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  1. Comcast, Sprint, DISH, Charter on Most-Hated List

    January 11, 2017
    24/7 Wall St. came out with its annual ranking of the most hated companies in America.
  2. Sprint to Let Customers Have 2 Numbers on 1 Phone

    January 9, 2017
    Sprint (NYSE: S) has followed T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) by taking steps to allow customers to put more than one number on ...
  3. Sprint CEO: We Are a ‘Formidable' Merger Partner

    January 9, 2017
    CEO Marcelo Claure thinks his company is ripe for a merger, although it's not in any talks.
  4. Sprint Says It Will Add 5,000 U.S. Jobs in 2017

    December 30, 2016
    Without offering a lot of details, Sprint (NYSE: S) said this week that it plans to create or bring back 5,000 new jobs ...
  5. Softbank: Is Jobs Move Linked to T-Mobile Deal?

    December 29, 2016
    Sprint's parent may be letting Trump take the credit for new jobs to get a T-Mobile merger through.
  6. Sprint to Create, Bring Back 5,000 U.S. Jobs

    December 29, 2016
    President-elect Trump quickly took credit for the carrier's pledge to create or bring back jobs.
  7. Sprint Has New Technology to Improve Coverage

    December 13, 2016
    Sprint (NYSE: S) has a new weapon in its war to prove it has better coverage than its rivals, specifically T-Mobile (NASDAQ: ...
  8. T-Mobile Parent May Not Want Sprint—Or Its Debt (S, TMUS)

    December 12, 2016
    Despite all the talk about Sprint buying T-Mobile, T-Mobile's parent may prefer Comcast Corp.
  9. Sprint, T-Mobile Get Into the Spirit of Giving

    December 12, 2016
    During the holiday season, it's easy to focus on the rampant consumerism. People are buying a lot, companies are offering ...
  10. Sprint & T-Mobile Merger? Don't Get Too Giddy

    December 9, 2016
    Speculation is reaching fever pitch, but one analyst says investors should calm down.
  11. Softbank's $50B Fund Fuels Speculation (S, TMUS)

    December 7, 2016
    Sprint/T-Mobile merger speculation picked up again after the CEO of Sprint's parent company Softbank said he is investing ...
  12. Sprint Hires a New Chief Digital Officer

    December 5, 2016
    Sprint (NYSE: S) wants to improve its digital customer experience, and has named a new chief digital officer to make that ...
  13. Sprint Backs Off From Phone Lease Plan (S)

    December 1, 2016
    Sprint is backing away from leasing customers some Android smartphones where there is no resale value.
  14. UBS Raises Price Target on T-Mobile, Sprint (TMUS, S)

    November 29, 2016
    UBS raised its price targets on T-Mobile and Sprint, betting a healthier environment for M&A under Donald Trump.
  15. Sprint, T-Mobile's Black Friday Deals Are Here

    November 21, 2016
    T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Sprint (NYSE: S) know that people buy gadgets, including smartphones, on Black Friday, so both ...
  16. Sprint Plus T-Mobile Unlikely Under Trump (S, TMUS)

    November 21, 2016
    A Sprint and T-Mobile merger may not get the nod from Trump Wall Street is expecting.
  17. Deutsche Telekom Downplays T-Mobile Talk (S, TMUS)

    November 17, 2016
    Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hoettges says he doesn't have to sell T-Mobile but he's looking at the environment under President ...
  18. Tower Operators Weigh in on Sprint-T-Mobile Deal (SBAC, AMT)

    November 15, 2016
    Two wireless tower operators updated investors about their exposure to T-Mobile and Sprint in light of merger speculation. ...
  19. For Telecom CEOs, a Lot Hangs on Trump (T, S)

    November 15, 2016
    Telecom CEOs have to play nice now that Donald Trump won the presidency with mergers and regulations hanging in the balance. ...
  20. Can Sprint Afford to Buy T-Mobile? (S, TMUS)

