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Nov. 27, 2015 | 01:02 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/16/2015BUNCH CHARLES EExecutive Chairman of Board-16,286$101.94-2.21%
11/13/2015BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-5,802$100.83-100.00%
10/30/2015NIEKAMP CYNTHIA ASr. VP, Automotive Coatings-7,200$104.35-10.64%
10/26/2015BUNCH CHARLES EExecutive Chairman of Board-12,000$103.75-1.60%
10/19/2015SEKMAKAS VIKTORAS RExecutive Vice President11,916$55.0142.16%
10/19/2015SEKMAKAS VIKTORAS RExecutive Vice President-11,916$100.98-29.66%
8/07/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-12,716$103.96-1.67%
2/26/2015MCGARRY MICHAEL HPresident & COO6,664$89.9416.78%
2/26/2015MCGARRY MICHAEL HPresident & COO-6,664$235.60-14.37%
2/25/2015SEKMAKAS VIKTORAS RExecutive Vice President-19,278$236.35-57.57%
2/25/2015SEKMAKAS VIKTORAS RExecutive Vice President12,664$89.9460.81%
2/25/2015SEKMAKAS VIKTORAS RExecutive Vice President-100$236.70-0.70%
2/23/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-5,300$235.51-1.32%
2/23/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-14,200$236.38-3.59%
2/23/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-500$237.02-0.13%
2/20/2015BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel14,527$89.9466.52%
2/20/2015BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-7,197$234.72-30.16%
2/20/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-1,700$234.80-0.42%
2/20/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-16,800$233.57-3.99%
2/20/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-1,500$236.64-0.37%
2/20/2015BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-5,800$232.72-15.95%
2/20/2015BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-6,700$233.64-21.92%
2/20/2015BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-200$235.22-1.20%
2/18/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-7,800$235.28-2.04%
2/18/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-14,678$233.87-3.30%
2/18/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-48,293$234.45-11.22%
2/18/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-39,634$236.24-8.61%
2/18/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO70,771$89.9418.91%
2/18/2015NIEKAMP CYNTHIA ASr. VP, Automotive Coatings-2,790$236.24-7.61%
2/18/2015BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-3,457$236.24-13.67%
2/18/2015SEKMAKAS VIKTORAS RExecutive Vice President-4,602$236.24-18.10%
2/18/2015NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-5,216$236.24-15.34%
2/18/2015MCGARRY MICHAEL HChief Operating Officer-4,599$236.24-10.38%
2/17/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-23,100$234.30-5.19%
2/17/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-10,301$235.37-2.44%
2/17/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO70,771$89.9418.91%
2/17/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-36,570$236.25-8.89%
2/17/2015BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-800$236.88-0.21%
1/23/2015NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-8,290$229.19-26.76%
1/23/2015NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev8,290$83.9036.53%
11/14/2014BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel2,975$75.0318.07%
11/14/2014BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-2,975$205.11-15.30%
11/07/2014MCGARRY MICHAEL HChief Operating Officer-4,900$205.12-12.81%
11/07/2014MCGARRY MICHAEL HChief Operating Officer4,900$88.7014.69%
8/14/2014NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev5,000$88.7022.03%
8/14/2014NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-9,000$201.13-28.40%
8/14/2014NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev4,000$83.9014.44%
7/22/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-26,057$210.39-6.51%
7/22/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO47,700$88.7012.75%
7/22/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-21,643$209.78-5.13%
7/21/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-4,300$209.37-1.14%
7/21/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO47,700$88.7012.75%
7/21/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-43,400$208.75-10.29%
4/24/2014NIEKAMP CYNTHIA ASr. VP, Automotive Coatings8,700$88.7029.71%
4/24/2014NIEKAMP CYNTHIA ASr. VP, Automotive Coatings-8,700$195.36-22.91%
4/22/2014SEKMAKAS VIKTORAS RExecutive Vice President9,700$88.7050.76%
4/22/2014SEKMAKAS VIKTORAS RExecutive Vice President-14,700$196.91-51.02%
2/26/2014BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel6,800$88.7036.64%
2/26/2014BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-8,889$193.25-35.06%
2/19/2014BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-2,496$187.06-11.86%
2/19/2014MCGARRY MICHAEL HExecutive Vice President-3,031$187.06-8.33%
2/19/2014ELIAS RICHARD CSr. VP, Optical & SpecMatls-2,243$187.06-14.18%
2/19/2014SEKMAKAS VIKTORAS RExecutive Vice President-2,467$187.06-11.43%
2/19/2014NIEKAMP CYNTHIA ASr. VP, Automotive Coatings-2,145$187.06-6.83%
2/19/2014NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-4,456$187.06-16.41%
2/19/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-31,879$187.06-7.85%
2/18/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO70,000$61.8120.78%
2/18/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-800$188.47-0.24%
2/18/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-3,700$187.83-1.08%
2/18/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-65,500$186.60-16.10%
2/14/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-4,737$189.32-1.39%
2/14/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO70,000$61.8120.78%
2/14/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-12,000$187.73-2.95%
2/14/2014NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-2,500$188.05-13.66%
2/14/2014BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-53,263$181.65-13.49%
1/27/2014ELIAS RICHARD CSr. VP, Optical & SpecMatls-4,538$181.65-33.17%
1/21/2014MCGARRY MICHAEL HExecutive Vice President5,000$61.8116.94%
1/21/2014MCGARRY MICHAEL HExecutive Vice President-5,000$189.82-14.49%
11/25/2013BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-1,629$184.19-36.54%
11/22/2013NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-2,486$183.78-83.23%
11/06/2013ELIAS RICHARD CSr. VP, Optical & SpecMatls-2,188$182.80-54.02%
10/22/2013NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-300$178.35-1.57%
10/22/2013BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO55,000$34.0916.33%
10/22/2013NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-2,540$177.77-11.72%
10/22/2013BERGES JAMES GDirector-2,500$178.25-25.17%
10/22/2013BERGES JAMES GDirector2,500$71.8833.63%
10/22/2013BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-19,454$179.20-5.46%
10/22/2013BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-34,346$178.31-8.79%
10/22/2013BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-1,200$177.16-0.31%
10/21/2013BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-54,609$176.04-12.94%
10/21/2013BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO85,000$34.0925.23%
10/21/2013BUNCH CHARLES EChairman and CEO-30,391$176.45-8.27%
8/30/2013BOST GLENN E IISr. VP & Gen. Counsel-1,921$156.21-30.17%
8/26/2013HAYNES VICTORIA FDirector1,250$71.88385.80%
8/26/2013HAYNES VICTORIA FDirector-1,250$161.58-79.42%
8/09/2013NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev9,400$61.8143.38%
8/09/2013NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-8,300$161.36-26.71%
8/09/2013NAVIKAS DAVID BSr. VP Strat Plan & Corp Dev-1,100$162.24-4.83%
8/07/2013MCGARRY MICHAEL HExecutive Vice President3,600$63.6912.20%
8/07/2013MCGARRY MICHAEL HExecutive Vice President10,000$61.8130.20%
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