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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
12/30/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.284$30.240.63%
12/30/2011MILLER FORREST EGrp.Pres.-Corp. Strat. & Dev.276$30.240.48%
12/30/2011COUGHLIN CATHERINE MSr.EVP & Global Mktg. Officer198$30.240.49%
12/30/2011STEPHENSON RANDALL LChairman, CEO and President1,743$30.241.04%
11/30/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.297$28.980.66%
11/30/2011WILKINS RAYFORD JRCEO-AT&T Diversified Bus.768$28.982.62%
11/30/2011WATTS DONALD WSr. Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel492$28.981.90%
11/30/2011COUGHLIN CATHERINE MSr.EVP & Global Mktg. Officer207$28.980.51%
11/30/2011MILLER FORREST EGrp.Pres.-Corp. Strat. & Dev.288$28.980.50%
11/30/2011STEPHENS JOHN JOSEPHSr. Exec. VP and CFO763$28.982.17%
11/30/2011DE LA VEGA RAFAELPres. & CEO-AT&T Mobility297$28.980.75%
11/30/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources792$28.982.85%
11/30/2011STEPHENSON RANDALL LChairman, CEO and President1,818$28.981.09%
10/31/2011STEPHENS JOHN JOSEPHSr. Exec. VP and CFO1,252$29.313.69%
10/31/2011WATTS DONALD WSr. Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel854$29.313.40%
10/31/2011WILKINS RAYFORD JRCEO-AT&T Diversified Bus.1,172$29.314.16%
10/31/2011STEPHENSON RANDALL LChairman, CEO and President4,173$29.312.58%
10/31/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.941$29.312.13%
10/31/2011MILLER FORREST EGrp.Pres.-Corp. Strat. & Dev.1,115$29.311.97%
10/31/2011DE LA VEGA RAFAELPres. & CEO-AT&T Mobility863$29.312.22%
10/31/2011COUGHLIN CATHERINE MSr.EVP & Global Mktg. Officer786$29.311.99%
10/31/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources1,173$29.314.41%
9/30/2011WATTS DONALD WSr. Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel500$28.522.03%
9/30/2011WILKINS RAYFORD JRCEO-AT&T Diversified Bus.780$28.522.85%
8/31/2011STEPHENS JOHN JOSEPHSr. Exec. VP and CFO763$28.482.35%
8/31/2011WILKINS RAYFORD JRCEO-AT&T Diversified Bus.781$28.482.94%
8/31/2011WATTS DONALD WSr. Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel500$28.482.08%
8/31/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.302$28.480.69%
8/31/2011MILLER FORREST EGrp.Pres.-Corp. Strat. & Dev.293$28.480.52%
8/31/2011DE LA VEGA RAFAELPres. & CEO-AT&T Mobility302$28.480.79%
8/31/2011COUGHLIN CATHERINE MSr.EVP & Global Mktg. Officer211$28.480.54%
8/31/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources754$28.483.01%
8/31/2011STEPHENSON RANDALL LChairman, CEO and President1,850$28.481.17%
8/01/2011STEPHENS JOHN JOSEPHSr. Exec. VP and CFO-15,724$29.52-9.64%
7/29/2011WILKINS RAYFORD JRCEO-AT&T Diversified Bus.1,134$29.264.45%
7/29/2011WATTS DONALD WSr. Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel826$29.263.55%
7/29/2011STEPHENS JOHN JOSEPHSr. Exec. VP and CFO1,152$29.263.68%
7/29/2011STEPHENSON RANDALL LChairman, CEO and President4,063$29.262.64%
7/29/2011MILLER FORREST EGrp.Pres.-Corp. Strat. & Dev.1,067$29.261.94%
7/29/2011DE LA VEGA RAFAELPres. & CEO-AT&T Mobility843$29.262.26%
7/29/2011COUGHLIN CATHERINE MSr.EVP & Global Mktg. Officer768$29.262.00%
7/29/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources1,084$29.264.53%
7/29/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.921$29.262.16%
6/30/2011COUGHLIN CATHERINE MSr.EVP & Global Mktg. Officer167$31.410.44%
6/30/2011DE LA VEGA RAFAELPres. & CEO-AT&T Mobility274$31.410.74%
6/30/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.274$31.410.65%
6/30/2011WILKINS RAYFORD JRCEO-AT&T Diversified Bus.708$31.412.86%
