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Oct. 6, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/10/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President1,000$41.3344.17%
5/10/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman15,916$44.0219.91%
5/10/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman-9,084$64.50-10.21%
5/10/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman9,084$35.6611.37%
5/06/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$63.82-100.00%
5/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President-1,000$62.50-30.64%
5/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President-1,000$62.14-30.64%
5/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President1,000$41.3344.17%
5/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President2,000$35.6688.34%
5/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President-2,000$62.50-46.90%
5/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President-2,000$62.14-46.90%
5/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman-50,000$61.59-38.48%
5/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman50,000$44.0262.56%
5/01/2013JACOBS PAUL EChairman & CEO-4,831$61.79-1.05%
5/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President-2,333$61.90-8.88%
5/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President2,333$35.669.74%
5/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President-3,667$61.90-13.28%
5/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President3,667$34.8315.32%
4/29/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$61.80-100.00%
4/26/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman9,083$35.6611.36%
4/26/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman190,917$44.02238.87%
4/26/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman-9,083$62.19-10.20%
4/26/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman-190,917$62.19-70.49%
4/22/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$63.93-100.00%
4/15/2013Rosenberg Donald JEVP & Corporate Secretary-50,000$66.21-77.27%
4/15/2013Rosenberg Donald JEVP & Corporate Secretary50,000$40.31339.93%
4/15/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$66.23-100.00%
4/11/2013CRUICKSHANK DONALD GDirector-495$67.03-15.00%
4/11/2013CRUICKSHANK DONALD GDirector-1,552$67.03-55.31%
4/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO-3,333$67.11-11.43%
4/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO-4,917$67.11-15.99%
4/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO3,333$52.8712.90%
4/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO-1,167$67.11-4.32%
4/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO-333$67.11-1.27%
4/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO333$47.351.29%
4/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO4,917$35.6619.03%
4/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO1,167$43.244.52%
4/10/2013JACOBS PAUL EChairman & CEO-21,500$66.96-5.70%
4/10/2013JACOBS PAUL EChairman & CEO-8,500$66.96-2.33%
4/10/2013JACOBS PAUL EChairman & CEO21,500$37.296.05%
4/10/2013JACOBS PAUL EChairman & CEO8,500$35.662.39%
4/08/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$65.09-100.00%
4/08/2013JACOBS PAUL EChairman & CEO-22,000$65.46-5.83%
4/08/2013JACOBS PAUL EChairman & CEO22,000$35.666.19%
4/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President-1,000$66.62-30.64%
4/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President2,000$41.3388.34%
4/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President1,000$41.3344.17%
4/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President-2,000$66.62-46.90%
4/02/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President2,000$35.6688.34%
4/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman-65,917$66.72-45.20%
4/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman65,917$44.0282.47%
4/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman-9,083$66.72-10.20%
4/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman9,083$35.6611.36%
4/01/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$66.70-100.00%
4/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President-3,375$66.64-12.35%
4/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President3,375$35.6614.10%
4/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President-2,625$66.64-9.88%
4/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President2,625$34.8310.96%
3/25/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$66.15-100.00%
3/18/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$64.33-100.00%
3/15/2013Rosenberg Donald JEVP & Corporate Secretary50,000$40.31339.93%
3/15/2013Rosenberg Donald JEVP & Corporate Secretary-50,000$66.31-77.27%
3/15/2013THOMPSON JAMES HExecutive Vice President-5,457$66.31-41.46%
3/11/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$66.73-100.00%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO-1,166$66.60-4.32%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO1,166$43.244.52%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO-334$66.60-1.28%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO334$47.351.29%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO-3,333$66.60-11.44%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO3,333$52.8712.92%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO-4,916$66.60-16.00%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO4,916$35.6619.05%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO-23,125$66.60-47.26%
3/11/2013MOLLENKOPF STEVEN MPresident & COO23,125$40.4289.62%
3/08/2013Lansing SherryDirector-2,500$66.79-25.01%
3/05/2013KEITEL WILLIAM EEVP & Chief Financial Officer-12,500$67.75-20.66%
3/05/2013KEITEL WILLIAM EEVP & Chief Financial Officer12,500$37.2926.04%
3/05/2013KEITEL WILLIAM EEVP & Chief Financial Officer-31,250$67.75-39.43%
3/05/2013KEITEL WILLIAM EEVP & Chief Financial Officer31,250$35.6665.11%
3/05/2013KEITEL WILLIAM EEVP & Chief Financial Officer-37,412$67.75-43.80%
3/05/2013KEITEL WILLIAM EEVP & Chief Financial Officer37,412$44.7577.95%
3/05/2013SULLIVAN DANIEL LExecutive Vice President-26,250$68.00-75.19%
3/05/2013SULLIVAN DANIEL LExecutive Vice President26,250$34.83303.05%
3/05/2013SULLIVAN DANIEL LExecutive Vice President-30,750$68.00-78.02%
3/05/2013SULLIVAN DANIEL LExecutive Vice President30,750$35.66355.00%
3/04/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President-1,000$66.05-30.64%
3/04/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President1,000$41.3344.17%
3/04/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President2,000$41.3388.34%
3/04/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President-2,000$66.05-46.90%
3/04/2013ABERLE DEREK KEVP & Group President2,000$35.6688.34%
3/04/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,300$66.05-100.00%
3/04/2013GROB MATTHEW SEVP & Chief Technology Officer-17,048$66.05-88.74%
3/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman-65,916$65.39-45.20%
3/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman65,916$44.0282.47%
3/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman-9,084$65.39-10.21%
3/01/2013ALTMAN STEVEN RVice Chairman9,084$35.6611.37%
3/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President-2,375$65.37-9.02%
3/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President2,375$49.129.92%
3/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President-3,625$65.37-13.15%
3/01/2013Johnson Margaret LExecutive Vice President3,625$35.6615.14%
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