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  1. Restaurant Stock Outlook - Jan 2014 - Industry Outlook

    January 28, 2014
    Restaurant Stock Outlook - Jan 2014 - Industry Outlook
  2. Bear of the Day: Ruby Tuesday (RT) - Bear of the Day

    October 25, 2013
    Bear of the Day: Ruby Tuesday (RT) - Bear of the Day
  3. McDonald's And Other Restaurant Stocks To Sell Now (DRI, MCD, ...

    September 24, 2013
    New research from Oppenheimer suggests that many leisure stocks may be overpriced now. The analysts suggest that investors ...
  4. Bear of the Day: Ruby Tuesday's (RT) - Bear of the Day

    September 17, 2013
    Bear of the Day: Ruby Tuesday's (RT) - Bear of the Day
  5. Ruby Employs Darden Official as CEO - Analyst Blog

    November 26, 2012
    Ruby Tuesday Inc.'s (RT) search for a competent chief executive officer (CEO) has finally come to an end. Recently, the company ...
  6. Denny's to Debut in Chile - Analyst Blog

    August 29, 2012
    Denny's Corporation (DENN) has recently forged a deal with Musiet Group to venture into Chile. Per the agreement, Musiet ...
  7. Restaurant Stock Review & Outlook - June 2012 - Industry Outlook

    June 20, 2012
    The U.S. restaurant industry has ended the first half of 2012 on a positive note despite nagging sovereign debt issues in ...
  8. Darden Restaurants Cooks Up Consistency

    September 30, 2011
    Despite tough first quarter profit trends, Darden Restaurants' consistent long-term track record remains fully intact.
  9. This Week's Activist Filings

    August 23, 2011
    While a declining market leads to many investors taking the sidelines, opportunistic investors like the market decline for ...
  10. McDonald's Continues To Reinvent

    July 28, 2011
    McDonalds continues to defy the normal rules of growth and leverage.
  11. Bob Evans' Steady Growth Appetite

    June 9, 2011
    Bob Evans investors could garner low double-digit total returns over time.
  12. Is Cracker Barrel Slowing Down?

    May 25, 2011
    Investors looking for exposure to the restaurant industry can find more appealing players than Cracker Barrel.
  13. 4 Important Earnings Announcements For April 6

    April 5, 2011
    Earnings reports are significant events for every stock. Here are 4 earnings announcement for April 6 to check out.
  14. Darden Feasts On Growth

    December 24, 2010
    Restaurant stocks have rallied strongly this year, and Darden Restaurants' valuation has gotten a bit lofty.
  15. Cracker Barrel Leaving Investors Happy

    November 26, 2010
    Cracker Barrel be able to use excess capital to boost the bottom line for some time going forward.
  16. Greek Investments Hits The Beach

    November 12, 2010
    Greek Investments is back at it, accumulating a 13.6% position in Newport Beach retailer, Pacific Sun.
  17. Slow But Steady At Cracker Barrel

    September 16, 2010
    Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores just closed the books on a successful year that saw sales stabilize and profits jump significantly
  18. Restaurant Rebound Unlikely To Last

    August 5, 2010
    Though the casual dining market has seen some progress recently, profit gains are likely to decelerate.
  19. Playing The Greek Portfolio

    March 22, 2010
    The Konstantinu family is making a splash by buying up distressed American stocks. See how you can benefit.
  20. Cracker Barrel Still Looks Appetizing

    February 25, 2010
    Top-line growth will continue to be modest, but Cracker Barrel's stock looks tempting at the current price.
  21. Restaurant Industry Sending Mixed Signals

    October 6, 2009
    The latest reading of the Restaurant Performance Index (RPI) by the National Restaurant Association sends a conflicting message.
  22. Darden's Decline Could Mean Opportunity

    October 2, 2009
    If Darden's shares continue to trend downward, it will soon be a compelling investment opportunity.
  23. Darden Not Hot But Plenty Appetizing

    September 7, 2009
    Darden's valuation is reasonable, and its concepts are here to stay.
  24. B/E Aerospace Sprouts Wings

    March 27, 2009
    Insider buying activity can give investors a clue about a stock's trajectory - good or bad.
  25. Five Book Value Bargains For August 20

    August 20, 2008
    Stocks trading at low P/B ratios can be undervalued bargains. We explore five stocks that fit the bill with a focus on Blockbuster.
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