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Apr. 27, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
4/24/2015McCarthy Kevin SDirector-4,786$61.94-16.69%
4/24/2015McCarthy Kevin SDirector6,509$61.9429.36%
4/16/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President-2,112$61.40-1.42%
4/16/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President-3,111$59.88-2.54%
4/16/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President-22,123$61.40-15.06%
4/16/2015LINKER JONATHAN SDirector-4,825$61.40-11.06%
4/16/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President-2,500$59.75-2.00%
4/16/2015LINKER JONATHAN SDirector6,509$61.4017.53%
4/16/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President29,846$61.4025.05%
4/16/2015LINKER JONATHAN SDirector-1,684$60.21-4.34%
4/08/2015VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO-84,390$56.27-23.49%
4/08/2015VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO-5,774$56.27-1.58%
4/08/2015Farquharson Alan WSr. Vice President-6,810$56.27-30.54%
4/08/2015VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO104,339$56.2740.01%
4/08/2015DUB ANTHONY VDirector6,509$56.276.47%
4/08/2015WALLER RODNEY LSr. Vice President22,613$56.27146.83%
4/08/2015WALLER RODNEY LSr. Vice President-18,289$56.27-49.66%
4/08/2015Farquharson Alan WSr. Vice President-440$56.27-1.94%
4/08/2015Farquharson Alan WSr. Vice President8,419$56.2758.80%
4/08/2015WALLER RODNEY LSr. Vice President-1,183$56.27-3.11%
4/08/2015DUB ANTHONY VDirector-5,265$56.27-4.91%
4/08/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President-4,683$55.19-5.83%
4/08/2015WALLER RODNEY LSr. Vice President-3,141$55.50-16.94%
4/08/2015VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO-14,175$55.92-5.16%
4/07/2015PINKERTON JOHN HDirector-20,545$56.26-2.39%
3/30/2015PINKERTON JOHN HDirector-100,000$51.65-10.56%
2/10/2015WALLER RODNEY LSr. Vice President591$52.450.36%
2/10/2015Walker Ray N JREVP and COO940$52.450.68%
2/10/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President782$52.450.98%
2/10/2015VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO1,764$52.450.48%
2/10/2015Farquharson Alan WSr. Vice President696$52.450.61%
2/10/2015Poole David PSr. VP & General Counsel759$52.451.11%
2/10/2015Ginn DoriSVP, Principal Accting Officer543$52.452.68%
2/10/2015MANNY ROGER SExec VP and CFO940$52.450.39%
2/10/2015Applegath John KielSr. Vice President620$52.451.58%
2/04/2015PINKERTON JOHN HDirector-40,391$49.95-3.86%
2/04/2015PINKERTON JOHN HDirector-59,609$49.96-5.92%
2/02/2015Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-6,500$46.91-32.30%
1/20/2015VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO15,479$48.336.31%
1/20/2015Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-2,480$48.33-1.66%
1/20/2015VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO-15,479$48.33-4.04%
1/20/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President10,724$48.339.89%
1/20/2015Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-8,148$48.33-5.54%
1/20/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President-3,575$48.33-3.81%
1/20/2015VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO-8,920$48.33-2.28%
1/20/2015Farquharson Alan WSr. Vice President-9,922$48.33-8.05%
1/20/2015Walker Ray N JREVP and COO8,148$48.3368.04%
1/20/2015STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President-10,724$48.33-11.88%
1/07/2015Ginn DoriSVP, Principal Accting Officer-218$50.59-2.69%
1/07/2015Ginn DoriSVP, Principal Accting Officer-7,453$50.59-94.34%
11/20/2014MANNY ROGER SExec VP and CFO-3,689$73.78-3.25%
11/20/2014MANNY ROGER SExec VP and CFO-14,930$73.00-11.63%
11/20/2014MANNY ROGER SExec VP and CFO20,818$73.0018.97%
11/20/2014MANNY ROGER SExec VP and CFO-2,199$73.00-1.68%
11/19/2014MANNY ROGER SExec VP and CFO-2,000$73.00-1.79%
10/13/2014Eales Richard VDirector400$63.440.29%
10/13/2014Eales Richard VDirector400$62.220.29%
9/23/2014HELMS CHRISTOPHER ADirector500$70.0018.57%
9/08/2014PINKERTON JOHN HDirector-27,855$74.61-100.00%
9/05/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-4,000$74.55-25.04%
8/15/2014VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO-12,927$75.93-3.19%
8/15/2014VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO12,927$75.935.56%
8/14/2014VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO-8,475$75.51-2.05%
6/17/2014Poole David PSr. VP & General Counsel-13,864$87.95-16.82%
6/17/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-17,322$86.92-10.38%
6/02/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-9,603$92.95-45.07%
6/02/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-8,789$92.95-35.49%
6/02/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-2,546$92.95-9.32%
6/02/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO15,605$92.95133.32%
6/02/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO14,651$92.95184.80%
6/02/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-818$92.95-3.70%
6/02/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-10,143$92.95-48.96%
6/02/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO11,552$92.95109.25%
6/02/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO-1,862$92.95-8.25%
5/28/2014Poole David PSr. VP & General Counsel-1,966$90.92-18.27%
5/28/2014Poole David PSr. VP & General Counsel12,405$90.92225.55%
5/28/2014Poole David PSr. VP & General Counsel-7,143$90.92-39.89%
5/20/2014Poole David PSr. VP & General Counsel12,142$88.5817.28%
5/20/2014Eales Richard VDirector2,822$88.5838.67%
5/20/2014Farquharson Alan WSr. Vice President9,952$88.588.78%
5/20/2014FUNK JAMES MDirector2,822$88.5819.86%
5/20/2014Poole David PSr. VP & General Counsel12,108$88.5817.23%
5/20/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO21$88.580.01%
5/20/2014MANNY ROGER SExec VP and CFO20,693$88.589.31%
5/20/2014MANNY ROGER SExec VP and CFO21$88.580.01%
5/20/2014Farquharson Alan WSr. Vice President13$88.580.01%
5/20/2014Lowe Mary RalphDirector2,822$88.5898.81%
5/20/2014Poole David PSr. VP & General Counsel15$88.580.02%
5/20/2014VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO32$88.580.01%
5/20/2014Farquharson Alan WSr. Vice President9,918$88.588.75%
5/20/2014STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President14,061$88.5817.62%
5/20/2014Walker Ray N JREVP and COO19,954$88.5813.58%
5/20/2014WALLER RODNEY LSr. Vice President6,514$88.584.16%
5/20/2014PINKERTON JOHN HDirector2,822$88.580.31%
5/20/2014LINKER JONATHAN SDirector2,822$88.5859.80%
5/20/2014FINKELSON ALLENDirector2,822$88.58107.67%
5/20/2014McCarthy Kevin SDirector2,822$88.5811.65%
5/20/2014WALLER RODNEY LSr. Vice President6,491$88.584.15%
5/20/2014STEPHENS CHAD LSr. Vice President19$88.580.02%
5/20/2014VENTURA JEFFREY LPresident and CEO47,183$88.5812.89%
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