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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/23/2013CHRISTMAS GEORGE RDirector5,727$22.7018.41%
5/23/2013CHRISTMAS GEORGE RDirector-1,407$22.70-4.33%
5/23/2013PATTAROZZI RICHARD ADirector-1,407$22.70-5.22%
5/23/2013PATTAROZZI RICHARD ADirector5,727$22.7022.40%
5/23/2013Priestly Kay GDirector5,727$22.7023.12%
5/23/2013Priestly Kay GDirector-1,407$22.70-5.37%
3/11/2013Hurst Kevin GVP - GOM Shelf/Deep Gas-500$21.74-1.35%
3/01/2013Toothman Richard L Jr.Senior VP - Appalachia15,825$20.2188.67%
3/01/2013WELCH DAVID HPresident and CEO155,334$20.2139.00%
3/01/2013ZIEGLER FLORENCE MVP - Human Resources4,968$20.2114.29%
3/01/2013Hurst Kevin GVP - GOM Shelf/Deep Gas13,728$20.2158.79%
3/01/2013Seilhan KeithVice President - Deep Water20,791$20.211,180.64%
3/01/2013Wieg Paul KVP - Expl & Bus Development17,805$20.21149.72%
3/01/2013LOUVIERE ELDON JSenior VP - Land14,592$20.2143.86%
3/01/2013PIERRET J KENTSenior VP, CAO and Treasurer12,397$20.2128.08%
3/01/2013Beer Kenneth HEVP and CFO60,090$20.2141.70%
3/01/2013GATES ANDREW L IIISr. VP, Gen Counsel & Sec.12,397$20.2122.31%
1/19/2013Beer Kenneth HEVP and CFO-3,858$22.10-2.61%
1/19/2013GATES ANDREW L IIISr. VP, Gen Counsel & Sec.-1,253$22.10-2.20%
1/19/2013LOUVIERE ELDON JSenior VP - Land-1,214$22.10-3.52%
1/19/2013PANTALEO JOHN RVP - Gulf of Mexico-846$22.10-3.31%
1/19/2013PIERRET J KENTSenior VP, CAO and Treasurer-1,254$22.10-2.76%
1/19/2013Toothman Richard L Jr.Senior VP - Appalachia-966$22.10-5.13%
1/19/2013WELCH DAVID HPresident and CEO-14,052$22.10-3.41%
1/19/2013Wenzel Jerome F JrEVP- Operations-3,216$22.10-2.69%
1/19/2013ZIEGLER FLORENCE MVP - Human Resources-624$22.10-1.76%
1/15/2013PANTALEO JOHN RVP - Gulf of Mexico-1,775$20.88-6.49%
1/15/2013LOUVIERE ELDON JSenior VP - Land-1,427$20.88-3.97%
1/15/2013GATES ANDREW L IIISr. VP, Gen Counsel & Sec.-1,158$20.88-2.00%
1/15/2013Beer Kenneth HEVP and CFO-4,923$20.88-3.22%
1/15/2013PIERRET J KENTSenior VP, CAO and Treasurer-1,158$20.88-2.49%
1/15/2013Wenzel Jerome F JrEVP- Operations-4,315$20.88-3.48%
1/15/2013WELCH DAVID HPresident and CEO-10,417$20.88-2.46%
1/15/2013ZIEGLER FLORENCE MVP - Human Resources-1,017$20.88-2.79%
1/15/2013Toothman Richard L Jr.Senior VP - Appalachia-1,361$20.88-6.75%
12/28/2012Beer Kenneth HEVP and CFO-700$19.95-0.46%
12/21/2012LABORDE JOHN PDirector-30,048$20.24-54.38%
12/13/2012LOUVIERE ELDON JSenior VP - Land-2,291$20.18-6.00%
9/11/2012Powell Donald EDirector50,000$106.50100.00%
9/01/2012Wenzel Jerome F JrEVP- Operations-2,084$23.38-1.65%
9/01/2012WELCH DAVID HPresident and CEO-10,417$23.38-2.38%
9/01/2012ZIEGLER FLORENCE MVP - Human Resources-834$23.38-2.24%
9/01/2012Beer Kenneth HEVP and CFO-3,125$23.38-1.99%
9/01/2012GATES ANDREW L IIISr. VP, Gen Counsel & Sec.-1,042$23.38-1.77%
9/01/2012Smith Richard LeeEVP - Expl & Business Devel-2,084$23.38-2.05%
9/01/2012PIERRET J KENTSenior VP, CAO and Treasurer-1,042$23.38-2.19%
9/01/2012LOUVIERE ELDON JSenior VP - Land-1,042$23.38-2.66%
7/01/2012PANTALEO JOHN RVP - Gulf of Mexico-209$25.02-0.76%
7/01/2012Toothman Richard L Jr.VP - Appalachia-385$25.02-1.87%
