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Nov. 27, 2015 | 01:03 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
10/02/2015GRIFFIN ROBERT SCOTTSVP - People and Culture20,540$0.33350.93%
10/02/2015Clement KevinEVP, President - MidCon Midstr21,538$0.333.93%
10/02/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO75,176$0.335.94%
10/02/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting33,521$0.3314.58%
10/02/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - General Counsel and Corp30,810$0.3315.48%
10/02/2015Grubert Duane MEVP - Investor Relations & Str28,755$0.3319.72%
8/17/2015Bott Julian MarkChief Financial Officer-170,681$0.51-34.82%
7/13/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - General Counsel and Corp-1,630$0.69-0.81%
7/13/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-16,874$0.69-1.32%
7/13/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,446$0.69-1.05%
7/08/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - General Counsel and Corp-1,223$0.72-0.61%
7/08/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,446$0.72-1.04%
7/08/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-8,851$0.72-0.69%
7/01/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO63,928$0.835.21%
7/01/2015LEBLANC EDDIE M IIIExecutive VP and CFO11,762$0.839.41%
7/01/2015GRIFFIN ROBERT SCOTTSVP - People and Culture2,452$0.8372.10%
7/01/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting24,831$0.8311.83%
7/01/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - General Counsel and Corp18,521$0.8310.10%
7/01/2015Grubert Duane MEVP - Investor Relations & Str21,048$0.8316.87%
4/01/2015Turk Steven DarrellEVP & Chief Operating Officer-48,388$1.78-8.61%
4/01/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting7,157$1.773.53%
4/01/2015LEBLANC EDDIE M IIIExecutive VP and CFO10,335$1.779.01%
4/01/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - General Counsel and Corp9,862$1.775.68%
4/01/2015Grubert Duane MEVP - Investor Relations & Str6,349$1.775.36%
4/01/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO54,066$1.774.61%
2/15/2015LEBLANC EDDIE M IIIExecutive VP and CFO-11,087$2.09-8.81%
2/15/2015CHANG WAYNESVP of SandRidge, President of-4,235$2.09-1.30%
2/15/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - General Counsel and Corp-3,992$2.09-2.25%
2/15/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-4,435$2.09-2.14%
2/15/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-22,251$2.09-1.86%
2/01/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-56,729$1.41-4.53%
1/15/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-3,317$1.21-1.58%
1/15/2015CHANG WAYNESVP & President Midstream-3,554$1.21-1.08%
1/15/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-15,253$1.21-1.20%
1/15/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - Gen Counsel & Secretary-2,369$1.21-1.32%
1/14/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - Gen Counsel & Secretary-1,422$1.28-0.78%
1/14/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,843$1.28-1.33%
1/14/2015CHANG WAYNESVP & President Midstream-3,554$1.28-1.07%
1/13/2015CHANG WAYNESVP & President Midstream-3,554$1.34-1.06%
1/13/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - Gen Counsel & Secretary-1,896$1.34-1.04%
1/13/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-8,883$1.34-0.70%
1/13/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,843$1.34-1.31%
1/02/2015GRIFFIN ROBERT SCOTTSVP - People and Culture3,316$1.773,901.18%
1/02/2015CHANG WAYNESVP & President Midstream5,936$1.771.80%
1/02/2015Grubert Duane MEVP - Investor Relations2,218$1.771.91%
1/02/2015LEBLANC EDDIE M IIIExecutive VP and CFO6,468$1.775.42%
1/02/2015WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - Gen Counsel & Secretary5,707$1.773.22%
1/02/2015Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO13,926$1.771.10%
1/02/2015COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting6,210$1.772.96%
12/30/2014Grubert Duane MEVP - Investor Relations-10,308$1.90-8.15%
9/12/2014CHANG WAYNESVP & President Midstream10,088$4.96176.83%
9/01/2014LAWLER DAVID C.EVP and Chief Operating Office-6,493$5.24-1.32%
9/01/2014LAWLER DAVID C.EVP and Chief Operating Office-11,801$5.24-2.44%
9/01/2014WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - Gen Counsel & Secretary-816$5.24-0.46%
7/13/2014LAWLER DAVID C.EVP and Chief Operating Office-6,626$6.58-1.33%
7/13/2014WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - General Counsel and Corp-1,630$6.58-0.92%
7/13/2014CHANG WAYNESVP & President of Midstream-3,057$6.58-0.92%
7/13/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,446$6.58-1.17%
7/13/2014Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-16,875$6.58-1.32%
7/09/2014CHANG WAYNESVP & President of Midstream-1,698$6.97-0.51%
7/09/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-1,359$6.97-0.64%
7/08/2014WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - General Counsel and Corp-1,223$6.97-0.68%
7/08/2014CHANG WAYNESVP & President of Midstream-3,057$6.97-0.91%
7/08/2014Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-8,850$6.97-0.69%
7/08/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,445$6.97-1.14%
7/01/2014Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO2,771$7.080.22%
7/01/2014CHANG WAYNESVP & President of Midstream1,271$7.080.38%
7/01/2014WARMAN PHILIP TSVP - General Counsel and Corp1,222$7.080.69%
7/01/2014LAWLER DAVID C.EVP and Chief Operating Office1,793$7.080.36%
7/01/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting1,330$7.080.63%
6/12/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-25,000$6.85-10.53%
6/10/2014GILLILAND WILLIAM A.Director-332,866$6.72-76.35%
6/09/2014GILLILAND WILLIAM A.Director-1,388,489$6.79-100.00%
4/01/2014CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream11,745$6.153.64%
4/01/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting10,669$6.154.71%
4/01/2014LAWLER DAVID C.EVP & Chief Operating Officer22,086$6.154.67%
4/01/2014WARMAN PHILIP TSVP, Gen Counsel & Secretary9,561$6.155.69%
4/01/2014Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO40,517$6.153.27%
2/01/2014Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-67,824$6.15-6.56%
1/15/2014Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-13,120$5.94-1.25%
1/15/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,774$5.94-1.52%
1/15/2014LAWLER DAVID C.EVP & Chief Operating Officer-5,445$5.94-1.61%
1/15/2014CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-2,994$5.94-1.06%
1/15/2014WARMAN PHILIP TSVP, Gen Counsel & Secretary-2,369$5.94-1.85%
1/14/2014CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-3,121$5.96-1.10%
1/14/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,666$5.96-1.44%
1/14/2014WARMAN PHILIP TSVP, Gen Counsel & Secretary-1,422$5.96-1.10%
1/13/2014LAWLER DAVID C.EVP & Chief Operating Officer-5,336$5.91-1.55%
1/13/2014Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-8,015$5.91-0.76%
1/13/2014WARMAN PHILIP TSVP, Gen Counsel & Secretary-1,895$5.91-1.44%
1/13/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,843$5.91-1.51%
1/13/2014CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-3,554$5.91-1.23%
1/10/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.Senior VP - Accounting-16,481$5.95-8.05%
1/08/2014CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-1,185$5.78-0.41%
1/08/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.Senior VP - Accounting-948$5.78-0.46%
1/02/2014WARMAN PHILIP TSVP, Gen Counsel & Secretary2,096$5.951.62%
1/02/2014Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO4,658$5.950.44%
1/02/2014CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream2,224$5.950.78%
1/02/2014COOLEY RANDALL D.Senior VP - Accounting2,329$5.951.15%
1/02/2014Lawler David CEVP & Chief Operating Officer2,911$5.950.85%
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