    November 14, 2016
    Sprint may not be able to afford T-Mobile this time around.
  21. Could Sprint, T-Mobile Merge Under Trump? (TMUS,S)

    November 11, 2016
    Could a Trump presidency provide a pathway for Sprint and T-Mobile to merge?
  22. Sprint Shares Climb on Positive News (S)

    November 9, 2016
    Sprint shares are climbing in trading as the telecom company has some things to cheer about such as Softbank's results.
  23. Sprint First to Offer New Google SMS Service (S)

    November 8, 2016
    Sprint is the first carrier to roll out Google's new SMS service, which is aimed at creating a universal service.
  24. Sprint Narrows Q2 Loss, But Concerns Remain (S)

    October 26, 2016
    Sprint's stock tanked despite a narrower second-quarter loss as concerns about capital expenditures and competition weighed ...
  25. Sprint's Q2 Shows It May Finally Be Back on Track

    October 25, 2016
    Having seen the company fall to fourth place among the four major wireless carriers, Sprint (NYSE: S) investors would have ...
  26. Sprint Shares Down Despite Narrower Q2 Loss (S)

    October 25, 2016
    Sprint reported a narrower second quarter loss and revenue that beat views but shares declined.
  27. Sprint Prices $3.5B Airwave-Backed Offering (S)

    October 21, 2016
    Sprint priced its $3.5 billion offering backed by wireless airwaves.
  28. Sprint Sees 3% Increase In Q2 Operating Revenue (S)

    October 18, 2016
    Sprint reported preliminary fiscal second quarter results that showed an increase in subscribers and operating revenue.
  29. Sprint to Buy AAA Memberships for Customers (S)

    October 14, 2016
    Sprint to cover customers' AAA memberships even as it sells airwaves to shore up cash.
  30. Sprint in $3.5B Spectrum Lease-Back Deal (S)

    October 12, 2016
    Sprint announced it is selling $3.5 billion in wireless airwaves, which it will lease back.
  31. Sprint: Free Broadband for Low-Income Students (S)

    October 12, 2016
    Sprint is giving 1 million low-income high school students free broadband internet access as part of a new initiative.
  32. Sprint Offers New Unlimited Plan for Business

    October 11, 2016
    Sprint (NYSE: S), the nation's fourth-largest wireless carrier, has been pushing unlimited data plans to enhance its status ...
  33. Samsung Kills the Galaxy Note 7 (T, VZ)

    October 11, 2016
    Its official, Samsung is ending production of the fire-hazard Galaxy Note 7, leaving the U.S. wireless carriers with one ...
  34. Sprint to Offer Unlimited Data to Businesses (S)

    October 11, 2016
    Sprint is expanding its unlimited data plan to its business customers.
  35. Samsung Stops Galaxy Note 7 Production

    October 11, 2016
    The Korean company is in the eye of a storm once again after new reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones overheating ...
  36. Sprint, T-Mobile Prepared for Hurricane Matthew

    October 6, 2016
    With much of the East Coast expected to be impacted by Hurricane Matthew, Sprint (NYSE: S) and T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) publicly ...
  37. Sprint's Good Reasons for iPhone Upgrades: Cash (S)

    October 4, 2016
    Sprint has good reason to hang on to its free iPhone 7 upgrade program: it will end up a winner.
  38. Sprint CEO to Host Clinton Fundraiser (S)

    September 26, 2016
    Sprint's CEO is formally throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton and is hosting a Sept. 30 fundraiser for her.
  39. Sprint CEO Upbeat About Carrier's Performance (S)

    September 21, 2016
    Sprint CEO is upbeat about the progress the company has been making.
  40. Sprint CEO: Samsung Recall Will Soon Be In the Past (S)

    September 20, 2016
    Sprint's CEO doesn't think Samsung recall will have a lasting impact on Samsung's brand.
  41. Why Junk Bonds Are Poised for a Correction (S, HLT)

    September 19, 2016
    High-yield bonds are showing signs of an impending correction as managers begin to trim their positions.
  42. Apple Hits 2016 High

    September 14, 2016
    Apple's stock hit a 2016 high today on the back of chatter about its new iPhone 7.
  43. T-Mobile, Sprint Roll Out iPhone 7 Upgrade Program (TMUS, S)

    September 9, 2016
    T-Mobile and Sprint are offering free upgrades to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
  44. 5G Technology: Which Country Will Be the First to Adapt?

