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Mar. 27, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
3/02/2015SEIDL JOHN MDirector-3,500$46.78-53.76%
11/19/2014Vogel Herbert SEVP - Operations1,000$50.5518.04%
11/18/2014GARDINER WILLIAM JDirector-9,772$50.84-14.83%
11/18/2014GARDINER WILLIAM JDirector9,772$20.8717.41%
11/14/2014Copeland David WEVP, GC & Corp. Sec.5,000$51.5410.09%
11/13/2014PERU RAMIRO GDirector1,000$51.0617.39%
11/13/2014PERU RAMIRO GDirector4,000$51.50228.31%
8/01/2014SEIDL JOHN MDirector-2,020$77.77-23.68%
7/16/2014Leyendecker Gregory TSr. VP & Regional Manager-1,933$78.13-4.32%
7/02/2014Solomon Mark TVP, Controller & Asst. Sec.-388$84.35-4.38%
7/02/2014Zubieta Dennis A.VP-Engineering, Eval & A&D-435$84.35-0.90%
7/02/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-277$84.35-1.10%
7/02/2014MUELLER MARK DSr. VP & Regional Manager-736$84.35-1.59%
7/02/2014Newton Lehman E IIISr. VP & Regional Manager-605$84.35-1.22%
7/02/2014Whitcomb David J.VP-Marketing-435$84.35-1.08%
7/02/2014Ottoson Javan DPresident & COO-3,156$84.35-2.99%
7/02/2014PURSELL A WADEEVP & CFO-2,537$84.35-3.48%
7/02/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-357$84.35-1.45%
7/02/2014Knott Kenneth J.VP- Land & Asst. Secretary-426$84.35-1.15%
7/02/2014Leyendecker Gregory TSr. VP & Regional Manager-605$84.35-1.34%
7/02/2014Copeland David WEVP, GC & Corp. Sec.-698$84.35-1.39%
7/02/2014BEST ANTHONY JAMESChief Executive Officer-7,886$84.35-3.70%
7/01/2014MUELLER MARK DSr. VP & Regional Manager-209$84.10-0.47%
7/01/2014PURSELL A WADEEVP & CFO-875$84.10-1.28%
7/01/2014Copeland David WEVP, GC & Corp. Sec.-299$84.10-0.63%
7/01/2014Ottoson Javan DPresident & COO-813$84.10-0.84%
7/01/2014Copeland David WEVP, GC & Corp. Sec.-267$84.10-0.55%
7/01/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-124$84.10-0.55%
7/01/2014Leyendecker Gregory TSr. VP & Regional Manager-209$84.10-0.49%
7/01/2014Newton Lehman E IIISr. VP & Regional Manager-209$84.10-0.44%
7/01/2014Leyendecker Gregory TSr. VP & Regional Manager-181$84.10-0.42%
7/01/2014PURSELL A WADEEVP & CFO-706$84.10-1.05%
7/01/2014BEST ANTHONY JAMESChief Executive Officer-2,395$84.10-1.21%
7/01/2014Ottoson Javan DPresident & COO-1,165$84.10-1.16%
7/01/2014PURSELL A WADEEVP & CFO-604$84.10-0.92%
7/01/2014Newton Lehman E IIISr. VP & Regional Manager-210$84.10-0.45%
7/01/2014Knott Kenneth J.VP- Land & Asst. Secretary-149$84.10-0.42%
7/01/2014Whitcomb David J.VP-Marketing-151$84.10-0.39%
7/01/2014Newton Lehman E IIISr. VP & Regional Manager-171$84.10-0.36%
7/01/2014Zubieta Dennis A.VP-Engineering, Eval & A&D-152$84.10-0.32%
7/01/2014Knott Kenneth J.VP- Land & Asst. Secretary-148$84.10-0.43%
7/01/2014Leyendecker Gregory TSr. VP & Regional Manager-210$84.10-0.50%
7/01/2014Zubieta Dennis A.VP-Engineering, Eval & A&D-125$84.10-0.27%
7/01/2014Knott Kenneth J.VP- Land & Asst. Secretary-122$84.10-0.34%
7/01/2014Whitcomb David J.VP-Marketing-152$84.10-0.39%
7/01/2014Solomon Mark TVP, Controller & Asst. Sec.-136$84.10-1.81%
7/01/2014Whitcomb David J.VP-Marketing-129$84.10-0.33%
7/01/2014Solomon Mark TVP, Controller & Asst. Sec.-134$84.10-1.86%
7/01/2014Zubieta Dennis A.VP-Engineering, Eval & A&D-151$84.10-0.33%
