSr. Vice President & CFO-1,150$19.86-2.64%
1/22/2012CLARK RONALD KVice President & Controller-1,056$19.86-5.30%
1/22/2012PERRY BEVERLY LSr. Vice President-1,888$19.86-5.30%
1/22/2012JENKINS ERNEST LVice President-911$19.86-5.21%
1/22/2012RIGBY JOSEPH MPresident & CEO-4,624$19.86-3.07%
1/22/2012Velazquez David MExecutive Vice President-1,848$19.86-4.91%
1/22/2012Huffman John UPresident CEO Pepco Energy-1,995$19.86-7.46%
1/22/2012REESE HALLIE MVice President-PHI Svc. Co.-411$19.86-3.46%
1/03/2012Krumsiek Barbara JDirector1,038$20.4712.98%
1/03/2012HEINTZ FRANK ODirector519$20.473.10%
1/03/2012Krumsiek Barbara JDirector1,038$20.4712.98%
1/03/2012HEINTZ FRANK ODirector519$20.473.10%
11/16/2011Krumsiek Barbara JDirector4,000$19.14100.00%
2/24/2011REESE HALLIE MVice President - PHI Svc. Co.-647$18.85-5.37%
2/24/2011CLARK RONALD KVice President & Controller5,103$18.8532.42%
2/24/2011CLARK RONALD KVice President & Controller-1,676$18.85-8.04%
2/24/2011Huffman John UPresident & CEO - PES-2,227$18.85-7.69%
2/24/2011Huffman John UPresident & CEO - PES6,915$18.8531.35%
2/24/2011KAMERICK ANTHONY JSr. VP & CFO4,649$18.8511.47%
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