TE Connectivity Ltd. $63.05

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25/7/2014 04:01 PM  |  NYSE : TEL  
Industries : Electronics / Diversified Electronics

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/07/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-62,500$63.42-15.55%
7/07/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO62,500$14.5618.42%
6/20/2014CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.169,300$24.60421.34%
6/20/2014CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-169,300$62.15-80.82%
6/20/2014SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer35,000$14.11257.45%
6/20/2014SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer-35,000$62.12-72.02%
6/07/2014MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-106$61.47-7.76%
6/07/2014Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-209$61.47-1.20%
6/07/2014O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions-124$61.47-1.73%
6/05/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-62,500$60.90-15.55%
6/05/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO62,500$14.5618.42%
5/05/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-62,500$58.92-15.55%
5/05/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO62,500$14.5618.42%
5/01/2014Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-2,500$59.26-12.79%
4/29/2014Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-94,462$58.36-82.86%
4/29/2014Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.94,462$33.73483.33%
3/05/2014Wright LauraDirector-408$58.95-25.03%
3/05/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO62,500$14.5618.42%
3/05/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-62,500$59.54-15.55%
3/04/2014CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer-44,300$59.50-68.88%
3/04/2014CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer44,300$24.60221.31%
2/12/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.37,369$24.60113.79%
2/12/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.26,568$33.7337.84%
2/12/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.26,375$39.9727.25%
2/12/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.17,938$34.4914.57%
2/12/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.12,284$31.448.71%
2/12/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.6,300$34.054.11%
2/12/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.-126,834$57.00-79.43%
2/06/2014Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller48,950$14.11363.56%
2/06/2014Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller-48,950$55.70-78.43%
2/05/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO49,021$33.5214.45%
2/05/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-49,021$54.47-12.62%
2/03/2014Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-2,500$55.34-11.34%
1/29/2014Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-87,950$56.86-79.96%
1/29/2014Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.87,950$34.54398.97%
1/28/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.-126,834$56.44-79.43%
1/28/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.26,569$33.7337.84%
1/28/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.26,375$39.9727.25%
1/28/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.17,937$34.4914.56%
1/28/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.12,284$31.448.71%
1/28/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.6,300$34.054.11%
1/28/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.37,369$24.60113.79%
1/27/2014CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer-16,450$57.50-45.11%
1/27/2014CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer16,450$14.1182.18%
1/07/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO49,021$33.5216.89%
1/06/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-49,021$54.36-14.45%
12/06/2013Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-274,363$53.60-92.56%
12/06/2013Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.119,363$14.1167.42%
12/06/2013Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.155,000$24.60703.14%
12/05/2013LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO23,069$33.526.32%
12/05/2013LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO25,952$41.387.65%
12/05/2013LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-49,021$52.99-12.62%
11/26/2013MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-16,675$52.61-94.91%
11/26/2013MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.3,892$32.1328.45%
11/26/2013MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.3,892$33.5239.77%
11/26/2013MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.3,892$41.3866.03%
11/22/2013SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer-5,000$53.27-26.89%
11/22/2013Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources38,928$35.03143.53%
11/22/2013Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources30,277$41.3845.84%
11/22/2013Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources-69,205$53.02-71.84%
11/18/2013CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-3,519$52.69-8.05%
11/17/2013Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.-1,697$51.98-4.91%
11/17/2013SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer-1,029$51.98-5.24%
11/17/2013RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer-717$51.98-3.42%
11/17/2013Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources-997$51.98-3.55%
11/17/2013Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller-458$51.98-3.29%
11/17/2013Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-1,695$51.98-7.14%
11/17/2013CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer-669$51.98-3.23%
11/17/2013MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-484$51.98-7.59%
11/17/2013O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions-626$51.98-8.39%
11/17/2013LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-11,207$51.98-3.15%
11/17/2013CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-3,010$51.98-6.44%
11/15/2013CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-2,551$52.00-5.97%
11/15/2013RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer-3,979$52.12-16.93%
11/15/2013RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer3,979$32.1320.38%
11/14/2013BRONDEAU PIERRE RDirector-762$51.61-4.16%
11/14/2013O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions-848$52.09-12.76%
11/14/2013MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-466$52.09-8.74%
11/14/2013LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-7,272$52.09-2.15%
11/14/2013Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources-688$52.09-2.69%
11/14/2013Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.-1,055$52.09-3.26%
11/14/2013Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-1,505$52.09-7.46%
11/14/2013CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer-401$52.09-2.04%
11/14/2013RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer-324$52.09-1.63%
11/14/2013SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer-782$52.09-4.56%
11/14/2013CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-2,182$52.09-4.86%
11/14/2013POSES FREDERIC MDirector-1,048$51.61-0.56%
11/14/2013Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller-274$52.09-2.15%
11/13/2013CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-1,913$51.76-4.54%
11/12/2013Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources-472$51.83-1.99%
11/12/2013SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer-730$51.83-4.74%
11/12/2013RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer-231$51.83-1.20%
11/12/2013O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions-871$51.83-16.56%
11/12/2013MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-741$51.83-16.05%
11/12/2013LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-4,981$51.83-1.52%
11/12/2013Jenkins John SEVP & General Counsel-1,384$51.83-33.82%
11/12/2013Hau Robert W.EVP & Chief Financial Officer-876$51.83-6.96%
11/12/2013Gambill Bradley AlanSVP, Strategy & Business Dev.-331$51.83-9.03%
11/12/2013Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-1,185$51.83-7.04%
11/12/2013Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller-196$51.83-1.62%
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