6/29/2012Powell Donald EDirector75,000$103.00100.00%
6/13/2012Powell Donald EDirector20,000$103.00100.00%
5/24/2012CHRISTMAS GEORGE RDirector5,625$23.1120.92%
5/24/2012LABORDE JOHN PDirector5,625$23.1111.33%
5/24/2012Priestly Kay GDirector5,625$23.1127.37%
5/24/2012PATTAROZZI RICHARD ADirector5,625$23.1126.34%
5/24/2012Murley Robert SDirector5,625$23.11269.27%
5/24/2012TAYLOR PHYLLIS M.Director5,625$23.1129.85%
5/24/2012Powell Donald EDirector5,625$23.1125.99%
5/24/2012Powell Donald EDirector17,000$105.55100.00%
5/24/2012KINNEAR PETER DDirector5,625$23.1112.77%
5/24/2012DUPLANTIS BOBBIE JDirector5,625$23.1116.61%
5/18/2012DUPLANTIS BOBBIE JDirector-1,393$22.55-3.95%
5/18/2012PATTAROZZI RICHARD ADirector-995$22.55-4.45%
5/18/2012Priestly Kay GDirector-995$22.55-4.62%
5/18/2012CHRISTMAS GEORGE RDirector-1,393$22.55-4.93%
3/07/2012TAYLOR PHYLLIS M.Director16,700$29.93779.28%
3/01/2012WELCH DAVID HPresident and CEO132,634$32.4243.40%
3/01/2012Beer Kenneth HEVP and CFO40,932$32.4235.35%
3/01/2012GATES ANDREW L IIISr. VP, Gen Counsel & Sec.8,267$32.4216.29%
3/01/2012ZIEGLER FLORENCE MVP - Human Resources7,341$32.4224.55%
3/01/2012Toothman Richard L Jr.VP - Appalachia10,426$32.42102.89%
3/01/2012PANTALEO JOHN RVP - Gulf of Mexico9,809$32.4255.21%
3/01/2012PIERRET J KENTSenior VP, CAO and Treasurer8,267$32.4221.01%
3/01/2012LOUVIERE ELDON JSenior VP - Land10,426$32.4236.18%
3/01/2012Wenzel Jerome F JrEVP- Operations36,212$32.4240.36%
3/01/2012Smith Richard LeeEVP - Expl & Business Devel36,212$32.4255.33%
1/19/2012LOUVIERE ELDON JSenior VP - Land-1,194$27.66-3.98%
1/19/2012Beer Kenneth HEVP and CFO-3,750$27.66-3.14%
1/19/2012PIERRET J KENTSenior VP, CAO and Treasurer-1,193$27.66-2.94%
1/19/2012PANTALEO JOHN RVP - Gulf of Mexico-889$27.66-4.77%
1/19/2012WELCH DAVID HPresident and CEO-10,550$27.66-3.34%
1/19/2012GATES ANDREW L IIISr. VP, Gen Counsel & Sec.-1,192$27.66-2.29%
1/19/2012ZIEGLER FLORENCE MVP - Human Resources-591$27.66-1.94%
1/19/2012Wenzel Jerome F JrEVP- Operations-3,125$27.66-3.37%
1/19/2012Toothman Richard L Jr.VP - Appalachia-991$27.66-8.91%
1/19/2012Smith Richard LeeEVP - Expl & Business Devel-3,125$27.66-4.56%
1/15/2012PANTALEO JOHN RVP - Gulf of Mexico-875$26.00-4.48%
1/15/2012LOUVIERE ELDON JSenior VP - Land-947$26.00-3.06%
1/15/2012GATES ANDREW L IIISr. VP, Gen Counsel & Sec.-947$26.00-1.79%
1/15/2012Beer Kenneth HEVP and CFO-2,343$26.00-1.92%
1/15/2012ZIEGLER FLORENCE MVP - Human Resources-568$26.00-1.83%
1/15/2012Wenzel Jerome F JrEVP- Operations-1,722$26.00-1.82%
1/15/2012WELCH DAVID HPresident and CEO-4,621$26.00-1.46%
1/15/2012Smith Richard LeeEVP - Expl & Business Devel-1,723$26.00-2.45%
1/15/2012PIERRET J KENTSenior VP, CAO and Treasurer-947$26.00-2.28%
9/01/2011Smith Richard LeeEVP-Exploration & Business Dev-2,084$26.12-2.88%
9/01/2011GATES ANDREW L IIISr. VP, Gen Counsel & Sec-1,042$26.12-2.43%
9/01/2011PIERRET J KENTSenior VP, CAO and Treasurer-1,042$26.12-3.31%
9/01/2011WELCH DAVID HPresident and CEO-10,816$26.12-3.30%
9/01/2011LOUVIERE ELDON JSenior VP - Land-1,042$26.12-4.31%
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