SO : Analysis & Opinions

  1. The Best Stocks to Own in December (UL, SO)

    November 30, 2016
    See four of the best performing stocks in December over the last 26 years.
  2. Southern Co Increases Earnings in 3Q16 (SO)

    October 31, 2016
    Southern Co. (SO) boosted its earnings in the third quarter of 2016.
  3. Southern Co, Bloom Energy Announce Alliance (SO)

    October 26, 2016
    Southern Co. (SO) and Bloom Energy have announced they will work together to deliver distributed power generation and smart ...
  4. Southern Co Eyes Solar Projects in California (SO)

    September 27, 2016
    Southern Co has established the 200-megawatt (MW) Tranquility Solar Facility in California.
  5. Top 3 Nuclear Stocks of 2016 (EXC, CCJ)

    September 13, 2016
    Nuclear power may be seeing a resurgence in 2016 and beyond, and there are three top nuclear stocks for investors to watch ...
  6. Southern to Use Drones to Review Storm Damage (SO)

    September 12, 2016
    Gas and electric utility company said this may help it reduce costs and improve service.
  7. These Stocks Are Strong September Performers

    August 31, 2016
    These stocks tend to perform well in September, rallying more than 73% of the time over the last 26 years.
  8. Southern Co. to Float Secondary Share Issue

    August 17, 2016
    A pile of new stock issued by utility Southern Co. (NYSE: SO) will soon hit the market. The company is floating 32.5 million ...
  9. Southern Buys 50% Stake in Kinder Morgan Pipeline

    July 11, 2016
    Acquisitive utility conglomerate Southern Co. (NYSE: SO) has inked a fresh, large-scale asset buy. It reached agreement ...
  10. Alliant Energy Graduates to the S&P 500

    July 1, 2016
    The benchmark S&P 500 index just got a jolt of energy. The index's operator S&P Global announced that Wisconsin-based ...
  11. The 4 Largest Utilities ETFs (XLU, VPU)

    April 17, 2016
    Learn about the utilities sector, and discover the top four exchange-traded funds that can be used to gain investment exposure ...
  12. (IDU) iShares U.S. Utilities SPDR ETF: Top 5 Holdings

    March 24, 2016
    Discover the top five utility stocks in the iShares U.S. Utilities ETF, and learn how they can help your portfolio during ...
  13. (VPU) Vanguard Utilities ETF: Top 5 Holdings

    March 19, 2016
    Identify the five largest holdings in the Vanguard Utilities exchange-traded fund (ETF), and evaluate each company's performance ...
  14. Utilities ETF Crushes the Rest in 2016 (XLU)

    February 19, 2016
    Year-to-date, utilities have crushed other sectors, with the Utilities Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLU) reversing the sign on ...
  15. 5 Stocks Retirees Should Consider in 2016

    January 29, 2016
    This isn't an easy investment environment for retirees, but there are still opportunities. Here are five resilient stocks ...
  16. Southern Makes a $12 Billion Acquisition (GAS, SO)

    August 27, 2015
    Southern (NYSE: SO) has added a big new asset to its portfolio, reaching a definitive agreement to acquire natural gas utility ...
  17. Stocks and ETFs for a Teetering Stock Market (UUP, GIS)

    June 17, 2015
    Here's what investors should do when the stock market is teetering.
  18. Feeling Risk-Averse? Consider These Investments

    May 8, 2015
    These investments offer risk-averse investors resiliency to bear markets while paying sustainable dividends or interest. ...
  19. A Multi-Asset Income ETF For Defensive Investors

    November 14, 2014
    In light of market volatility and worries that stocks are overbought, one product worth noting is the Guggenheim Multi-Asset ...
  20. How To Build A Portfolio Of Infrastructure Investments

    May 14, 2014
    As many have said, demographics are destiny. Accordingly, investors seeking stability and income should put infrastructure ...
  21. Slow And Steady ETFs Outperforming

    January 3, 2012
    Low volatility ETFs lead the way in 2011.
  22. The Biggest Nuclear Operators In The United States

    March 28, 2011
    These are the companies with the most to lose if the U.S. turns off nuclear power.