6/30/2011WATTS DONALD WSr. Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel454$31.411.99%
6/30/2011STEPHENSON RANDALL LChairman, CEO and President1,678$31.411.10%
6/30/2011STEPHENS JOHN JOSEPHSr. Exec. VP and CFO606$31.411.98%
6/30/2011MILLER FORREST EGrp.Pres.-Corp. Strat. & Dev.207$31.410.38%
6/30/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources683$31.412.94%
6/28/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.-18,144$31.02-7.18%
6/28/2011DE LA VEGA RAFAELPres. & CEO-AT&T Mobility-21,130$31.02-5.72%
5/31/2011MILLER FORREST EGrp.Pres.-Corp. Strat. & Dev.206$31.560.38%
5/31/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.272$31.560.65%
5/31/2011WATTS DONALD WSr. Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel394$31.561.76%
5/31/2011DE LA VEGA RAFAELPres. & CEO-AT&T Mobility261$31.560.71%
5/31/2011COUGHLIN CATHERINE MSr.EVP & Global Mktg. Officer119$31.560.31%
5/31/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources680$31.563.01%
5/31/2011LINDNER RICHARD GSr. Exec. VP and CFO268$31.564.99%
5/31/2011STEPHENSON RANDALL LChairman, CEO and President1,670$31.561.11%
5/31/2011WILKINS RAYFORD JRCEO-AT&T Diversified Bus.705$31.562.93%
5/23/2011AMELIO GILBERT FDirector-2,300$31.04-42.80%
4/29/2011WILKINS RAYFORD JRCEO-AT&T Diversified Bus.942$31.124.08%
4/29/2011COUGHLIN CATHERINE MSr.EVP & Global Mktg. Officer638$31.121.70%
4/29/2011WATTS DONALD WSr. Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel676$31.123.11%
4/29/2011STEPHENSON RANDALL LChairman, CEO and President3,725$31.122.53%
4/29/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.777$31.121.88%
4/29/2011MILLER FORREST EGrp.Pres.-Corp. Strat. & Dev.949$31.121.77%
4/29/2011LINDNER RICHARD GSr. Exec. VP and CFO267$31.125.23%
4/29/2011DE LA VEGA RAFAELPres. & CEO-AT&T Mobility682$31.121.89%
4/29/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources988$31.124.58%
4/28/2011MARTIN LYNN MDirector-3,402$31.31-100.00%
4/27/2011TYSON LAURA DDirector-748$30.98-27.71%
4/27/2011TYSON LAURA DDirector-3,900$30.97-59.10%
4/27/2011TYSON LAURA DDirector-3,900$30.95-33.48%
4/27/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources-100$31.33-0.13%
4/27/2011TYSON LAURA DDirector-1,149$30.96-14.83%
4/27/2011TYSON LAURA DDirector-1,951$30.99-100.00%
4/27/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources-800$31.32-0.98%
4/27/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources-12,400$31.31-16.82%
4/27/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources-300$31.32-0.41%
4/27/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources-200$31.31-0.27%
4/27/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources-6,000$31.33-7.45%
4/27/2011BLASE WILLIAM A JRSr. Exec. VP-Human Resources20,000$24.4432.61%
4/21/2011KELLY JAMES PDirector-5,347$30.49-47.19%
4/21/2011KELLY JAMES PDirector5,363$30.3989.88%
4/21/2011BLANCHARD JAMES HDirector6,912$30.3922.60%
4/21/2011BLANCHARD JAMES HDirector-6,891$30.49-18.38%
4/21/2011ANDERSON REUBEN VDirector6,309$30.3930.13%
4/21/2011ANDERSON REUBEN VDirector6,782$23.1924.89%
4/21/2011ANDERSON REUBEN VDirector6,462$18.9218.99%
4/21/2011ANDERSON REUBEN VDirector-27,230$30.49-67.25%
4/21/2011ANDERSON REUBEN VDirector7,193$19.6554.23%
4/21/2011ANDERSON REUBEN VDirector10,913$19.9353.35%
4/05/2011LINDNER RICHARD GSr. Exec. VP and CFO-14,751$30.70-36.45%
3/31/2011WILKINS RAYFORD JRCEO-AT&T Diversified Bus.630$30.602.80%
3/31/2011STANKEY JOHN TPres. & CEO, AT&T Corp.174$30.600.42%
3/31/2011COUGHLIN CATHERINE MSr.EVP & Global Mktg. Officer119$30.600.32%
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