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  1. Qihoo 360 Technology Inks Strategic Deal with Coolpad - Analyst ...

    December 17, 2014
    China's second-largest online search engine, Qihoo 360 Technology Co. (QIHU) announced that it will form a joint venture ...
  2. Priceline Downgraded by Goldman, Stock Down 3% - Analyst Blog

    December 17, 2014
    Shares of Priceline (PCLN) fell a little over 3% after it was was pulled out from the "Americas Conviction Buy List" ...
  3. Corning Inc. (GLW) to Acquire TR Manufacturing - Analyst Blog

    December 16, 2014
    Corning Incorporated (GLW) recently revealed that it is set to acquire TR Manufacturing, Inc. The terms of the agreement, ...
  4. Google (GOOGL) Takes Down Amazon App from Play Store - Analyst ...

    December 16, 2014
    The official Inc. app (AMZN) was taken down from the Google (GOOGL) Play store, after the search giant realized ...
  5. Forget Amazon, These 3 E-Commerce Stocks Are Better

    November 10, 2014
    Some investors probably lump all online shopping stocks together, thinking they are a waste of time and destined to be perpetual ...
  6. Our Ebola-Fighting Top Pick Is Up 360%

    October 13, 2014
    I'm sure this was on many people's minds a few months ago: "An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus is currently raging in ...
  7. Keep Your Eye On This Top Ebola-Fighting Company

    October 13, 2014
    I'm sure this was on many people's minds a few months ago: "An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus is currently raging in ...
  8. Bear of the Day: Nortek (NTK) - Bear of the Day

    September 26, 2014
    Bear of the Day: Nortek (NTK) - Bear of the Day
  9. This Style of Investing Is Delivering 9 Times the Performance ...

    August 18, 2014
    There's a group of stocks currently trouncing the S&P 500. In just a few months, they've generated 44.8%, 58.1%, ...
  10. Defense Industry Majors Outwit the Sequester - Industry Outlook

    August 14, 2014
    Defense Industry Majors Outwit the Sequester - Industry Outlook
  11. The Best Investment For The Fight Against Ebola

    August 8, 2014
    It’s beginning to sound like something from a Hollywood disaster movie. The World Health Organization (WHO) says the ...
  12. Aerospace & Defense Stock Outlook - April 2014 - Industry Outlook

    April 15, 2014
    Aerospace & Defense Stock Outlook - April 2014 - Industry Outlook
  13. Stocks Benefiting From America's Increasing Demand For Guns & Ammo

    America's Gun Love Boosts Firearm Stocks As Sales Surge

    March 13, 2014
    It’s no secret that Americans love guns. So much so, that even the mere threat of banning their sales has sparked rising ...
  14. While Turkey and several other emerging markets- such as South Africa, Russia and Indonesia- aren’t completely out of the woods yet, the recent rates hikes do signal that several of them are prepared to fight this issue.

    Did Turkey Just Save Emerging Market Stocks?

    January 29, 2014
    The rate hike in Turkey was certainly a welcome sign for emerging markets. It also highlights so of the major issues in the ...
  15. Aerospace & Defense Stock Outlook - Dec 2013 - Industry Outlook

    December 19, 2013
    Aerospace & Defense Stock Outlook - Dec 2013 - Industry Outlook
  16. Are You Set for Cyber Monday? - Ahead of Wall Street

    December 2, 2013
    ...And the Retail onslaught continues.
  17. This 'Pick And Shovel' Energy Stock Has An Overlooked Catalyst

    November 27, 2013
    As we've written before here at StreetAuthority, when gold was discovered in the American West over a century and a half ...
  18. This 'Secret' Small Cap Is 200% Undervalued

    October 18, 2013
    It's not just food scarcity causing riots. Last week, thousands of protestors in over 50 countries and 47 U.S. states took ...
  19. An Interesting Year For Tech ETFs

    September 4, 2013
    On the surface, it would appear to be a disappointing year for technology sector ETFs. The Technology Select Sector SPDR ...
  20. Akorn Scores A Rare Win-Win Acquisition

    August 27, 2013
    Akorn builds value by buying Hi-Tech
  21. Turkcell Is Undervalued, But Also A Complete Mess

    June 25, 2013
    Shareholder squabbles have crippled Turkcell's ability to pay dividends, but not its ability to run well.
  22. Alliant Inks Deal with Rolls-Royce - Analyst Blog

    June 18, 2013
    Alliant Techsystems Inc. enters into a contract, worth over $50 million, with United Kingdom-based Rolls-Royce plc.
  23. Five ETFs To Cash In On Japan’s Rise

