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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
9/03/2014BUTCHER C PRESTONDirector7,683$8.790.87%
8/25/2014Clark Bernard J.EVP - Advisor Services-26,115$28.98-22.53%
8/25/2014Clark Bernard J.EVP - Advisor Services26,115$23.3329.08%
8/20/2014Allen Jay LEVP and Chief Admin Officer-6,470$28.39-53.37%
8/20/2014Allen Jay LEVP and Chief Admin Officer6,470$22.67114.43%
8/13/2014Clendening John SEVP - Investor Services-1,500$27.67-2.10%
8/04/2014Allen Jay LEVP and Chief Admin Officer8,132$15.00143.83%
8/04/2014Allen Jay LEVP and Chief Admin Officer-8,132$27.44-58.99%
8/01/2014Allen Jay LEVP and Chief Admin Officer-10,444$27.51-64.88%
8/01/2014Allen Jay LEVP and Chief Admin Officer-9,249$27.52-36.49%
8/01/2014Allen Jay LEVP and Chief Admin Officer9,249$15.0557.45%
8/01/2014Allen Jay LEVP and Chief Admin Officer10,444$12.45184.72%
7/31/2014WALTHER ROGER ODirector-25,041$28.13-9.70%
7/25/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-280,000$27.54-0.24%
7/24/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-280,000$27.73-0.24%
7/23/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-280,000$27.55-0.24%
7/22/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-160,000$27.60-0.14%
7/21/2014Clendening John SEVP - Investor Services-14,000$27.78-16.40%
7/21/2014Clendening John SEVP - Investor Services14,000$19.3619.62%
7/18/2014McCool James DEVP - Client Solutions-96,858$27.52-43.78%
7/18/2014McCool James DEVP - Client Solutions104,457$23.3389.43%
7/18/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-327,466$27.60-27.73%
7/18/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman327,466$23.3338.37%
7/17/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-160,000$27.16-15.79%
7/17/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman160,000$23.3318.75%
6/05/2014BUTCHER C PRESTONDirector6,380$8.950.67%
5/14/2014Gill George A.EVP - Investor Services-9,500$26.41-14.15%
5/13/2014WILSON ROBERT NDirector-1,772$26.80-1.36%
5/13/2014WILSON ROBERT NDirector5,244$9.064.19%
5/08/2014MCLIN STEPHEN TDirector5,244$9.063.99%
5/08/2014MCLIN STEPHEN TDirector-5,244$26.43-3.84%
5/01/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-125,000$26.60-12.78%
5/01/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-250,000$26.60-0.22%
4/30/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-250,000$26.47-20.35%
4/30/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-500,000$26.47-0.43%
4/29/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-125,000$26.59-9.24%
4/29/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-250,000$26.59-0.22%
4/02/2014HERRINGER FRANK CDirector-1,718$27.64-1.77%
4/02/2014HERRINGER FRANK CDirector5,244$9.065.70%
3/21/2014BECHTLE NANCY HDirector5,244$9.062.62%
3/21/2014BECHTLE NANCY HDirector-1,659$28.62-0.81%
3/19/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel-9,687$27.35-9.46%
3/19/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel9,687$18.6610.45%
3/19/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-5,000$27.50-46.93%
3/06/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-3,589$27.01-18.84%
3/06/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-4,808$27.01-31.10%
3/06/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel-8,277$27.01-8.20%
3/04/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel7,608$18.256.85%
3/04/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel-7,608$26.82-6.41%
3/04/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel-10,089$26.81-9.08%
3/04/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel10,089$16.409.99%
3/03/2014Clark Bernard J.EVP - Advisor Services13,271$25.9717.62%
3/03/2014Clendening John SEVP - Investor Services15,438$25.9727.60%
3/03/2014Gill George A.EVP - Investor Services14,974$25.9728.72%
3/03/2014MARTINETTO JOSEPH REVP and CFO14,175$25.9717.39%
3/03/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman28,198$25.972.13%
3/03/2014McCool James DEVP - Client Solutions14,891$25.9714.61%
3/03/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel10,331$13.9110.23%
3/03/2014Bettinger Walter WPresident and CEO64,859$25.9711.89%
3/03/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources11,373$25.97148.12%
3/03/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel-10,331$25.93-9.28%
3/03/2014Dwyer Carrie EEVP and General Counsel10,927$25.9712.13%
3/03/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-10,089$25.93-34.62%
3/03/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-8,265$25.93-22.10%
3/03/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-7,926$25.93-17.48%
3/03/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-7,023$25.93-13.41%
3/03/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources10,089$16.4052.96%
3/03/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources8,265$13.9128.36%
3/03/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources7,926$18.6621.19%
3/03/2014Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources7,023$18.2515.49%
2/26/2014BUTCHER C PRESTONDirector5,037$11.280.53%
2/26/2014BUTCHER C PRESTONDirector5,244$9.060.56%
2/06/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-150,000$24.25-0.39%
2/05/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-150,000$23.94-0.39%
2/04/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-100,000$24.14-0.26%
1/30/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-500,000$25.16-0.43%
1/29/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-500,000$24.86-0.43%
1/28/2014SCHWAB CHARLES RChairman-500,000$25.12-0.42%
1/21/2014Gill George A.EVP - Investor Services-20,892$26.90-28.61%
1/21/2014Gill George A.EVP - Investor Services20,892$23.3340.07%
1/03/2014Gill George A.EVP - Investor Services-462$25.87-0.84%
1/02/2014MARTINETTO JOSEPH REVP and CFO-577$25.88-0.70%
12/11/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-7,813$25.10-51.13%
12/11/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources7,813$23.33104.63%
12/09/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources10,651$18.6638.52%
12/09/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-2,979$25.03-7.78%
12/09/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-27,853$25.06-78.86%
12/09/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources17,202$23.33164.68%
12/06/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-500$24.97-4.57%
12/06/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources500$18.664.79%
12/02/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources81,947$19.36497.37%
12/02/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources79,067$17.3880.33%
12/02/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources26,049$22.6514.68%
12/02/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources4,700$18.662.09%
12/02/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources1,100$23.330.48%
12/02/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-6,030$24.91-2.62%
12/02/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources-213,930$24.93-95.34%
12/02/2013Allen Jay LEVP - Human Resources21,067$18.2510.35%
11/22/2013Bettinger Walter WPresident and CEO-348,190$24.83-37.70%
11/22/2013Clendening John SEVP - Investor Services83,566$23.33149.42%
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