RCL : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Cruise Lines Are Heading to Cuba (NCLH)

    The Cuban government has approved cruise line service from Florida.
  2. Royal Caribbean Customer Feedback (RCL, NCLH)

    As expected, positives and negatives, but there is a recurring theme.
  3. Are Royal Caribbean Working Conditions Fair? (RCL)

    Recent details about work life onboard have been exposed, but it might be good exposure depending on whose looking at it.
  4. Two Cruise Lines Likely Heading to Cuba (CCL, RCL)

    Cuba might return to its former glory as a travel destination, but don't expect this to take place soon.
  5. What Is the Best Cruise Line Private Island? (DIS, RCL)

    Whether you're an investor or traveler you'll want to know which islands are ranked at the top.
  6. Norwegian Cruise Line’s $400M Investment (NCLH, CCL)

    Norwegian Cruise Line has gone about things a little differently than its peers recently.
  7. How To Invest In Cuba

    The death of Fidel Castro and more normalized trade with America could mean rapid economic growth in Cuba. For now, the options ...
  8. Two Legendary Investors Like These Stocks (NKE, RCL)

    Geoff Wilson and Matthew Halkyard like Nike and Royal Caribbean. Here’s why.
  9. Royal Caribbean Offering Black Friday Deals (RCL)

    No longer just reserved for retailers, Black Friday is seeing discounts from a variety of companies.
  10. Royal Caribbean’s CEO Is Bullish on Cruising (RCL)

    While his analysis is expected, Royal Caribbean CEO, Michael Bayley, delves into the specifics of his company.
  11. Another Private Island for the Cruise Lines (NCLH, RCL)

    After four years in the works Harvest Caye in Belize is now open. It's another island in the cruise lines' inventory of private ...
  12. Norwegian Cruise Line Goes Big at Port Canaveral (NCLH, RCL)

    Norwegian Epic, the company's latest ship, departs from Port Canaveral
  13. Why Carnival Has Been Successful (CCL, RCL)

    Carnival's simplicity and "fun" status is making what was once a wealthy person's vacation option, one for the masses.
  14. What is the Best Cruise Line Investment? (CCL, RCL)

    Much like the seas they sail, cruise lines can expect some ups and downs. What is the best course for navigating these investments?
  15. Royal Caribbean Targets New York Sports Fans (RCL, CCL)

    Royal Caribbean is hoping to score points in New York.
  16. Carnival Cruise Ship Can't Hit Top Speed (CCL, RCL)

    Passengers forced to cancel vacations at last minute.
  17. Royal Caribbean Stock Cruising After 3Q results (RCL)

    Demand and more onboard spending helped boost results.
  18. Royal Caribbean Earnings On Tap (RCL, CCL)

    A quick look at the circumstances heading into the quarter.
  19. Royal Caribbean Improves Efficiency (RCL)

    This small step could lead to big dividends.
  20. Cruise Critic Names Best New Cruise Ship (CCL)

    Several other cruise line awards included.
  21. Hurricane Matthew Will Hit the Cruise Lines (CCL)

    Hopefully not physically, but in a fiscal sense the storm may churn things up.
  22. Royal Caribbean Cruising in Hong Kong (RCL)

    Cruise line is seeing a strong stream of business at this port, despite downward trends in Hong Kong tourism.
  23. Royal Caribbean Accident Leads to Fatality (RCL)

    One dead, four other crew members injured during a safety drill.
  24. Do You Make More Money Than a Cruise Ship Captain? (CCL, RCL)

    As the cruise-ship industry continues to grow, ship captains are in demand, but it's a strenuous and demanding path to the ...
  25. Royal Caribbean Raises Dividend by 25% (RCL)

    All aboard for a higher dividend at Royal Caribbean Cruises (NYSE: RCL). The company has lifted its quarterly payout by ...
  26. Top Travel Industry Stocks in 2015

    These three travel-related companies are growing their businesses on both the top and bottom lines. Here's why.
  27. 3 Picks from a Small-Cap Fund Manager

    Mutual-fund manager Tom Laming tells MoneyShow about three companies from various industries where he sees potential. These ...
  28. Carnival's Profit Rut

    A fuel hedging program could help Carnival get out if its multi-year profit rut.
  29. 3 Reasons To Own Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

    Despite a global economy that is still sick, I'll look at three reasons Royal Caribbean is worth buying right now.