SNY : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Sanofi, ImmuNext Sign $500M Autoimmune Drug Pact

    January 13, 2017
    Sanofi and ImmuNext signed a drug development deal worth up to $500 million.
  2. Regeneron, Sanofi's Drug Manufacturing Plant Cleared

    January 12, 2017
    Sanofi and Regeneron said they've fixed defects at a drug manufacturing plant in France.
  3. Regeneron, Sanofi Cholesterol Drug Gets Blocked

    January 6, 2017
    A US court barred Regeneron and Sanofi from selling their cholesterol drug due to patient issues.
  4. Amgen Keeps Cholesterol Drug Patent Vs Regeneron

    January 4, 2017
    A judge rejected an appeal by Regeneron and Sanofi to overturn Amgen's cholesterol-drug patent.
  5. EU Regulators Will Review Regeneron's Eczema Drug

    December 8, 2016
    Regeneron and Sanofi’s eczema drug makes progress toward being marketed in Europe.
  6. Drugs Delayed By Regeneron, Sanofi Plant (REGN, SNY)

    December 1, 2016
    Two potential blockbuster drugs being developed by Regeneron and Sanofi may be delayed by deficiencies at Sanofi's manufacturing ...
  7. Merck Bumps Its Dividend Higher

    November 23, 2016
    Big pharmaceutical firm Merck (NYSE: MRK) is adding a dollop of change to its dividend. The company announced that it will ...
  8. Sanofi Diabetes Drug Soliqua Approved by FDA (SNY)

    November 22, 2016
    Soliqua approval will help the company make up for lost revenues from its expiring Lantus drug patent.
  9. Regeneron Sarilumab Drug Tops Humira (REGN, SNY)

    November 21, 2016
    Regeneron and Sanofi said their rheumatoid arthritis drug sarilumab outperformed Humira in a recent late-stage study.
  10. These Drugs Led Medicare Spending (GILD, SNY)

    November 15, 2016
    Gilead's hepatitis C drug Harvoni accounted for $7 billion in total spending by Medicare in 2015.
  11. Sanofi Gets Hosed on MannKind Deal (SNY, MNKD)

    November 11, 2016
    Sanofi will take a $100 million hit after settling a botched deal to market MannKind's Afrezza inhalable insulin.
  12. Half of Clinical Results Not Published (SNY, NVS)

    November 5, 2016
    Almost of all clinical trials are never published, and this hurts patients by withholding drug information.
  13. Bernie Sanders Seeks DOJ Drug Probe (LLY, SNY)

    November 5, 2016
    Senator Bernie Sanders is asking the DOJ and the FTC to investigate insulin drug makers for alleged price fixing.
  14. Pricey Cholesterol Drugs Lose Favor (AMGN, REGN)

    October 31, 2016
    Expensive new cholesterol drugs haven't been selling well, and that's worrying some major drug companies.
  15. Regeneron, Sanofi Drug Hits FDA Snag (REGN, SNY)

    October 30, 2016
    The FDA delayed approval of a competitor drug to Humira being developed by Regeneron and Sanofi due to manufacturing deficiencies.
  16. Regeneron, Sanofi Report Drug Results (REGN, SNY)

    October 3, 2016
    Positive results from a Phase III study of the high-cost drug add to high-revenue prospects for Regeneron in the future.
  17. MNKD: How MannKind's Stock Price Fell 28% in 6 Months

    September 16, 2016
    MannKind's stock price declined nearly 30% in the past six months, as of August 2016. Many traders are betting that the company ...
  18. Zika Virus Vaccine Overturns Pharma Industry Playbook (GSK, SNY, ...

    August 28, 2016
    Big pharma has the funds and expertise necessary to develop a vaccine, but seems reluctant to.
  19. Sanofi Agrees to $25.1B Asset Swap (SNY)

    June 28, 2016
    Sanofi's $25.1 billion asset swap deal will get its non-prescription drug operations, while Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH will ...
  20. Dodge & Cox International Top 5 Holdings Analysis (DODFX)

    May 8, 2016
    Discover the five largest holdings within the Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund along with key performance metrics for ...
  21. Hulu Takes Aim at DISH and Sony in Live Streaming

    May 3, 2016
    Even though the number of people signing up for DISH Network's Sling TV streaming live-television service has so far been ...
  22. FEZ: An ETF Performance Case Study

    May 3, 2016
    Explore the performance of the the SPDR Euro STOXX 50 ETF since 2012, and learn the seasonal trading patterns that drive ...
  23. DODFX: Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund Performance Case ...

