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  1. McGraw-Hill Divests Education Arm - Analyst Blog

    November 27, 2012
    The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. (MHP) recently announced that it has entered into an agreement with Apollo Global Management ...
  2. McGraw-Hill Beats on EPS - Analyst Blog

    November 2, 2012
    The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. (MHP), a publisher and provider of financial information and media services, recently posted ...
  3. McGraw-Hill Beats on Bottom-Line - Analyst Blog

    July 26, 2012
    The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. (MHP), a publisher and provider of financial information and media services, recently posted ...
  4. McGraw-Hill Unit Acquires CMA - Analyst Blog

    July 3, 2012
    S&P Capital IQ, a unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. (MHP), announced the acquisition of Credit Market Analysis Limited ...
  5. Archipelago Learning In Detention, But Still On Course To Graduate

    February 29, 2012
    Archipelago has seen growth pause, but the long-term picture is appealing.
  6. Scholastic Gets A Good Grade On A Curve

    September 28, 2011
    Children's and educational book publisher Scholastic had improved fiscal first quarter results for its traditionally slow ...
  7. McGraw-Hill Plans To Split

    September 16, 2011
    McGraw-Hill will split into two public companies after pressure from shareholders.
  8. John Wiley & Sons' Erudite Profits

    September 14, 2011
    John Wiley & Sons' quarterly results show there is still room for the vitally important business, educational and scholarly ...
  9. The Glass Is Half-Full At Thomson Reuters

    June 10, 2011
    There are many Thomson Reuters detractors in the investor relations industry, but you could say the glass is half-full for ...
  10. Scholastic Embraces Digital Education

    March 30, 2011
    Scholastic had a rougher than usual third quarter, due in part to uncertainty in school funding by states.
  11. Scholastic Goes Back To School

    September 29, 2010
    The children's educational publisher posted larger than usual losses for its traditionally slow summer quarter.
  12. More British Stocks To Consider

    January 25, 2010
    Rely on solid fundamentals when picking U.K. stocks to diversify your portfolio.
  13. Who Says Publishing Is Dead?

    June 26, 2008
    John Wiley & Sons reported record revenue and earnings. We'll look at how the 200-year-old publisher does it.
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