SYT : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Mega Deals: Why the Outlook Is Uncertain

    January 2, 2017
    The global M&A landscape could change in 2017 as new policies could hinder deal making.
  2. Who are Monsanto's main competitors?

    December 13, 2016
    Learn about Monsanto Company's two main operating divisions and its main competitors within each sector, including The Mosaic ...
  3. ChemChina Sets Up $5B Fund for Syngenta Deal (SYT)

    December 2, 2016
    Despite opposition from antitrust regulators, ChemChina continues to proceed as if its $44 billion acquisition of Syngenta ...
  4. US Panel Opposes China Firms Buying US Companies (SYT)

    November 17, 2016
    With both U.S. lawmakers and European officials seemingly against the deal, Syngenta and ChemChina should be prepared to ...
  5. EU Regulators Delay Multiple Agrochemicals Mergers (SYT, DOW)

    October 27, 2016
    Several agrochemical mergers face delays into 2017 as the EU closely scrutinizes their potential impacts on consumers and ...
  6. Syngenta, ChemChina Ready to Appease EU for M&A Deal (SYT)

    October 17, 2016
    Syngenta shares declined last week on fears that its $44 billion acquisition by ChemChina might not garner regulatory approval. ...
  7. Syngenta, ChemChina M&A Locked in Bridge Financing (SYT)

    October 11, 2016
    Shares of Syngenta ended in negative territory Monday on news that its $44 billion acquisition by China National Chemical ...
  8. Class Action Lawsuits Filed Against Syngenta Over GMO Corn (SYT)

    September 29, 2016
    A U.S. district court judge ruled that the numerous lawsuits brought against Syngenta by U.S. farmers merits class action ...
  9. Top 5 Pesticide Companies in the World (SYT, DOW)

    August 25, 2016
    Discover the top pesticide companies in the world and explore the merger and acquisition activity that may concentrate food ...
  10. ChemChina Bid for Syngenta Wins Key U.S. Approval

    August 22, 2016
    The potentially record-setting acquisition of Switzerland-based agribusiness major Syngenta (NYSE: SYT) by China National ...
  11. Syngenta Stock Rises After ChemChina Deal Is Given the Green ...

    August 21, 2016
    ChemChina will be acquiring the Swiss pesticide and seeds manufacturer for $43 billion. The companies expect the deal to ...
  12. 3 ETFs to Hedge Against the Food Shortage Risk

    May 24, 2016
    Learn about a possible global food shortage. Discover three exchange-traded funds that can be used to gain exposure to this ...
  13. Bayer Takes the Wraps Off Its Bid for Monsanto

    May 23, 2016
    A potential blockbuster merger in the agribusiness sector now has a price tag. Several days after Bayer and Monsanto (NYSE: ...
  14. Monsanto: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

    May 19, 2016
    Agribusiness giant Monsanto (NYSE: MON) might very well be acquired in the near future. Germany-based chemical and pharmaceutical ...
  15. Whole Foods Shows What World Without Bees Is Like

    April 15, 2016
    They're an annoyance to some, but the crucial role bees play in our food chain was made graphically clear by Whole Foods ...
  16. Security Concerns Nix Chinese Semiconductor Bid

    February 17, 2016
    San Jose-based Fairchild Semiconductor International Inc. rejected a $2.46 billion takeover bid from Chinese state-backed ...
  17. Monsanto Seeks Growth in New Kind of GMO Corn

    October 28, 2015
    Although there are still more regulatory hurdles to get over, Monsanto (NYSE: MON) has won key approval from the U.S. Agriculture ...
  18. Syngenta CEO Quits, Monsanto to Renew Buyout Bid?

    October 21, 2015
    Europe-based agribusiness major Syngenta (NYSE: SYT) will soon have a new CEO. The transition begs the question of whether ...
  19. Syngenta May Seek Tie-Up After Monsanto Withdrawal

    September 1, 2015
    Following last week's retreat by tenacious would-be acquirer Monsanto (NYSE: MON), Syngenta (NYSE: SYT) chairman Michel ...
  20. Monsanto Ends Pursuit of Syngenta

    August 28, 2015
    The long courtship is over, and it won't end in marriage. Monsanto (NYSE: MON) has officially dropped its bid for Switzerland-based ...
  21. U.S. Rivers Fouled With Bee, Bird Killing Neonics (BAYRY, DOW)

    August 25, 2015
    The U.S. Geological Survey says chemicals made by industry giants like Bayer (NASDAQOTH: BAYRY) and Syngenta (NYSE: SYT) ...
  22. BASF Secures Financing for Syngenta Bid (MON, SYT)

    August 6, 2015
    There is apparently a new player in the ongoing Monsanto (NYSE: MON) takeover play for Syngenta (NYSE: SYT). According to ...
  23. The Top 3 ETFs For Investing in Grains (JJG, GRU)

    August 3, 2015
    Learn about how investors can use exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) to obtain exposure to potential ...
  24. Monsanto Says Syngenta Earnings Prove Its Point

    July 30, 2015
    Swiss biotech Syngenta (NYSE: SYT) reported first half 2015 results on last week, showing that even though it beat analyst ...
  25. CF Industries Continues Its Shopping Spree

    July 22, 2015
    Just weeks after acquiring U.K.-based nitrogen producer GrowHow, fertilizer producer CF Industries (NYSE: CF) is looking ...
  26. Hedge Fund Backs Monsanto Bid for Syngenta

    July 15, 2015
    Billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson is reportedly building a significant stake in Swiss biotech Syngenta (NYSE: ...
  27. Is This ETF the Best Way to Trade Corn?

    November 27, 2014
    With corn down some 60% since its 2012 high, a recent bounce higher was welcome. But several key resistance levels are suggesting ...
  28. The Commodities “Super-Cycle” Is Still Well At Hand

    September 30, 2013
    After a decade of torrid growth, the natural resources sector has taken a bit of a break during the last year. This has given ...
  29. Why Is Monsanto Evil, But DuPont Isn't?

    June 19, 2013
    Monsanto is perhaps the most-hated company, but competitors like DuPont behave in very similar ways
  30. Choosing An Agriculture ETF

    April 6, 2012
    Each of three ag-related ETFs offers exposure to specific areas the others do not.
  31. It's Time To Invest In Switzerland

    October 19, 2011
    Swiss stocks may offer a more conservative hiding place.
  32. The Upcoming Wheat Crisis

    July 2, 2009
    The U99 Fungus is playing havoc on wheat crops in Africa. If it spreads, there could be a real problem.
  33. Taking a Closer Look at Chemical Companies

    December 6, 2005
    The chemical sector may be painted with an outdated brush there might be a lot more opportunity here than many investors ...