7/01/2014MUELLER MARK DSr. VP & Regional Manager-255$84.10-0.58%
7/01/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-97$84.10-0.42%
7/01/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-122$84.10-0.53%
7/01/2014Ottoson Javan DPresident & COO-1,265$84.10-1.28%
7/01/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-91$84.10-0.39%
7/01/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-159$84.10-0.68%
7/01/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-96$84.10-0.42%
7/01/2014BEST ANTHONY JAMESChief Executive Officer-2,767$84.10-1.41%
7/01/2014BEST ANTHONY JAMESChief Executive Officer-2,735$84.10-1.42%
7/01/2014Copeland David WEVP, GC & Corp. Sec.-242$84.10-0.51%
7/01/2014Solomon Mark TVP, Controller & Asst. Sec.-125$84.10-1.61%
6/30/2014Ottoson Javan DPresident & COO172$70.640.18%
6/30/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager201$70.640.92%
6/30/2014Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager200$70.640.92%
6/30/2014Vogel Herbert SSr VP Portf Dev & Tech Servs102$70.643.27%
6/30/2014MUELLER MARK DSr. VP & Regional Manager300$70.640.71%
6/30/2014PURSELL A WADEEVP & CFO300$70.640.47%
6/30/2014Leyendecker Gregory TSr. VP & Regional Manager214$70.640.52%
6/30/2014Solomon Mark TVP, Controller & Asst. Sec.164$70.642.47%
6/30/2014Knott Kenneth J.VP- Land & Asst. Secretary239$70.640.70%
6/30/2014Newton Lehman E IIISr. VP & Regional Manager300$70.640.66%
6/30/2014BEST ANTHONY JAMESChief Executive Officer300$70.640.16%
6/30/2014Zubieta Dennis A.VP-Engineering, Eval & A&D294$70.640.64%
6/30/2014Copeland David WEVP, GC & Corp. Sec.300$70.640.65%
6/30/2014Whitcomb David J.VP-Marketing278$70.640.74%
5/21/2014SULLIVAN WILLIAM DDirector4,551$78.0311.89%
5/21/2014LEIKER LOREN MDirector3,461$78.0345.32%
5/21/2014Brand Stephen RDirector2,307$78.0328.11%
5/21/2014GARDINER WILLIAM JDirector3,461$78.036.57%
5/21/2014BICKLE LARRY WDirector3,461$78.032.64%
5/21/2014Quintana Julio MDirector3,461$78.0324.10%
5/21/2014SEIDL JOHN MDirector2,307$78.0337.07%
5/21/2014SULLIVAN WILLIAM DDirector4,423$78.0311.56%
5/02/2014SEIDL JOHN MDirector-784$75.33-11.19%
2/25/2014Vogel Herbert SSr VP Portf Dev & Tech Servs1,000$71.5047.21%
2/21/2014Copeland David WExec. VP and General Counsel3,500$72.138.22%
2/21/2014Ottoson Javan DPresident & COO1,000$71.941.07%
1/02/2014Knott Kenneth J.VP- Land & Asst. Secretary-883$83.48-2.53%
12/31/2013Knott Kenneth J.VP- Land & Asst. Secretary102$51.520.29%
12/03/2013Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-2,606$90.62-10.87%
12/03/2013Lutey Mary EllenVP & Regional Manager-4,688$90.65-16.35%
12/02/2013Quintana Julio MDirector-100$88.62-0.54%
12/02/2013Quintana Julio MDirector-3,118$88.64-16.85%
11/26/2013SULLIVAN WILLIAM DDirector-15,000$91.90-25.16%
11/25/2013Quintana Julio MDirector-15,017$88.69-44.67%
11/21/2013SEIDL JOHN MDirector-2,286$90.00-24.60%
11/15/2013MUELLER MARK DSr. VP & Regional Manager-5,658$91.67-11.78%
11/04/2013MUELLER MARK DSr. VP & Regional Manager-5,009$90.12-9.44%
10/14/2013Knott Kenneth J.VP- Land & Ass Sec-1,523$80.80-4.19%
8/12/2013GARDINER WILLIAM JDirector11,428$14.2521.70%
8/12/2013GARDINER WILLIAM JDirector-11,428$67.95-17.83%
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