    April 29, 2016
    Explore the performance of the Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund since 2012, including its buying and selling patterns, ...
  24. FEZ vs. IEV: Comparing Europe ETFs

    April 26, 2016
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  25. Europe Equity ETFs to Date 2016 Performance Review (EWN, DFE)

    April 25, 2016
    Discover how Europe exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are performing year-to-date in 2016, and learn which are the best and worst ...
  26. The 3 Largest Europe ETFs (HEDJ, VGK)

    April 7, 2016
    Discover the range of investing strategies offered by the three largest Europe equity ETFs, including currency hedging and ...
  27. Stocks With Turnaround Potential (SNY, ANTM)

    March 30, 2016
    These beaten down stocks are showing signs of a turnaround, and in some cases have already reversed to the upside.
  28. (EZU) iShares Eurozone ETF: Top 5 Holdings

    March 15, 2016
    Learn about the iShares MSCI Eurozone ETF and its top five holdings, which include Anheuser Busch Inbev SA, Sanofi SA, Bayer ...
  29. The Top 10 Healthcare Stocks for 2016 (ABT, AGN)

    January 6, 2016
    Learn about the top 10 health care stocks expected to grow in 2016, with brief insights into each company's growth potential ...
  30. The World's Top 10 Biotechnology Companies (JNJ, ROG.VX)

    December 22, 2015
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  31. Make Room for Exelixis in Your Portfolio

    August 12, 2015
    Discover information and analysis on the biopharmaceutical company, Exelixis, and learn what makes it a good stock to consider ...
  32. Analysts Battle Over MannKind -- but Who's Right? (MNKD, SNY)

    July 1, 2015
    Source: YCharts. The past two months have brought about some very turbulent times for MannKind (NASDAQ: MNKD) shareholders. ...
  33. 5 Things MannKind's Management Wants You to Know (MNKD, SNY)

    May 15, 2015
    MannKind (NASDAQ: MNKD) has always believed that it is on a mission to revolutionize patient treatment. While that might ...
  34. Trade Europe and a Strong USD with this ETF

    April 10, 2015
    With ETFs is't now possible to construct a portfolio of European equities and simultaneously hedge the currency risk.
  35. Inverse Head and Shoulders Patterns Breaking Out

    April 9, 2015
    Watch for higher prices if these stocks complete inverse head and shoulders patterns (a bottoming pattern).
  36. What are examples of major companies in the drugs sector?

    April 1, 2015
    Identify the major players in the drugs sector, which include many established pharmaceutical companies that have delved ...
  37. It's No Accident That Drugs Are Expensive

    August 30, 2013
    Branded drugs are expensive in large part because it's expensive and risky to develop them
  38. Novo Nordisk Getting Its Trial By Fire

    August 8, 2013
    Novo Nordisk is facing more challenges than it has in a while, but the growth remains strong.
  39. Taking The Contrarian Approach With European Equities

    July 2, 2013
    Investors continue to shun European equities due to the regions debt issues and economic problems. However, that’s a real ...
  40. Investing For The Global Diabetes Epidemic

    May 31, 2013
    Sadly, diabetes is quickly becoming a global epidemic. Within these grim statistics, investors can find opportunities with ...
  41. 2011's Biggest Mergers and Acquisitions

    December 30, 2011
    M&A activity rebounded in a big way in 2011. Here's a look back at the biggest mergers and acquisitions during the year. ...
  42. Novo Nordisk Still One Of The Best Around

    May 3, 2011
    Novo Nordisk is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world - and it's priced accordingly.
  43. Has Ingenico Done VeriFone A Favor?

    December 23, 2010
    By rebuffing Danaher, Ingencio may be helping VeriFone.
  44. The 5 Most Important Drugs In America

    July 28, 2009
    A look at the top-selling drugs finds that a few that make more of a difference to the company's bottom line than others. ...
  45. Are the Pros Buying? Is it Important?

    June 22, 2009
    Institutional investment numbers are not always indicative of a stock’s profit potential.