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Oct. 21, 2014 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/27/2014Laughlin John P JrExecutive Vice President500$47.472.37%
8/27/2014Laughlin John P JrExecutive Vice President-500$83.00-2.32%
8/26/2014WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO20,000$32.2012.22%
8/26/2014Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia-3,439$82.52-12.74%
8/26/2014Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia4,739$47.4821.30%
8/26/2014WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO-20,000$82.64-10.89%
8/21/2014Laughlin John P JrExecutive Vice President500$47.472.37%
8/21/2014Laughlin John P JrExecutive Vice President-500$82.00-2.32%
8/19/2014Cochran Scott D.EVP1,886$45.0821.92%
8/19/2014Cochran Scott D.EVP-1,326$81.65-12.64%
8/19/2014LARSON TODD CEVP -Global Chief Risk Officer3,949$47.4818.81%
8/19/2014LARSON TODD CEVP -Global Chief Risk Officer-3,949$81.57-15.83%
5/27/2014Cochran Scott D.EVP-284$78.00-3.20%
5/23/2014SCHUSTER PAUL ASr EVP, Global Fin/Grp/Health-1,948$77.60-5.17%
5/08/2014LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer-450$77.60-2.10%
5/08/2014LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer1,347$77.606.70%
5/08/2014O BRYANT ALLANEVP-534$77.60-6.32%
5/08/2014SCHUSTER PAUL ASr EVP, Global Fin/Grp/Health-976$77.60-2.53%
5/08/2014SCHUSTER PAUL ASr EVP, Global Fin/Grp/Health2,924$77.608.18%
5/08/2014Manning AnnaEVP-905$77.60-12.34%
5/08/2014Manning AnnaEVP1,949$77.6036.18%
5/08/2014Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia-974$77.60-4.19%
5/08/2014Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia1,949$77.609.16%
5/08/2014Laughlin John P JrExecutive Vice President1,347$77.606.67%
5/08/2014Laughlin John P JrExecutive Vice President-450$77.60-2.09%
5/08/2014LAY JACK BSenior EVP & CFO2,924$77.608.33%
5/08/2014Cochran Scott D.EVP1,949$77.6025.69%
5/08/2014O BRYANT ALLANEVP1,949$77.6029.98%
5/08/2014Cochran Scott D.EVP-650$77.60-6.82%
5/08/2014HUTTON WILLIAM LEVP, General Counsel & Secy.-450$77.60-5.96%
5/08/2014HUTTON WILLIAM LEVP, General Counsel & Secy.1,347$77.6021.73%
5/08/2014LAY JACK BSenior EVP & CFO-976$77.60-2.57%
5/08/2014WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO7,975$77.605.00%
5/08/2014WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO-3,825$77.60-2.28%
2/28/2014Laughlin John P JrExecutive Vice President-1,000$75.76-4.72%
2/28/2014Laughlin John P JrExecutive Vice President1,000$47.474.95%
2/20/2014TULIN STANLEY BDirector1,725$74.3150.00%
2/18/2014WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO29,492$47.4718.49%
2/18/2014WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO-29,492$74.63-15.60%
2/10/2014LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer-3,476$72.25-14.74%
2/10/2014LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer3,476$47.4717.29%
2/05/2014Boot Arnoud W.A.Director-3,100$71.34-40.92%
11/21/2013LAY JACK BSenior EVP & CFO-36,854$74.47-51.21%
11/21/2013LAY JACK BSenior EVP & CFO11,321$47.4718.67%
11/21/2013LAY JACK BSenior EVP & CFO10,533$47.4721.02%
5/16/2013SCHUSTER PAUL ASr EVP, Global Fin/Grp/Health-6,500$63.97-15.39%
5/15/2013LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer-3,000$63.70-12.99%
5/15/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia-2,500$64.00-10.52%
5/09/2013WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO-13,096$64.00-7.59%
5/09/2013LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer4,755$64.0023.86%
5/09/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia6,908$64.0034.00%
5/09/2013LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer-1,586$64.00-6.42%
5/09/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia-3,452$64.00-12.68%
5/09/2013LAY JACK BSenior EVP & CFO-4,085$64.00-7.54%
5/09/2013HUTTON WILLIAM LEVP, General Counsel & Secy.-788$64.00-11.28%
5/09/2013LAY JACK BSenior EVP & CFO10,313$64.0023.50%
5/09/2013HUTTON WILLIAM LEVP, General Counsel & Secy.2,361$64.0051.04%
5/09/2013WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO27,310$64.0018.79%
5/09/2013SCHUSTER PAUL ASr EVP, Global Fin/Grp/Health-3,827$64.00-8.31%
5/09/2013Cochran Scott D.EVP3,133$64.0056.96%
5/09/2013Manning AnnaEVP4,755$64.00163.23%
5/09/2013Manning AnnaEVP-2,281$64.00-29.75%
5/09/2013Cochran Scott D.EVP-1,045$64.00-12.10%
5/09/2013SCHUSTER PAUL ASr EVP, Global Fin/Grp/Health10,313$64.0028.85%
5/08/2013HUTTON WILLIAM LEVP, General Counsel & Secy.762$47.4818.86%
5/08/2013HUTTON WILLIAM LEVP, General Counsel & Secy.-4,158$64.27-47.34%
5/08/2013HUTTON WILLIAM LEVP, General Counsel & Secy.3,981$32.2082.89%
5/08/2013HUTTON WILLIAM LEVP, General Counsel & Secy.693$47.4720.70%
4/30/2013WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO-34,335$61.97-19.11%
4/30/2013WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO34,335$39.6123.63%
4/30/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia-11,760$62.33-36.66%
4/30/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia11,760$32.2057.88%
2/21/2013Boot Arnoud W.A.Director1,725$58.7729.49%
2/21/2013Lomax Janis RachelDirector1,725$58.7795.83%
2/21/2013Bartlett William JDirector1,725$58.7715.20%
2/21/2013TULIN STANLEY BDirector1,725$58.77100.00%
2/21/2013Sievert Frederick JamesDirector1,725$58.7712.64%
2/21/2013Danahy John F.Director1,725$58.7719.49%
2/21/2013HENDERSON ALAN CDirector1,725$58.7710.24%
2/13/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia2,661$47.4713.10%
2/13/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia-2,661$59.04-11.58%
2/12/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia-4,099$59.03-16.79%
2/12/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia499$47.472.09%
2/12/2013Neemeh AlainExec. VP - Canada & Australia3,600$39.6117.72%
2/05/2013LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer2,035$39.6110.21%
2/05/2013LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer-2,035$57.92-9.26%
11/30/2012LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer2,035$39.6110.21%
11/30/2012LARSON TODD CEVP - Corp. Finance/Treasurer-2,035$51.31-9.26%
11/21/2012WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO20,541$27.2914.14%
11/21/2012WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO-20,541$49.66-12.39%
11/20/2012WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO20,540$27.2914.14%
11/20/2012WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO-20,540$49.40-12.39%
11/12/2012HENDERSON ALAN CDirector-2,000$51.33-10.61%
11/12/2012HENDERSON ALAN CDirector3,000$27.2918.93%
8/29/2012WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO-41,000$57.50-22.01%
8/29/2012WOODRING A GREIGPresident & CEO41,000$27.2928.22%
2/28/2012Boot Arnoud W.A.Director1,725$56.6541.82%
2/28/2012Danahy John F.Director1,725$56.6524.21%
2/28/2012Bartlett William JDirector1,725$56.6517.92%
2/28/2012HENDERSON ALAN CDirector1,725$56.6512.22%
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