    May 15, 2013
    With the election of Shinzo Abe and birth of “Abenomics”, things are looking up for Japan's exporting dependent nation. For ...
  24. Alliant Techsystems Looks To Guns For Growth

    May 14, 2013
    Norwest Equity Partners agreed May 13 to sell gun maker Savage Arms to Alliant Techsystems (NYSE:ATK) for $315 million. While ...
  25. SGEN/Takeda's Adcetris Progresses - Analyst Blog

    January 25, 2013
    Seattle Genetics Inc. (SGEN) and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TKPYY) recently announced the commencement of a global ...
  26. Strong Buy on Smith & Wesson - Analyst Blog

    January 23, 2013
    On Jan 22, Zacks Investment Research upgraded Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (SWHC)  to a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy). ...
  27. High Paid Manufacturing Turns to U.S. - Analyst Blog

    January 14, 2013
    Outsourcing or offshoring has had a profound effect on the U.S. job market. Industries such as textiles, toys, shoes and ...
  28. Pipeline Progress at Synergy Pharma - Analyst Blog

    December 31, 2012
    Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP) recently initiated a phase IIb study with plecanatide for the treatment of patients suffering ...
  29. Aerospace & Defense Stock Outlook - Dec 2012 - Industry Outlook

    December 26, 2012
    The U.S. is the world's largest aerospace and defense market, and also home to the world's largest military budget. The industry ...
  30. Aerospace & Defense Stock Overview - Dec 2012 - Industry Outlook

    December 26, 2012
    The U.S. is the world's largest aerospace and defense market, and also home to the world's largest military budget. The industry ...
  31. Upgrades & Downgrades

    November 29, 2012
    New York, November 29th ( – Following are some of the upgrades and downgrades before the market open. Activision ...
  32. Vulcan Materials and Other Capital Goods Stocks Making Big Moves ...

    November 29, 2012
    The market is currently up, with the Nasdaq up 0.5%, the S&P 500 increasing 0.5% and the Dow climbing 0.4%. The capital ...
  33. China Eastern Airlines Corp. Ltd and Other Big Movers In Transportation ...

    November 9, 2012
    The market is currently up, with the Nasdaq climbing 0.9%, the S&P 500 increasing 0.5% and the Dow up 0.2%. The transportation ...
  34. SPX and Other Capital Goods Stocks Making Big Moves on November ...

    November 9, 2012
    The market is currently up, with the Nasdaq climbing 0.9%, the S&P 500 up 0.5% and the Dow increasing 0.2%. The capital ...
  35. ATK Obtains $50M Contract from NASA - Analyst Blog

    October 10, 2012
    Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) has received a contract, worth $50 million, from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ...
  36. Michael Kors and Other Big Movers In Consumer Cyclical on September ...

    September 24, 2012
    This morning's trading has marked a bad day for the market so far. The Nasdaq has slipped 0.7%; the S&P 500 has declined ...
  37. Alliant Receives $16.8M Deal - Analyst Blog

    September 13, 2012
    Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) has received a contract, worth $16.8 million, from the U.S. Army. This contract is an engineering ...
  38. Aerospace & Defense Stock Overview - Aug. 2012 - Industry Outlook

    August 30, 2012
    The growth of the Aerospace and Defense industry depends largely on the spending outlook of government departments, with ...
  39. Consumer Cyclical Stocks, Including NIKE, Making Big Moves on ...

    August 28, 2012
    It's been a bad day for the market after the morning's trading. The Nasdaq has declined 0.1%; the S&P 500 has decreased ...
  40. Fossil, Inc. and Other Big Movers In Consumer Cyclical

    August 13, 2012
    The market has been slipping so far today. The Nasdaq has slipped 0.3%; the S&P 500 has fallen 0.4%; and the Dow has ...
  41. Hi-Tech Pharmacal An Under Followed Name Worth Following

    July 12, 2012
    Hi-Tech Pharmacal gets little attention, but maybe it should.
  42. Playing The North Sea's Windy Potential

    June 8, 2012
    With its current energy production strategy showing signs of strain, the U.K. has unveiled ambitious plans to turn the North ...
  43. Vera Bradley Worth Trying On

    June 6, 2012
    Investors are valuing the stock as if Vera Bradley is a mature retailer with minimal growth prospects. If the company achieves ...
  44. 3 Reasons American Pacific Is Ready To Take Off

    June 6, 2012
    Las Vegas-based American Pacific Corporation is the only producer of ammonium perchlorate in North America, it's struggled ...
  45. A Turning Point For Japan

    May 4, 2012
    While Japan has been called dead money for years, a falling yen could finally mean the nation is turning a corner. For investors, ...
  46. Finding Value In The Market

