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May. 22, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/07/2014MORROW WILLIAM EExecutive VP, Gas Segment2,558$56.0025.02%
11/07/2014MORROW WILLIAM EExecutive VP, Gas Segment5,041$55.2397.26%
11/07/2014MORROW WILLIAM EExecutive VP, Gas Segment678$49.4015.05%
11/07/2014MORROW WILLIAM EExecutive VP, Gas Segment1,505$53.2450.17%
11/07/2014RADTKE MARK AExec VP Shd Srv & Chf Stg Ofc-79,685$72.03-76.50%
10/30/2014Schott James F.Exec VP & CFO3,474$53.24308.53%
10/30/2014Schott James F.Exec VP & CFO-3,474$71.80-75.52%
10/30/2014VERBANAC DANIEL JPres, Integrys Energy Services7,840$53.241,377.86%
10/30/2014VERBANAC DANIEL JPres, Integrys Energy Services-7,840$71.20-93.23%
10/30/2014VERBANAC DANIEL JPres, Integrys Energy Services4,442$56.00780.67%
10/30/2014VERBANAC DANIEL JPres, Integrys Energy Services-4,442$71.49-88.64%
10/30/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO200$56.007.42%
10/30/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-200$70.95-6.91%
10/29/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO8,688$56.00322.26%
10/29/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-8,688$70.96-76.32%
10/28/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO7,497$53.24278.08%
10/28/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-7,497$70.51-73.55%
10/28/2014Schott James F.Exec VP & CFO6,320$48.36561.28%
10/28/2014Schott James F.Exec VP & CFO-6,320$70.80-84.88%
10/28/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO16,901$41.5857.28%
10/28/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-16,901$70.51-36.42%
10/27/2014VERBANAC DANIEL JPres, Integrys Energy Services-3,531$70.49-86.12%
10/27/2014VERBANAC DANIEL JPres, Integrys Energy Services3,531$49.40620.56%
10/27/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-13,099$70.51-30.75%
10/27/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO13,099$41.5844.39%
10/27/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO8,192$53.24303.86%
10/27/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO6,099$49.40226.22%
10/27/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-8,192$70.51-75.24%
10/27/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-6,099$70.16-69.35%
10/24/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO77,125$41.58261.39%
10/24/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-3,824$70.15-58.65%
10/24/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-10,874$69.98-80.13%
10/24/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-47,125$69.98-44.19%
10/24/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO10,874$41.58403.34%
10/24/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO3,824$49.40141.84%
10/24/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-30,000$70.10-50.42%
10/23/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO14,420$56.0048.87%
10/23/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO9,994$58.65370.70%
10/23/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-14,420$69.73-32.83%
10/23/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-9,994$69.73-78.75%
10/22/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO7,020$56.0023.79%
10/22/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO4,050$58.65150.22%
10/22/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-26,218$69.55-47.05%
10/22/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-4,050$69.72-60.04%
10/22/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO26,218$49.4088.86%
10/22/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-7,020$69.72-19.22%
10/21/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-100$69.50-0.34%
10/21/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO100$49.400.34%
10/20/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-8,070$69.50-21.48%
10/20/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO8,070$49.4027.35%
10/15/2014VERBANAC DANIEL JPres, Integrys Energy Services-6,079$69.49-91.44%
10/15/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-11,630$69.50-28.27%
10/15/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO11,015$52.73408.57%
10/15/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-11,015$69.41-80.34%
10/15/2014VERBANAC DANIEL JPres, Integrys Energy Services6,079$41.581,068.37%
10/15/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO11,630$49.4039.42%
10/14/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-12,364$68.97-82.10%
10/14/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO37,843$53.24128.26%
10/14/2014Laakso William DVP and Chief Human Res Ofcr3,582$53.2465.17%
10/14/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-10,300$68.52-13.92%
10/14/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO289$52.7310.72%
10/14/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-37,843$69.01-56.19%
10/14/2014Laakso William DVP and Chief Human Res Ofcr2,030$56.0022.36%
10/14/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO12,364$54.85458.61%
10/14/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-34,172$68.82-53.66%
10/14/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO44,472$42.12150.72%
10/14/2014BORGARD LAWRENCE TPresident & COO-289$69.40-9.68%
10/14/2014Laakso William DVP and Chief Human Res Ofcr-5,612$69.00-50.52%
9/08/2014Guc William JVice President & Treasurer2,298$53.2495.51%
9/08/2014Guc William JVice President & Treasurer-2,298$68.00-48.85%
9/08/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO6,037$42.1220.65%
9/08/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-6,037$68.51-17.11%
9/05/2014Laakso William DVP and Chief Human Res Ofcr2,000$42.1236.70%
9/05/2014Laakso William DVP and Chief Human Res Ofcr2,778$41.5837.29%
9/05/2014Laakso William DVP and Chief Human Res Ofcr4,842$49.4047.35%
9/05/2014Laakso William DVP and Chief Human Res Ofcr-4,778$68.00-31.71%
9/05/2014Laakso William DVP and Chief Human Res Ofcr-4,842$68.50-47.05%
9/05/2014Cloninger Charles AExecutive VP, Electric Segment1,081$41.581,637.88%
9/05/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-13,663$68.50-31.85%
9/05/2014Cloninger Charles AExecutive VP, Electric Segment-1,081$68.00-94.25%
9/05/2014Guc William JVice President & Treasurer2,847$49.40118.33%
9/05/2014Guc William JVice President & Treasurer-2,847$68.19-54.20%
9/05/2014KALLAS LINDA MVice President & Controller5,696$58.6571.67%
9/05/2014KALLAS LINDA MVice President & Controller1,635$42.1211.98%
9/05/2014KALLAS LINDA MVice President & Controller3,118$41.5820.41%
9/05/2014KALLAS LINDA MVice President & Controller2,664$49.4014.48%
9/05/2014KALLAS LINDA MVice President & Controller1,972$53.249.36%
9/05/2014KALLAS LINDA MVice President & Controller1,407$56.006.11%
9/05/2014KALLAS LINDA MVice President & Controller-16,492$67.94-67.48%
9/05/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO43,663$42.12149.34%
9/05/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-30,000$67.98-41.15%
9/03/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO13,585$54.8546.46%
9/03/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-13,585$67.52-31.72%
9/03/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO14,348$52.7349.07%
9/03/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-14,348$67.52-32.92%
9/03/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO2,050$58.657.01%
9/03/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-2,050$67.52-6.55%
9/03/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO26,919$48.3692.07%
9/03/2014SCHROCK CHARLES AChairman and CEO-26,919$67.52-47.94%
8/29/2014HASSELBLAD PASCALE KATHRYN MDirector-487$67.73-9.85%
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