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22/9/2014 04:00 PM  |  NASDAQ : SGMS  
Industries : Leisure / Gaming Activities

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
9/14/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-249$13.25-2.95%
9/14/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-746$13.25-0.90%
9/14/2014HUNTLEY WILLIAM JEVP & Grp Chief Exec of Gaming-784$13.25-2.13%
9/14/2014Potts LarryVP & Chief Compliance Officer-480$13.25-0.50%
9/14/2014BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-491$13.25-0.53%
8/29/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-1,251$9.90-13.98%
5/14/2014PERELMAN RONALD OSenior Executive Officer32,133$9.740.09%
5/13/2014PERELMAN RONALD OSenior Executive Officer667,867$9.661.99%
5/13/2014Kennedy David LPresident and CEO-4,914$9.03-3.00%
5/12/2014PERELMAN RONALD OSenior Executive Officer112,712$9.170.34%
5/12/2014Kennedy David LPresident and CEO36,000$8.9832.28%
5/09/2014PERELMAN RONALD OSenior Executive Officer937,288$8.952.88%
5/06/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-1,334$11.92-1.63%
4/01/2014Lipkin Jeff SSenior VP & CFO-2,958$13.87-3.16%
4/01/2014Lipkin Jeff SSenior VP & CFO-944$13.87-1.01%
3/25/2014HUNTLEY WILLIAM JEVP & Grp Chief Exec of Gaming-2,901$14.87-7.78%
3/25/2014Lipkin Jeff SSenior VP & CFO-2,721$14.87-3.08%
3/25/2014Potts LarryVP & Chief Compliance Officer-2,158$14.87-2.23%
3/25/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-1,101$14.87-17.48%
3/25/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-2,499$14.87-3.11%
3/25/2014BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-2,165$14.87-2.32%
3/22/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-1,461$15.17-1.97%
3/22/2014BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-1,319$15.17-1.50%
3/22/2014Potts LarryVP & Chief Compliance Officer-1,457$15.17-1.59%
3/22/2014Kennedy David LPresident and CEO-4,914$15.17-4.22%
3/22/2014Lipkin Jeff SSenior VP & CFO-1,620$15.17-1.96%
3/22/2014HUNTLEY WILLIAM JEVP & Grp Chief Exec of Gaming-1,732$15.17-5.71%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-2$15.03-0.01%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO15,000$7.90500.00%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-100$15.14-3.23%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-200$15.13-6.06%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-200$15.12-5.71%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-1,100$15.11-23.91%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-650$15.04-3.61%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-750$15.05-4.32%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-898$15.06-5.41%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-4,304$15.10-48.34%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-5,400$15.15-64.29%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-300$15.11-3.45%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-500$15.10-5.43%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-200$15.09-2.13%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-6,100$15.08-39.35%
3/21/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-200$15.07-1.27%
2/23/2014Frater Stephen GDivision Executive Chairman-1,135$13.16-1.88%
2/23/2014Potts LarryVP & Chief Compliance Officer-911$13.16-1.05%
2/23/2014Frater Stephen GDivision Executive Chairman-1,029$13.16-1.74%
2/23/2014BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-910$13.16-1.07%
2/23/2014BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-825$13.16-0.99%
2/23/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-574$13.16-0.81%
2/23/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-520$13.16-0.75%
2/23/2014Potts LarryVP & Chief Compliance Officer-1,004$13.16-1.13%
2/22/2014Lipkin Jeff SSenior VP & CFO-917$13.16-1.16%
2/22/2014Lipkin Jeff SSenior VP & CFO-1,808$13.16-2.44%
2/22/2014Lipkin Jeff SSenior VP & CFO-1,337$13.16-1.90%
2/22/2014Frater Stephen GDivision Executive Chairman-862$13.16-1.49%
2/22/2014Frater Stephen GDivision Executive Chairman-2,921$13.16-4.96%
2/22/2014Frater Stephen GDivision Executive Chairman-1,187$13.16-2.20%
2/22/2014BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-806$13.16-0.99%
2/22/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-747$13.16-1.18%
2/22/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-2,132$13.16-3.10%
2/22/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-542$13.16-0.79%
2/22/2014BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-1,281$13.16-1.69%
2/22/2014JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance & CAO-1,220$13.16-12.05%
2/22/2014Potts LarryVP & Chief Compliance Officer-1,379$13.16-1.73%
2/22/2014Potts LarryVP & Chief Compliance Officer-2,074$13.16-2.46%
2/22/2014Potts LarryVP & Chief Compliance Officer-889$13.16-1.05%
2/22/2014HUNTLEY WILLIAM JEVP & Grp Chief Exec of Gaming-2,528$13.16-9.14%
2/22/2014Lipkin Jeff SSenior VP & CFO-2,680$13.16-3.38%
2/22/2014BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-2,076$13.16-2.56%
1/01/2014HUNTLEY WILLIAM JEVP & Grp Chief Exec of Gaming-4,493$16.86-18.27%
1/01/2014Kennedy James CEVP & Grp Chief Exec Lottery-2,864$16.86-4.49%
12/07/2013Sarno John BerardVP - Worldwide Legal Affairs-773$17.59-2.81%
10/26/2013Kennedy David LDirector-101$18.85-0.10%
10/22/2013Sarno John BerardVP - Worldwide Legal Affairs-1,031$18.76-3.86%
10/07/2013Potts LarryVP & Chief Compliance Officer-687$16.92-0.90%
8/29/2013JOHNSON JEFFREY BVP, Finance and CAO-1,251$14.64-15.22%
8/14/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-700$15.05-0.90%
8/14/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-200$15.03-0.26%
8/14/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-300$15.07-0.40%
8/14/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-1,100$15.08-1.46%
8/14/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-300$15.10-0.40%
8/14/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-1,100$15.11-1.49%
8/14/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-200$15.12-0.27%
8/14/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-100$15.15-0.14%
8/14/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-1,000$15.06-1.30%
7/31/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-667$13.53-0.85%
7/01/2013Frater Stephen GDivision Executive Chairman-464$11.14-0.90%
6/10/2013Chambrello Michael R.CEO - Asia Pacific Region-3,298$11.68-1.43%
5/06/2013Kennedy James CDivision President and CMO-1,334$9.03-2.32%
4/01/2013Lipkin Jeff SSr. VP & CFO-2,958$8.77-4.34%
4/01/2013Lipkin Jeff SSr. VP & CFO-944$8.77-1.39%
3/24/2013Sarno John BerardVP - Worldwide Legal Affairs-619$8.88-2.49%
3/23/2013WEIL A LORNEChairman and CEO-8,411$8.88-0.45%
3/22/2013Frater Stephen GDivision Executive Chariman-1,691$8.75-3.22%
3/22/2013HUNTLEY WILLIAM JEVP & CEO, Systems-1,732$8.75-12.53%
3/22/2013BEASON STEVENEnterprise CTO-1,319$8.75-1.70%
3/22/2013Potts LarryVP & CCO-1,457$8.75-1.91%
3/22/2013Sarno John BerardVP - Worldwide Legal Affairs-961$8.75-3.96%
3/22/2013Kennedy David LDirector-5,587$8.75-5.41%
3/22/2013Lipkin Jeff SSr. VP & CFO-1,620$8.75-2.62%
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