TDW : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Hornbeck Offshore Services Eyes Increased Demand

    July 6, 2011
    Hornbeck Offshore Services' fleet may see rising demand as offshore and deepwater spending moves higher.
  2. Seacor's Diversified Revenue Pays Dividends

    February 14, 2011
    Seacor paid a $15 special dividend in December. It is possible that its diversified revenue streams will lead to more special ...
  3. 4 Turnaround Stocks To Watch

    May 27, 2010
    4 Turnaround Stocks To Watch
  4. Value Is En Vogue Again

    September 21, 2009
    Now that the bull market is slowing down, value stocks like Humana and Lockheed-Martin are likely to come back into favor.
  5. Feeding Our Offshore Addiction (TDW, HOS, CKH)

    August 22, 2007
    We need offshore oil, and offshore drillers need supplies – we examine three shipping companies who make it happen.
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