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Nov. 25, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/20/2015DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-5,000$216.30-9.62%
8/20/2015DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT5,000$97.4710.65%
8/12/2015HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO17,666$95.1827.56%
8/12/2015HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO-17,666$209.50-21.61%
8/11/2015HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO40,000$95.1862.41%
8/11/2015HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO-40,000$209.52-38.43%
8/10/2015HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO25,334$95.1839.53%
8/10/2015HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO-25,334$207.77-28.33%
8/07/2015REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT / CFO50,000$78.3633.60%
8/07/2015DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-17,500$209.02-27.15%
8/07/2015REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT / CFO-50,000$209.02-25.15%
8/07/2015KROL CANDACE N.CHRO & SVP-5,000$207.50-11.03%
8/07/2015DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT17,500$50.3037.26%
8/07/2015KROL CANDACE N.CHRO & SVP5,000$97.4712.39%
5/22/2015GUSTAVSON TAMARA HUGHESSenior Executive Officer-35,866$195.39-100.00%
5/22/2015HUGHES B WAYNE JRSenior Executive Officer-35,866$195.39-100.00%
5/21/2015GUSTAVSON TAMARA HUGHESSenior Executive Officer-64,884$195.27-64.40%
5/21/2015HUGHES B WAYNE JRSenior Executive Officer-64,884$195.27-64.40%
5/20/2015HUGHES B WAYNE JRSenior Executive Officer-139,500$196.73-58.06%
5/20/2015GUSTAVSON TAMARA HUGHESSenior Executive Officer-139,500$196.73-58.06%
5/19/2015HUGHES B WAYNE JRSenior Executive Officer-81,700$198.14-25.38%
5/19/2015GUSTAVSON TAMARA HUGHESSenior Executive Officer-81,700$198.14-25.38%
5/18/2015GUSTAVSON TAMARA HUGHESSenior Executive Officer-78,050$200.14-19.51%
5/18/2015HUGHES B WAYNE JRSenior Executive Officer-78,050$200.14-19.51%
3/16/2015Pruitt Gary EDirector2,000$190.37148.15%
3/16/2015REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT & CFO-653$190.77-0.44%
3/16/2015KROL CANDACE N.SVP & CHRO-405$190.77-0.99%
3/16/2015DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-327$190.77-0.69%
3/03/2015HARKHAM URI PDirector-5,000$196.81-40.00%
3/03/2015HARKHAM URI PDirector5,000$94.2566.67%
3/02/2015Glick Steven M.Senior Vice President10,000$80.3379.76%
3/02/2015KROL CANDACE N.SVP & CHRO-1,128$197.55-2.69%
3/02/2015REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT & CFO-2,088$197.55-1.38%
3/02/2015DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-1,253$197.55-2.58%
3/02/2015Glick Steven M.Senior Vice President-10,000$197.56-44.37%
3/02/2015Glick Steven M.Senior Vice President-418$197.55-3.23%
2/27/2015REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT & CFO-196$197.22-0.13%
2/27/2015KROL CANDACE N.SVP & CHRO-94$197.22-0.22%
2/27/2015DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-131$197.22-0.27%
2/23/2015HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO-8,697$201.01-6.39%
2/23/2015Glick Steven M.Senior Vice President-353$201.01-2.65%
2/20/2015Weidmann ShawnSr. Vice President & COO-915$200.18-4.23%
2/20/2015REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT & CFO-5,076$200.18-3.24%
2/20/2015KROL CANDACE N.SVP & CHRO-1,035$200.18-2.41%
2/20/2015DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-1,366$200.18-2.73%
2/20/2015HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO-8,491$200.18-5.87%
2/20/2015Glick Steven M.Senior Vice President-358$200.18-2.62%
2/13/2015HARKHAM URI PDirector5,000$91.81200.00%
12/04/2014HUGHES B WAYNE ET ALSenior Executive Officer-14$185.23-0.98%
11/11/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES15,000$97.4740.53%
11/11/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-15,000$187.78-28.84%
11/03/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-196$186.57-0.51%
11/03/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-196$186.57-0.53%
8/29/2014Weidmann ShawnSr. Vice President & COO-327$175.18-2.05%
8/18/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-17,500$175.58-31.40%
8/18/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT17,500$50.3045.77%
8/13/2014SPOGLI RONALD PDirector5,000$94.2533.33%
8/13/2014SPOGLI RONALD PDirector5,000$115.9625.00%
8/13/2014SPOGLI RONALD PDirector-25,000$175.78-100.00%
8/13/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-8,100$175.74-17.96%
8/13/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES8,100$80.4821.89%
8/12/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-1,900$175.05-4.88%
8/12/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES1,900$80.485.13%
8/07/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES14,282$80.4838.59%
8/07/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-14,282$172.72-27.85%
6/13/2014REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT / CFO25,000$50.3021.23%
6/13/2014REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT / CFO-25,000$169.49-17.51%
5/16/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT7,436$50.3019.45%
5/16/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-7,436$172.04-16.28%
5/13/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT6,301$50.3016.48%
5/13/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-7,398$173.00-16.66%
5/13/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES7,398$50.3019.99%
5/13/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-6,301$172.46-14.15%
5/12/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT1,263$50.303.30%
5/12/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-1,263$172.02-3.20%
3/17/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-719$168.10-1.85%
3/17/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-490$168.10-1.31%
3/17/2014REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT / CFO-653$168.10-0.55%
3/14/2014HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO83,000$69.87108.78%
3/14/2014HAVNER RONALD L JRChairman & CEO-83,000$168.18-52.10%
3/14/2014Glick Steven M.SVP, Chief Legal Officer & Sec10,000$80.3373.17%
3/14/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES7,000$50.3018.67%
3/14/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-7,000$168.08-15.73%
3/14/2014Glick Steven M.SVP, Chief Legal Officer & Sec-10,000$168.17-42.25%
3/12/2014REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT / CFO50,000$50.3042.25%
3/12/2014REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT / CFO-50,000$166.78-29.70%
3/11/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT50,000$80.48128.36%
3/11/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-50,000$167.70-56.21%
3/06/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES3,802$50.3010.14%
3/06/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-3,802$170.28-9.21%
3/03/2014REYES JOHNSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT / CFO-1,044$168.69-0.87%
2/28/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-1,253$169.00-3.12%
2/28/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT5,000$97.4712.84%
2/28/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-5,000$168.77-11.38%
2/28/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT70,000$80.48179.70%
2/28/2014DOLL DAVID FSENIOR VICE PRESIDENT-70,000$168.77-64.25%
2/28/2014Glick Steven M.SVP, Chief Legal Officer & Sec-418$169.00-2.97%
2/28/2014Glick Steven M.SVP, Chief Legal Officer & Sec15,000$80.33109.75%
2/28/2014Glick Steven M.SVP, Chief Legal Officer & Sec-15,000$168.80-52.32%
2/28/2014KROL CANDACE N.SR. VP OF HUMAN RESOURCES-1,128$169.00-2.92%
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