    September 9, 2016
    The United States and other countries that want to stay competitive in the global economy are already making preparations ...
  45. Verizon, AT&T Scramble After Samsung Recall (VZ,T)

    September 6, 2016
    T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T had to scramble over the weekend to take back millions of Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones ...
  46. Sprint Links With Fantasy Sports Site DraftKings

    September 2, 2016
    Sprint (NYSE: S) has just made a deal with DraftKings, one of the two embattled daily fantasy sports sites facing regulatory ...
  47. Verizon Beats AT&T Out oof the Gate, Raises Quarterly Dividend

    September 2, 2016
    Verizon Communications raised it quarterly dividend 2.2%, beating rival AT&T in the telecommunications dividend battle.
  48. Sprint, T-Mobile Expand Their Unlimited Data War

    August 29, 2016
    Sprint (NYSE: S), the former No. 3 U.S. wireless carrier that has fallen behind T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) in subscriber count, ...
  49. T-Mobile, Sprint Debut Dueling Unlimited Deals

    August 19, 2016
    During the surprise media event introducing his company's new unlimited data plans, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) CEO John Legere ...
  50. T-Mobile U.S. and Sprint Revamp Unlimited Data (TMUS, S)

    August 19, 2016
    Aiming to lure customers, T-Mobile and Sprint launched new unlimited data plans.
  51. Behind T-Mobile's 166% Rise Since Its 2013 IPO (TMUS)

    August 14, 2016
    Analyze T-Mobile's stock price history to determine which factors influenced shares. Discover financial results and acquisition ...
  52. Why Your Cell Phone Bill Is Going Up

    August 1, 2016
    Your cell phone bill is going up because the price war among wireless carriers is ending.
  53. T-Mobile Adds High-Profile Partners to Binge On

    July 26, 2016
    T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) continues to pile on the free stuff. The low-cost cell service carrier, which already offers its ...
  54. Softbank Shares Rise on Sprint’s Earnings Beat (SFTBY, S)

    July 25, 2016
    SoftBank stock rises 3 % after its majority-owned U.S. telecom company, Sprint's, stock jumped by more than 27% on Monday.
  55. Sprint Stock Soars 22% on Q2 Rev Beat (S, VZ)

    July 25, 2016
    Investors cheered Sprint's revenue results, which showed that the company's aggressive promotions are having a positive effect ...
  56. T-Mobile's Latest Freebie Is Olympic Caliber

    July 22, 2016
    T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) delights in making moves just to highlight what its wireless rivals are not doing. The company regularly ...
  57. Sprint Q2 Earnings: What to Expect? (S, ARMH)

    July 21, 2016
    Sprint, which is 80% owned by Japan's SoftBank Corp, has been one of the market's pleasant surprises with its shares rising ...
  58. T-Mobile Adds PBS, Gaming Content to Binge On

    June 16, 2016
    T-Mobile's (NASDAQ: TMUS) Binge On service lets its mobile phone customers watch video from participating partner services ...
  59. Japan's SoftBank Sells $8 Billion Alibaba Shares (BABA, S)

    June 2, 2016
    The transaction will mark SoftBank's first sale of Alibaba shares since it began investing in the company in 2000.
  60. Sprint Stock: Analyzing 5 Key Customers (S)

    May 18, 2016
    Take a quick look at a handful of wireless service providers and other companies that rely on Sprint to fulfill the needs ...
  61. Sprint Stock: Capital Structure Analysis (S)

