RYN : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Top 5 Lumber Stocks of 2016 (WY, RYN)

    September 6, 2016
    Lumber prices advanced in the first half of 2016 due to robust housing construction in the United States. These five lumber ...
  2. Top 5 Timber Stocks of 2016 (WY, PCH)

    August 24, 2016
    These five stocks offer appealing investments in the timber industry, based on dividend yield, financial health, valuation ...
  3. Rayonier Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Tuesday (RYN)

    June 14, 2016
    Rayonier will send its dividend payment on June 30 to shareholders of record as of June 16.
  4. To Take Profits in Lumber Stocks, or Hold (WY, RYN)

    April 20, 2016
    Lumber-related stocks have been on a tear recently. Here's the technical outlook to help determine whether it is time to ...
  5. Lagging Lumber Prices Hammer Timber Stocks

    June 5, 2014
    Divergence between the share price of major timber companies and the spot futures price of the lumber continuous contract ...
  6. Finding Portfolio Serenity In the Forest

    April 1, 2014
    Volatility is back with a vengeance in the stock markets and one of the best places to hide from that force is in the forest. ...