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Nov. 27, 2015 | 01:22 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/18/2015MCKOWN DAVID DDirector-4,500$55.05-40.91%
8/10/2015MANNING PETER JDirector-5,000$55.36-43.48%
8/10/2015Berry JamesVP - Underwriting-8,141$55.33-20.84%
3/30/2015Narciso Paul JVP - Claims-240$59.56-1.75%
3/30/2015Varga Stephen AlbertVP - MIS-349$59.56-3.70%
3/23/2015Lindeberg Frederic HDirector-2,000$60.40-8.33%
3/13/2015PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-768$58.73-0.91%
3/12/2015KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-1,457$58.56-5.41%
3/12/2015KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-1,905$58.56-7.48%
3/12/2015BRUSSARD DAVID FPresident, CEO and Chairman-8,151$58.56-6.70%
3/12/2015Berry JamesVP - Insurance Operations-2,420$58.56-5.83%
3/12/2015PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-274$58.56-0.32%
3/12/2015Varga Stephen AlbertVP - MIS-226$58.56-2.34%
3/12/2015Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-3,086$58.56-6.58%
3/12/2015Narciso Paul JVP - Claims-449$58.56-3.18%
3/12/2015BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-3,288$58.56-13.52%
3/12/2015BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-2,956$58.56-10.84%
11/12/2014Varga Stephen AlbertVP - MIS-200$60.37-3.19%
9/22/2014KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-6,877$53.32-36.17%
6/27/2014BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-7,780$50.69-16.81%
6/26/2014BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-2,336$50.90-4.80%
6/23/2014Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-4,000$51.87-9.31%
6/20/2014Lindeberg Frederic HDirector2,000$51.309.52%
3/28/2014Narciso Paul JVP - Claims-337$53.46-3.21%
3/13/2014PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-1,249$53.50-1.46%
3/13/2014BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-1,969$53.50-7.59%
3/13/2014Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-2,053$53.50-4.56%
3/13/2014PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-1,186$53.50-1.36%
3/13/2014BRUSSARD DAVID FPresident, CEO and Chairman-5,629$53.50-5.22%
3/13/2014LORANGER DANIEL DVP - MIS & CIO-1,189$53.50-0.43%
3/13/2014KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-1,024$53.50-1.00%
3/13/2014Narciso Paul JVP - Claims-115$53.50-1.08%
3/12/2014PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-1,033$53.80-1.16%
3/12/2014PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-1,087$53.80-1.23%
3/12/2014BRUSSARD DAVID FPresident, CEO and Chairman-4,873$53.80-4.33%
3/12/2014BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-1,706$53.80-6.17%
3/12/2014LORANGER DANIEL DVP - MIS & CIO-1,030$53.80-0.37%
3/12/2014KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-886$53.80-0.86%
3/12/2014Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-1,778$53.80-3.80%
3/12/2014Narciso Paul JVP - Claims-100$53.80-0.93%
11/21/2013Narciso Paul JVP - Claims-150$56.58-2.18%
8/19/2013Narciso Paul JVP - Claims-200$51.59-2.83%
6/06/2013Berry JamesVP - Insurance Operations-3,577$51.35-10.30%
6/05/2013Berry JamesVP - Insurance Operations-2,423$51.74-6.52%
5/21/2013Lindeberg Frederic HDirector-1,000$53.07-4.76%
5/20/2013Lindeberg Frederic HDirector-1,000$53.45-4.55%
3/18/2013Lindeberg Frederic HDirector2,000$21.4010.00%
3/13/2013Berry JamesVP - Insurance Operations-808$46.61-2.06%
3/13/2013Berry JamesVP - Insurance Operations-1,238$46.87-3.23%
3/13/2013Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-1,169$46.61-2.86%
3/13/2013Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-1,791$46.87-4.51%
3/13/2013KERTON ROBERT JVP - Claims-542$46.61-2.07%
3/13/2013KERTON ROBERT JVP - Claims-831$46.87-3.24%
3/13/2013KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-549$46.61-0.55%
3/13/2013KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-841$46.87-0.84%
3/13/2013LORANGER DANIEL DVP - MIS & CIO-665$46.61-0.24%
3/13/2013LORANGER DANIEL DVP - MIS & CIO-1,020$46.87-0.37%
3/13/2013PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-744$46.61-0.46%
3/13/2013PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-1,141$46.87-0.70%
3/13/2013BRUSSARD DAVID FPresident, CEO and Chairman-3,528$46.61-3.46%
3/13/2013BRUSSARD DAVID FPresident, CEO and Chairman-5,406$46.87-5.49%
3/13/2013BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-1,159$46.61-3.54%
3/13/2013BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-1,776$46.87-5.62%
3/12/2013Berry JamesVP - Insurance Operations-357$46.41-0.90%
3/12/2013BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-511$46.41-1.53%
3/12/2013BRUSSARD DAVID FPresident, CEO and Chairman-1,556$46.41-1.50%
3/12/2013PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-329$46.41-0.20%
3/12/2013LORANGER DANIEL DVP - MIS & CIO-294$46.41-0.11%
3/12/2013KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-242$46.41-0.24%
3/12/2013KERTON ROBERT JVP - Claims-238$46.41-0.90%
3/12/2013Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-516$46.41-1.25%
3/11/2013Berry JamesVP - Insurance Operations-326$46.93-0.81%
3/11/2013BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-561$47.31-1.66%
3/11/2013BRUSSARD DAVID FPresident, CEO and Chairman-1,426$46.93-1.34%
3/11/2013PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-301$46.93-0.18%
3/11/2013PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-360$47.31-0.22%
3/11/2013LORANGER DANIEL DVP - MIS & CIO-322$47.31-0.12%
3/11/2013LORANGER DANIEL DVP - MIS & CIO-270$46.93-0.10%
3/11/2013KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-266$47.31-0.26%
3/11/2013KERTON ROBERT JVP - Claims-263$47.31-0.99%
3/11/2013KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-222$46.93-0.22%
3/11/2013KERTON ROBERT JVP - Claims-219$46.93-0.81%
3/11/2013Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-565$47.31-1.35%
3/11/2013Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-473$46.93-1.11%
3/11/2013Berry JamesVP - Insurance Operations-391$47.31-0.98%
3/11/2013BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-468$46.93-1.36%
3/11/2013BRUSSARD DAVID FPresident, CEO and Chairman-1,707$47.31-1.62%
12/27/2012Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-4,729$45.52-12.41%
12/26/2012PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-9,000$45.61-5.34%
5/22/2012Lindeberg Frederic HDirector1,000$21.405.56%
5/09/2012Lindeberg Frederic HDirector1,000$21.405.88%
3/26/2012Lindeberg Frederic HDirector2,000$21.4013.33%
3/16/2012BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-3,573$41.53-12.62%
3/15/2012BEGLEY WILLIAM J JRVP, CFO and Secretary-2,759$41.40-8.88%
3/15/2012Berry JamesVP - Insurance Operations-595$41.40-1.81%
3/15/2012Murphy GeorgeVP - Marketing-708$41.40-1.82%
3/15/2012KRUPA DAVID EVP - Claims Operations-373$41.40-0.39%
3/15/2012KERTON ROBERT JVP - Claims-288$41.40-1.06%
3/15/2012PATRICK N EDWARD JRVP - Underwriting-618$41.40-0.37%
3/15/2012LORANGER DANIEL DVP - MIS & CIO-468$41.40-0.17%
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