    May 16, 2016
    Learn about Sprint's capital structure and how trends in pricing impact the company's market capitalization and enterprise ...
  62. DISH Debuts an At-Home Smartphone Repair Service

    May 6, 2016
    When Sprint (NYSE: S) announced back in October its Direct 2 You program, under which its technicians would deliver new ...
  63. Apple Stock: Analyzing 5 Key Customers (AAPL)

    May 1, 2016
    Learn about the top five customers of Apple Inc., whose strategic success also extends to the traditionally resistant market ...
  64. The Debt Report: The Telecom Sector

    April 25, 2016
    Discover how America's telecommunications providers have been piling on debt since the Great Recession, and how part of the ...
  65. T-Mobile Continues Its Impressive Growth Streak

    April 21, 2016
    T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) CEO John Legere talks a big game, pushing his company's merits like a carnival barker or a 1980s ...
  66. Global Technology: 4 Key Industry Players (MSFT, IBM)

    April 21, 2016
    Discover the technology companies that are global key industry players based on annual sales, and obtain a brief analysis ...
  67. Sprint Called 'Tactical Short' by Analyst (S)

    April 14, 2016
    Analysts have now become less convinced Sprint can mount a meaningful attack on its larger rivals.
  68. The 5 Highest Paid Executives in the Telecommunications Sector ...

    April 13, 2016
    The top five earners in the telecom industry are well compensated for staying competitive and generating billions of dollars ...
  69. Sprint Takes Steps to Improve Its Cash Position

    April 11, 2016
    Locked in a battle with T-Mobile to be seen as the top low-cost alternative to the two leading wireless carriers, Sprint (NYSE: ...
  70. T-Mobile Pushes Binge On, Music Freedom Expansion

    April 7, 2016
    Through its Binge On and and Music Freedom programs, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) has found a way for its customers to have their ...
  71. T-Mobile's "Un-carrier Amped" Strategy Is More Important than ...

    April 4, 2016
    Discover how its Un-carrier Amped strategy grew T-Mobile's business and disrupted the wireless provider industry, and learn ...
  72. The Most Shorted Stocks and ETF (PFE,SPY,CHK,S)

    March 29, 2016
    These stocks and ETF are heavily shorted and have been rallying at breakneck speed. Will it continue?
  73. T-Mobile: Unlimited Data Plans Not Here to Stay

    March 22, 2016
    Consumers with unlimited data plans are proving themselves to be heavy users, undermining the profitability of the concept. ...
  74. T-Mobile Adds YouTube to Binge On Video Service

    March 21, 2016
    T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Sprint (NYSE: S) offer fairly similar value propositions for wireless customers. Both price ...
  75. Why Sprint Stock Plunged 12% Last Week (S)

    March 21, 2016
    Can Sprint dial the right number combinations to deliver long-term growth?
  76. 4 Reasons Sprint Continues to Invest in Chicago (S, TMUS)

    March 14, 2016
    Identify several key reasons why Sprint is investing heavily in Chicago as the company attempts to capture market share in ...
  77. Can Sprint Keep Up With Its Competitors? (S, TMUS)

    March 9, 2016
    Discover how Sprint is faring against the competition in the mobile phone industry and some of its plans and accolades that ...
  78. Telecom and Cable Will Soon Be One (T, VOD)

    March 8, 2016
    Understand the reasoning behind the trend of telecom and cable becoming one, such as the benefits of cross-selling, mobile ...
  79. Analyzing T-Mobile's Return on Equity (TMUS, RCI)

    March 6, 2016
    Learn about T-Mobile's return on equity (ROE). How has its ROE changed with its net margin over recent years, and how does ...
  80. 3 Telecom Stocks To Avoid in 2016 (FTR, CMCSA)

    March 3, 2016
    Understand the appeal of the telecommunications industry and its high dividends during shaky markets, and identify three ...
  81. Analyzing Sprint Corp's Return on Equity (ROE) (S)

