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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/08/2013WHITE KEVIN R.SVP - Business Development-2,038$4.87-1.06%
7/08/2013WHITSON MARY L.SVP - Corporate & HR-2,935$4.87-0.96%
7/08/2013Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO-8,850$4.87-0.83%
7/08/2013COOLEY RANDALL D.Senior VP - Accounting-2,445$4.87-1.11%
7/08/2013CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-3,057$4.87-1.06%
7/08/2013WARMAN PHILIP TSVP, Gen Counsel & Secretary-1,223$4.87-0.96%
7/01/2013CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream2,753$4.800.96%
7/01/2013WHITE KEVIN R.SVP - Business Development2,782$4.801.46%
7/01/2013Lawler David CEVP & Chief Operating Officer3,520$4.801.02%
7/01/2013COOLEY RANDALL D.Senior VP - Accounting2,883$4.801.33%
7/01/2013Bennett James DonaldPresident and CEO5,196$4.800.49%
7/01/2013WARMAN PHILIP TSVP, Gen Counsel & Secretary2,595$4.802.09%
7/01/2013WHITSON MARY L.SVP - Corporate & HR2,782$4.800.92%
4/09/2013WHITSON MARY L.SVP-Corporate and HR-10,000$5.19-3.19%
4/05/2013CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream10,000$4.993.63%
4/01/2013COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting3,500$5.221.64%
4/01/2013CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream4,035$5.221.49%
4/01/2013JOHNSON RODNEY E.EVP-Corp Reserves and A & D5,857$5.221.76%
4/01/2013WARMAN PHILIP TSVP, Gen Counsel & Secretary3,741$5.223.10%
4/01/2013Lawler David CEVP - Operations6,922$5.222.04%
4/01/2013WHITE KEVIN R.SVP - Business Development3,032$5.221.62%
4/01/2013WHITSON MARY L.SVP-Corporate and HR3,032$5.220.98%
4/01/2013Bennett James DonaldPresident & CFO12,578$5.221.20%
4/01/2013WARD TOM L.Chairman and CEO29,728$5.220.13%
3/20/2013TIPTON TODD N.Executive VP - Exploration-17,929$5.59-4.90%
3/20/2013TIPTON TODD N.Executive VP - Exploration-17,929$5.65-4.90%
3/18/2013TIPTON TODD N.Executive VP - Exploration-35,000$5.65-8.73%
3/18/2013WARD TOM L.Chairman and CEO-832,000$5.63-3.42%
3/15/2013WARD TOM L.Chairman and CEO-2,835,000$5.70-10.44%
3/15/2013JOHNSON RODNEY E.EVP - Corp Reserves & Acquisit-83,026$5.80-19.93%
3/15/2013COOLEY RANDALL D.Senior VP - Accounting-25,000$5.70-10.47%
2/01/2013Bennett James DonaldExecutive VP and CFO-70,859$6.62-6.35%
1/14/2013WARD TOM L.Chairman & CEO-191,750$6.66-0.77%
1/14/2013WARMAN PHILIP TSVP General Counsel & Corp Sec-1,223$6.66-1.26%
1/14/2013WHITSON MARY L.SVP-Corp & Human Resources-2,934$6.66-1.06%
1/14/2013WHITE KEVIN R.SVP Business Development-2,038$6.66-1.24%
1/14/2013TIPTON TODD N.EVP - Exploration-5,093$6.66-1.48%
1/14/2013CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-3,056$6.66-1.29%
1/14/2013GRUBB MATTHEW K.President and COO-29,500$6.66-2.01%
1/14/2013JOHNSON RODNEY E.EVP -Corporate Reserves, A & D-5,093$6.66-1.42%
1/14/2013COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,445$6.66-1.19%
1/13/2013TIPTON TODD N.EVP - Exploration-5,093$6.86-1.46%
1/13/2013Lawler David CEVP - Operations-4,658$6.86-1.69%
1/13/2013JOHNSON RODNEY E.EVP -Corporate Reserves, A & D-5,093$6.86-1.40%
1/13/2013GRUBB MATTHEW K.President and COO-23,692$6.86-1.59%
1/13/2013COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-2,445$6.86-1.17%
1/13/2013CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-3,056$6.86-1.27%
1/13/2013Bennett James DonaldEVP and CFO-7,641$6.86-0.79%
1/13/2013WARD TOM L.Chairman & CEO-238,199$6.86-0.95%
1/13/2013WHITSON MARY L.SVP-Corp & Human Resources-2,934$6.86-1.05%
1/13/2013WHITE KEVIN R.SVP Business Development-2,038$6.86-1.23%
