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May. 28, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/19/2015Donahue Joseph BEVP & COO31,488$33.73126.22%
5/19/2015Donahue Joseph BEVP & COO-31,488$70.75-55.80%
5/18/2015Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller-20,000$70.32-57.05%
5/18/2015Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller20,000$24.60132.85%
5/11/2015LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-53,358$69.25-12.68%
5/11/2015LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO53,358$14.5614.52%
4/09/2015LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-53,359$70.73-12.68%
4/09/2015LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO53,359$14.5614.52%
3/09/2015LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-53,359$71.92-12.68%
3/09/2015LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO53,359$14.5614.52%
2/25/2015Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources-45,000$72.00-59.03%
2/25/2015Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources45,000$39.97144.09%
2/24/2015CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer-12,000$71.54-35.63%
2/24/2015CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer12,000$39.9755.35%
2/12/2015Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources-50,000$70.00-61.55%
2/12/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.25,000$34.051,998.40%
2/12/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-25,000$70.60-95.23%
2/12/2015Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources50,000$24.60160.10%
2/05/2015CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.32,450$33.7380.76%
2/05/2015Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.-48,250$68.69-57.16%
2/05/2015Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller-19,600$68.70-56.56%
2/05/2015CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-62,450$69.22-60.85%
2/05/2015CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.30,000$24.6041.30%
2/05/2015Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.17,937$34.4949.60%
2/05/2015Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller19,600$39.97130.19%
2/05/2015Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.12,600$34.0517.55%
2/05/2015Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.17,713$33.7332.74%
2/04/2015RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer2,736$41.3812.32%
2/04/2015RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer-3,323$68.00-13.01%
2/04/2015Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.64,375$34.05258.06%
2/04/2015Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-64,375$67.88-72.07%
2/04/2015RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer-1,900$68.00-6.93%
2/04/2015RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer2,487$33.529.97%
2/03/2015O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions5,438$24.605.00%
2/03/2015O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions7,687$35.907.60%
2/03/2015O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions-106,663$67.39-95.72%
2/03/2015O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions41,975$34.05361.79%
2/03/2015CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer-13,668$67.26-38.67%
2/03/2015O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions3,963$19.093.47%
2/03/2015O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions7,725$33.738.27%
2/03/2015O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions39,875$34.4974.43%
2/03/2015Jenkins John SEVP & General Counsel28,000$34.05449.01%
2/03/2015Jenkins John SEVP & General Counsel-28,000$67.37-91.18%
2/03/2015Jenkins John SEVP & General Counsel-3,528$67.35-10.30%
2/03/2015CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer3,668$35.0311.58%
2/03/2015CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer10,000$39.9746.12%
2/03/2015O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions-6,832$67.71-5.78%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.38,587$34.49602.26%
2/02/2015SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer20,700$14.1117.51%
2/02/2015Gambill Bradley AlanSVP, Strategy & Business Dev.-3,333$66.36-46.27%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-1,000$65.86-0.76%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.3,275$14.112.57%
2/02/2015SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer99,650$24.60536.62%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-124,505$65.39-99.01%
2/02/2015SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer-140,000$65.06-88.29%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-4,156$65.85-3.20%
2/02/2015SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer19,650$29.1514.14%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.19,750$24.6021.72%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.9,256$35.038.36%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.23,450$39.9752.12%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.22,500$33.7332.87%
2/02/2015MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.7,687$35.906.41%
11/17/2014CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-3,800$61.09-8.64%
11/14/2014CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-1,949$61.43-3.96%
11/14/2014CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer-588$61.43-2.64%
11/14/2014CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-3,252$61.43-6.89%
11/14/2014Gambill Bradley AlanSVP, Strategy & Business Dev.-208$61.43-2.81%
11/14/2014O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions-1,411$61.43-10.84%
11/14/2014Jenkins John SEVP & General Counsel-394$61.43-5.94%
11/14/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-10,762$61.43-2.84%
11/14/2014MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-1,001$61.43-13.62%
11/14/2014Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources-1,475$61.43-4.51%
11/14/2014Hau Robert W.EVP & Chief Financial Officer-851$61.43-3.36%
11/14/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.-1,528$61.43-4.05%
11/14/2014SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer-1,949$61.43-9.50%
11/14/2014Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-3,260$61.43-11.56%
11/14/2014Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller-588$61.43-3.76%
11/14/2014RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer-431$61.43-1.90%
11/12/2014SHADDOCK ROBERT NEVP & Chief Technology Officer-1,088$61.59-6.26%
11/12/2014MERKT STEVEN TPresident, Transportation Sol.-755$61.59-15.18%
11/12/2014RESCH ERICSr VP & Chief Tax Officer-214$61.59-0.99%
11/12/2014Ott Robert JSr VP & Corporate Controller-291$61.59-1.98%
11/12/2014LYNCH THOMAS JChairman & CEO-5,074$61.59-1.41%
11/12/2014Wainwright JoanPres., Channel & Customer Exp.-736$61.59-2.07%
11/12/2014CALASTRI MARIOSr. Vice President & Treasurer-291$61.59-1.37%
11/12/2014CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-1,669$61.59-3.81%
11/12/2014Donahue Joseph BEVP, COO & Pres Network Solut.-1,728$61.59-7.48%
11/12/2014Gambill Bradley AlanSVP, Strategy & Business Dev.-336$61.59-4.75%
11/12/2014Jenkins John SEVP & General Counsel-1,411$61.59-20.52%
11/12/2014Hau Robert W.EVP & Chief Financial Officer-1,061$61.59-4.33%
11/12/2014Leipold Jane ASr VP, Global Human Resources-711$61.59-2.36%
11/12/2014O'Toole JamesPresident, Consumer Solutions-888$61.59-8.75%
11/10/2014SNEED PAULA ADirector-703$61.50-3.51%
11/10/2014CURTIN TERRENCE REVP & Pres., Industrial Sol.-2,865$61.64-6.66%
11/10/2014Phelan Daniel JDirector-703$61.50-3.73%
11/10/2014SMITH LAWRENCE SDirector-703$61.50-2.82%
11/10/2014BRONDEAU PIERRE RDirector-703$61.50-3.45%
11/10/2014VanScoter John CDirector-703$61.50-3.28%
11/10/2014Wright LauraDirector-703$61.50-17.44%
11/10/2014Jeffrey William AlanDirector-703$61.50-7.17%
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