Silver Spring Networks Inc $10.29

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27/8/2014 11:00 AM  |  NYSE : SSNI  
Industries : Computer Hardware / Computer Based Systems

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/19/2014Reeves Donald L. IIIEVP, Smart Grid Svcs. & Oper.-788$10.29-4.94%
8/15/2014Arnold Richard S. Jr.General Counsel & Secretary-238$10.15-3.80%
8/11/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-59$9.80-0.38%
8/11/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-327$9.80-1.01%
8/11/2014Reeves Donald L. IIIEVP, Smart Grid Svcs. & Oper.-74$9.80-0.49%
8/11/2014Vaswani RajChief Technology Officer-59$9.80-0.01%
5/21/2014Reeves Donald L. IIIEVP, Smart Grid Svcs. & Oper.-121$11.47-0.80%
5/20/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-98$11.31-0.63%
5/19/2014Vaswani RajChief Technology Officer-98$11.13-0.02%
5/19/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-155$11.17-0.49%
5/19/2014MCNEILL CORBIN A JRDirector10,000$1.10100.00%
5/15/2014Arnold Richard S. Jr.General Counsel & Secretary-929$10.95-16.11%
5/12/2014Vaswani RajChief Technology Officer-59$10.97-0.01%
5/12/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-79$10.97-0.25%
5/12/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-327$10.97-1.02%
5/12/2014Kalinowski Carrie J.VP, Finance & Corp. Controller-30$10.97-0.23%
5/12/2014JOYCE JOHN RVice Chairman-83$10.97-0.13%
5/12/2014Gadre Anil PEVP, Products and Marketing-71$10.97-0.52%
5/12/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-59$10.97-0.38%
5/12/2014Cappellanti-Wolf Amy L.Chief Human Resources Officer-59$10.97-0.55%
5/12/2014Reeves Donald L. IIIEVP, Smart Grid Svcs. & Oper.-74$10.97-0.49%
4/01/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO1,050$1.103.66%
4/01/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-1,050$17.11-3.53%
4/01/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-12,333$17.12-9.97%
4/01/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-1,531$17.11-7.09%
3/31/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director500$3.602.66%
3/31/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director-500$17.51-2.60%
3/27/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director500$3.602.66%
3/27/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director-500$17.00-2.60%
3/17/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director500$3.602.66%
3/17/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director-500$17.27-2.60%
3/17/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-8,700$17.18-23.26%
3/14/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-18,100$17.04-32.61%
3/14/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-10,400$17.03-41.33%
3/13/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-8,326$17.11-24.86%
3/13/2014Reeves Donald L. IIIEVP, Smart Grid Svcs. & Oper.-8,633$17.11-37.42%
3/13/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-6,603$17.15-17.54%
3/13/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-8,322$17.11-13.04%
3/12/2014Kalinowski Carrie J.VP, Finance & Corp. Controller-4,664$16.70-27.41%
3/12/2014Cappellanti-Wolf Amy L.Chief Human Resources Officer-3,906$16.70-28.50%
3/12/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-11,274$16.70-25.19%
3/12/2014Gadre Anil PEVP, Products and Marketing-7,662$16.70-37.89%
3/12/2014JOYCE JOHN RVice Chairman-8,309$16.70-11.71%
3/12/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-21,078$16.70-24.83%
3/12/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-3,397$16.70-8.27%
3/12/2014Reeves Donald L. IIIEVP, Smart Grid Svcs. & Oper.-5,367$16.70-18.87%
3/12/2014Vaswani RajChief Technology Officer-12,346$16.70-2.41%
3/11/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-1,577$16.70-9.65%
3/10/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director500$3.602.66%
3/10/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director-500$17.00-2.60%
3/10/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-1,000$16.87-4.43%
3/05/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales750$0.102.42%
3/05/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-750$16.59-2.36%
3/04/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-3,475$17.01-2.73%
3/03/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-8,859$17.06-6.51%
3/03/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-1,531$17.28-6.35%
3/03/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director500$3.602.66%
3/03/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director-500$17.28-2.60%
2/26/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales750$0.102.42%
2/26/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-750$18.05-2.36%
2/24/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director500$3.602.66%
2/24/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director-500$17.65-2.60%
2/18/2014Vaswani RajChief Technology Officer-87$17.60-0.02%
2/18/2014Reeves Donald L. IIIEVP, Smart Grid Svcs. & Oper.-109$17.60-0.75%
2/18/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales2,250$0.107.21%
2/18/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-2,393$17.72-7.15%
2/18/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO1,050$1.103.61%
2/18/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-1,400$17.60-4.65%
2/18/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-12,334$17.73-8.31%
2/18/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-1,674$17.75-10.18%
2/18/2014Kalinowski Carrie J.VP, Finance & Corp. Controller-1,000$17.75-16.63%
2/18/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director-2,000$17.74-9.63%
2/18/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director2,000$3.6010.66%
2/18/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-2,532$17.60-9.50%
2/10/2014Vaswani RajChief Technology Officer-69$15.99-0.01%
2/10/2014Reeves Donald L. IIIEVP, Smart Grid Svcs. & Oper.-87$15.99-0.64%
2/10/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-91$15.99-0.30%
2/10/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-275$15.99-0.97%
2/10/2014Kalinowski Carrie J.VP, Finance & Corp. Controller-35$15.99-0.69%
2/10/2014JOYCE JOHN RVice Chairman-91$15.99-0.20%
2/10/2014Gadre Anil PEVP, Products and Marketing-83$15.99-27.39%
2/10/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-59$15.99-0.38%
2/10/2014Cappellanti-Wolf Amy L.Chief Human Resources Officer-69$15.99-2.49%
2/03/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-923$17.05-5.68%
2/03/2014Kalinowski Carrie J.VP, Finance & Corp. Controller-110$17.05-2.16%
1/22/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-3,635$17.00-20.89%
1/22/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales750$0.102.49%
1/22/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-750$17.18-2.43%
1/21/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-1,000$17.67-3.62%
1/21/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-750$17.55-2.43%
1/21/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales750$0.102.49%
1/21/2014Lang Scott A.Chairman, President & CEO-1,000$17.65-3.62%
1/21/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director1,000$3.605.33%
1/21/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director-1,000$17.62-5.06%
1/15/2014Dresselhuys Eric P.EVP, Global Development-2,615$22.70-13.07%
1/08/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales1,250$0.104.15%
1/08/2014Middleton Daniel J.EVP, US & AUS/NZL Sales-1,250$21.05-3.99%
1/07/2014Gadre Anil PEVP, Products and Marketing-1,315$21.35-91.89%
1/06/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director500$3.602.66%
1/06/2014Kuhn Thomas R.Director-500$20.90-2.60%
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