1/13/2013WARMAN PHILIP TSVP General Counsel & Corp Sec-1,603$6.86-1.63%
1/09/2013JOHNSON RODNEY E.EVP -Corporate Reserves, A & D-1,631$6.93-0.45%
1/09/2013WHITE KEVIN R.SVP Business Development-598$6.93-0.36%
1/09/2013TIPTON TODD N.EVP - Exploration-2,201$6.93-0.63%
1/09/2013CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-816$6.93-0.34%
1/09/2013COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-612$6.93-0.29%
1/09/2013GRUBB MATTHEW K.President and COO-7,335$6.93-0.49%
1/09/2013WARD TOM L.Chairman & CEO-59,000$6.93-0.23%
1/09/2013WHITSON MARY L.SVP-Corp & Human Resources-1,468$6.93-0.52%
1/08/2013CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-1,019$6.97-0.42%
1/08/2013WHITSON MARY L.SVP-Corp & Human Resources-1,437$6.97-0.51%
1/08/2013WHITE KEVIN R.SVP Business Development-595$6.97-0.36%
1/08/2013TIPTON TODD N.EVP - Exploration-2,242$6.97-0.64%
1/08/2013WARD TOM L.Chairman & CEO-88,705$6.97-0.35%
1/08/2013JOHNSON RODNEY E.EVP -Corporate Reserves, A & D-1,631$6.97-0.44%
1/08/2013COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting-793$6.97-0.38%
1/08/2013GRUBB MATTHEW K.President and COO-8,151$6.97-0.54%
1/02/2013Lawler David CEVP - Operations2,506$6.420.92%
1/02/2013WARD TOM L.Chairman & CEO8,328$6.420.03%
1/02/2013WHITE KEVIN R.SVP Business Development2,081$6.421.26%
1/02/2013TIPTON TODD N.EVP - Exploration2,447$6.420.70%
1/02/2013WARMAN PHILIP TSVP General Counsel & Corp Sec1,940$6.422.01%
1/02/2013COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting2,156$6.421.04%
1/02/2013WHITSON MARY L.SVP-Corp & Human Resources2,081$6.420.74%
1/02/2013JOHNSON RODNEY E.EVP -Corporate Reserves, A & D2,447$6.420.67%
1/02/2013CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream2,059$6.420.86%
1/02/2013Bennett James DonaldEVP and CFO3,886$6.420.41%
1/02/2013GRUBB MATTHEW K.President and COO4,997$6.420.33%
12/31/2012FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CANSubstantial Shareholder525,000$6.251.63%
12/28/2012FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CANSubstantial Shareholder1,000,000$6.243.20%
12/27/2012FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CANSubstantial Shareholder1,500,000$6.255.05%
12/26/2012FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CANSubstantial Shareholder800,000$6.232.77%
12/24/2012FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CANSubstantial Shareholder500,000$6.211.76%
12/21/2012FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CANSubstantial Shareholder1,500,000$6.106.06%
12/21/2012FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CANSubstantial Shareholder175,000$6.200.67%
12/21/2012FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CANSubstantial Shareholder2,000,000$6.257.57%
10/07/2012CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream-397$7.27-0.17%
10/01/2012COOLEY RANDALL D.SVP - Accounting5,850$7.062.90%
10/01/2012JOHNSON RODNEY E.EVP -Corporate Reserves, A & D7,424$7.062.08%
10/01/2012GRUBB MATTHEW K.President and COO15,159$7.061.02%
10/01/2012CHANG WAYNESVP - Midstream6,247$7.062.67%
10/01/2012Bennett James DonaldEVP and CFO11,790$7.061.25%
10/01/2012WHITE KEVIN R.SVP Business Development5,504$7.063.44%
10/01/2012WHITSON MARY L.SVP-Corp & Human Resources5,504$7.062.00%
10/01/2012WARD TOM L.Chairman & CEO25,264$7.060.10%
10/01/2012Lawler David CEVP - Operations7,583$7.062.86%
10/01/2012TIPTON TODD N.EVP - Exploration7,424$7.062.16%
10/01/2012WARMAN PHILIP TSVP General Counsel & Corp Sec5,249$7.065.75%
9/14/2012TIPTON TODD N.EVP - Exploration-28,034$7.62-7.55%
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