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Sep. 3, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
1/09/2015STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-3,003$62.39-2.07%
12/31/2014Teabo Sheila J.Executive Vice Pres.-773$58.77-3.01%
12/31/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-442$58.77-2.86%
12/31/2014Teabo Sheila J.Executive Vice Pres.-454$58.77-1.74%
12/31/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-592$58.77-3.69%
12/31/2014Teabo Sheila J.Executive Vice Pres.-558$58.77-2.24%
12/31/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-331$58.77-2.02%
12/12/2014PAPA CHRISTOPHER JEVP & Chief Financial Officer1,740$50.305.66%
12/12/2014PAPA CHRISTOPHER JEVP & Chief Financial Officer-1,740$58.77-5.36%
12/12/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-1,860$58.33-10.20%
12/12/2014PAPA CHRISTOPHER JEVP & Chief Financial Officer-8,122$58.70-26.44%
12/12/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary-17,310$58.59-59.60%
12/12/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer1,860$18.3011.35%
12/12/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary17,310$48.00147.51%
12/11/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-9,751$58.78-12.09%
12/09/2014Konas Charles A.Executive Vice Pres.-2,701$58.30-14.77%
11/20/2014GODDARD ROBERT C IIIDirector-7,000$57.30-100.00%
11/13/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-6,963$57.25-4.66%
11/13/2014GODDARD ROBERT C IIIDirector-50,000$57.44-16.16%
11/12/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-9,669$56.17-6.76%
10/01/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer10$51.390.06%
10/01/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary30$51.390.26%
9/08/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-6,035$55.51-4.05%
8/06/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary-344$54.76-2.92%
8/06/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary-129$54.76-1.09%
8/05/2014FRENCH RUSSELL RDirector-1,700$54.65-4.49%
8/05/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary-425$54.95-100.00%
8/05/2014FRENCH RUSSELL RDirector-2,500$55.10-6.47%
8/05/2014FRENCH RUSSELL RDirector800$45.702.21%
8/05/2014FRENCH RUSSELL RDirector-800$55.01-2.16%
8/05/2014FRENCH RUSSELL RDirector1,700$45.704.70%
8/05/2014FRENCH RUSSELL RDirector-2,500$55.31-6.47%
8/05/2014FRENCH RUSSELL RDirector2,500$39.956.92%
8/05/2014FRENCH RUSSELL RDirector2,500$34.906.92%
8/04/2014Konas Charles A.Executive Vice Pres.-2,290$54.36-11.13%
8/04/2014Konas Charles A.Executive Vice Pres.1,760$44.059.62%
8/04/2014Konas Charles A.Executive Vice Pres.1,014$37.045.54%
8/04/2014Konas Charles A.Executive Vice Pres.-1,184$54.41-6.08%
8/04/2014Konas Charles A.Executive Vice Pres.1,184$18.306.47%
8/04/2014Konas Charles A.Executive Vice Pres.-1,760$54.61-8.78%
8/04/2014Konas Charles A.Executive Vice Pres.-1,014$54.39-5.25%
8/04/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-1,140$54.39-5.86%
8/04/2014PAPA CHRISTOPHER JEVP & Chief Financial Officer-236$55.17-0.76%
8/04/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-1,939$54.37-10.59%
8/04/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-16,874$55.17-8.81%
8/04/2014FRENCH RUSSELL RDirector-9,818$55.31-21.36%
8/04/2014GODDARD ROBERT C IIIDirector-95,000$55.21-23.49%
8/04/2014Konas Charles A.Executive Vice Pres.2,290$48.0012.52%
8/04/2014PAPA CHRISTOPHER JEVP & Chief Financial Officer-222$55.17-0.73%
8/04/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary-9,702$54.40-47.42%
8/04/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer5,500$40.1530.03%
8/04/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-5,500$54.39-23.10%
8/04/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer1,140$37.046.23%
6/12/2014PAPA CHRISTOPHER JEVP & Chief Financial Officer-809$52.61-2.64%
6/12/2014QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO1,450$37.0410.68%
6/12/2014QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO-3,120$52.50-18.69%
6/12/2014QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO-1,450$52.50-9.65%
6/12/2014QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO3,120$48.0022.98%
6/10/2014Teabo Sheila J.Executive Vice Pres.1,314$18.305.04%
6/10/2014Teabo Sheila J.Executive Vice Pres.-1,314$52.37-4.80%
6/05/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-6,641$52.21-4.17%
6/04/2014DE WAAL RONALDDirector2,500$34.906.11%
6/04/2014DE WAAL RONALDDirector2,500$39.955.75%
6/04/2014DE WAAL RONALDDirector2,500$45.705.44%
6/04/2014DE WAAL RONALDDirector-7,500$51.45-15.48%
5/09/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-5,799$51.67-3.82%
3/12/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer3,000$32.5317.63%
3/12/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-3,000$48.83-14.99%
3/12/2014Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-1,289$48.83-7.04%
3/04/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary-10,000$49.89-32.83%
2/14/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-3,230$47.96-2.24%
2/07/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO25,000$32.5318.30%
2/07/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-25,000$46.55-15.47%
2/07/2014PAPA CHRISTOPHER JEVP & Chief Financial Officer-10,000$46.76-26.19%
2/07/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary2,758$18.309.05%
2/07/2014COHEN SHERRY WEVP and Secretary-2,758$46.61-8.30%
2/06/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO25,000$32.5318.30%
2/06/2014STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO-25,000$46.21-15.47%
12/03/2013GODDARD ROBERT C IIIDirector310$42.560.08%
12/02/2013GODDARD ROBERT C IIIDirector6,396$42.561.63%
11/26/2013GODDARD ROBERT C IIIDirector50,000$32.5314.55%
11/26/2013Ward David C.EVP & Chief Investment Officer-1,500$42.98-10.19%
11/26/2013DE WAAL RONALDDirector-3,600$43.05-3.10%
11/08/2013GODDARD ROBERT C IIIDirector25,000$27.987.85%
11/05/2013GODDARD ROBERT C IIIDirector25,000$27.988.52%
9/03/2013STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO10,000$27.988.37%
8/15/2013STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO10,000$27.989.13%
8/06/2013STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO10,000$27.9810.05%
6/05/2013STOCKERT DAVID PPresident and CEO10,000$27.9811.17%
5/15/2013DERISO WALTER M JRDirector-2,713$50.01-9.76%
2/20/2013QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO2$32.530.02%
2/20/2013QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO1,000$40.158.61%
2/20/2013QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO-2$50.84-0.02%
2/20/2013QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO-3,740$50.84-24.36%
2/20/2013QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO3,740$18.3032.20%
2/20/2013QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO-1,000$50.84-7.93%
2/19/2013QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO-5,000$50.50-30.10%
2/19/2013QUIRK ARTHUR JSVP & CAO5,000$40.1543.05%
2/12/2013PAPA CHRISTOPHER JEVP & Chief Financial Officer-2,023$49.20-5.95%
2/12/2013PAPA CHRISTOPHER JEVP & Chief Financial Officer-5,248$49.20-14.11%
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