    February 2, 2016
    Learn about Sprint's return on equity. Find out why its ROE is negative and how asset turnover and financial leverage impact ...
  82. T-Mobile Offering Personal 4G LTE Towers

    November 4, 2015
    T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) has been the fastest growing wireless company in the United States, at least partly in spite of ...
  83. US Telecom Price War: T-Mobile Vs. Verizon Vs. AT&T (VZ, T)

    October 28, 2015
    Find out how T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T are waging an intense price war among mobile network providers and why investors ...
  84. T-Mobile CEO Takes a Stand Against Overages

    October 27, 2015
    T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) CEO John Legere has long been against charging overages when customers use more than their allotted ...
  85. T-Mobile and Sprint Launching New Feature

    October 16, 2015
    Usually it's T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) and Sprint (NYSE: S) adding features that become so popular that the two wireless companies ...
  86. The 5 Most Shorted NYSE Stocks (VALE, CHK)

    October 14, 2015
    Understand what a short sale is and why people would want to initiate a short strategy. Learn about the top five most shorted ...
  87. Hack Impacts Millions of T-Mobile Customers (TMUS, S)

    October 5, 2015
    Add another victim to the list of high-profile security breaches. This time, hackers broke into Experian servers and stole ...
  88. Sprint Passing on Next Wireless Spectrum Auction

    October 1, 2015
    Sprint (NYSE: S) has continually pushed to improve its network. Though it is still ranked third in the most recent RootMetrics ...
  89. T-Mobile Offers an Even Better iPhone 6s Deal (TMUS, S)

    September 24, 2015
    T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) CEO John Legere took to Periscope to announce new, even lower pricing for the new iPhone 6s. In what ...
  90. Sprint Rolls Out Its iPhone Forever Plan

    August 20, 2015
    It's official: Sprint (NYSE: S) has joined T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) in offering customers unlimited iPhone upgrades. The carrier's ...
  91. T-Mobile's Legere Takes Credit for Industry Shift (TMUS, S)

    August 12, 2015
    T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) was the first major wireless carrier to drop contracts and eliminate phone subsidies, and its CEO ...
  92. Sprint Names New CFO in Partial Management Reboot

    August 7, 2015
    Sprint (NYSE: S) is calling on several new executives to help further its ambitions. This week, the company announced a ...
  93. T-Mobile Passes Sprint to Take the No. 3 Spot

    August 6, 2015
    While it has been predicted for some time, the results are finally in. T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) has passed Sprint (NYSE: S) ...
  94. T-Mobile Passing Sprint to Become No. 3 Carrier

    August 3, 2015
    The battle between Sprint (NYSE: S) and T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) for bragging rights as the No. 3 wireless carrier appears ...
  95. Loyal Customers Drive T-Mobile Market Share Gains (TMUS, S)

    July 22, 2015
    T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) has been on an incredible run. The company has been adding subscribers for over two years and shows ...
  96. Sprint Becomes a Major U.S. Retailer

    July 3, 2015
    Sprint (NYSE: S) has decided to bank on convenience and customer service as it attempts to hold on to customers in order ...
  97. How Citigroup Ensured That It's Too Big to Fail

    March 18, 2015
    As a business, Citi has everything going for it. Scale, operational breadth...and the ear of key policymakers.
  98. How You Depend On Qualcomm Every Day

    October 14, 2014
    You may not know it, but you probably depend on a Qualcomm product just about every day. Here's how.
  99. Price Wars May Decimate This Industry—And Its Top Player Is Most ...

    September 2, 2014
    Marcelo Claure, the new CEO at Sprint (NYSE:S), is seeking a new twist on an old axiom: “If you can’t join them, ...
  100. 3 'Hated' Stocks Poised For A Big Rebound Before 2015

    August 13, 2014
    This has been a bad month for Dan Hesse. The sharp plunge in Sprint (NYSE:S), which wiped out more than $10 billion in market ...
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