    April 27, 2012
    The overall large-cap value segment has been lagging the overall stock market. That being said, there are still plenty of ...
  47. 6 Cutting-Edge Energy Stocks

    April 12, 2012
    Even the energy patch has a geek side, and these half-dozen companies represent the energy investments of the next generation, ...
  48. Flotek Looks To Keep Growth Flowing

    April 6, 2012
    Flotek is riding the oil boom with patented technology.
  49. 3 Reasons ICG Group Will Procure You Profits

    March 27, 2012
    ICG Group, formerly known as Internet Capital Group, once was valued at $60 billion. Then the dot-com crash wiped that out. ...
  50. Vera Bradley Looking Affordable

    March 26, 2012
    A share price swoon in Vera Bradley could present a buying opportunity.
  51. Stocks Ready To Buy Today

    February 23, 2012
    Monsanto and Flotek are just two of the stocks that are sitting on buy levels this week.
  52. 3 Reasons To Own Olin Corporation

    February 14, 2012
    With a dividend yield of 3.7% and very little downside, Olin could be fully valued or it could be a great long-term investment. ...
  53. M-Commerce Surges

    January 12, 2012
    2011 saw a substantial increase in purchases made via smartphones and tablets. Analysts expect this trend to continue through ...
  54. Eastern Europe Opportunities

    January 11, 2012
    Eastern and developing Europe continue to be ignored by many investors, but the region is as valuable to portfolios as emerging ...
  55. LeapFrog's Revival Continues

    December 16, 2011
    LeapFrog's LeapPad is a Christmas hit with parents. Find out why now is the time to buy its stock.
  56. Can Drilling Growth Prop Up Carbo Ceramics?

    August 5, 2011
    Carbo Ceramics needs to boost capacity and see overseas demand improve.
  57. The Glass Is Half-Full At Thomson Reuters

    June 10, 2011
    There are many Thomson Reuters detractors in the investor relations industry, but you could say the glass is half-full for ...
  58. M-Commerce Continues To Grow

    June 7, 2011
    As smartphone adoption continues to grow, so will M-Commerce. As the mobile landscape expands, investors may want to consider ...
  59. Timken Combines Value And Momentum

    April 11, 2011
    Timken produced a 74% return for investors over the last year, but the best may be yet to come.
  60. Vera Bradley Growing Briskly

    March 22, 2011
    Much of Vera Bradley's future growth is already discounted into the share price, although the growth remains impressively ...
  61. A Royal Present For Martek Shareholders

    December 23, 2010
    DSM furthers its transition to a food and health-focused chemical company.
  62. Playing The Smartphone Shopper

    December 15, 2010
    With the rise in smartphones adoption, the retail space is changing very rapidly. Find out how you can invest in this space. ...
  63. Retail Customer Service Excellence Pays

    December 9, 2010
    A look at the top 10 retailers ranked in customer service to see if it translates into stock performance.
  64. Investing In The MENA

    November 30, 2010
    While most investors focus their attentions towards BRIC, an underappreciated emerging market is the Middle East.
  65. Smartphone Revolution: There's An ETF For That

    November 4, 2010
    As these devices continue to become the standard choice with regards mobile phones, companies all along the value chain will ...
  66. 3 Shipping Stocks That Are Cruising

    August 18, 2010
    Hop on the next ocean-going transport to wealth and riches.
  67. Investing Like A Hippie

    June 18, 2010
    If you want to invest like a hippie, I have listed my top stocks to help you along your way.
  68. Hedging With Emerging Market Telecoms

    March 12, 2010
    The emerging market rally is getting long in the tooth. Investors should hedge their holdings with telecom providers.
  69. Live Nation Goes Vertical

    January 29, 2010
    Live Nation's merger leaves unanswered questions for concertgoers and shareholders.
  70. Weak Sales Outlook Hits Gunmakers

    December 11, 2009
    Shares tumble as gunmakers lower sales guidance.
  71. Biorefineries Get A Boost

    December 10, 2009
    The Department of Energy recently gave out $564 million in grant money to biofuels research.
  72. IAC Interactive Spinoff's One-Year Review

    September 8, 2009
    The IAC Interactive spinoff is just over a year old, and investors are still waiting for the promised increase in shareholder ...
  73. Dean Foods Organic Experiment

    July 14, 2009
    Dean Foods recently announced a lower-priced "natural dairy" product to complement its organic brands. The organics industry ...
  74. Reassessing the IAC/Interactive Spinoff

    April 15, 2009
    We reassess IAC/Interactive's 2008 spinoff and look at stocks that look like value plays and which companies to avoid.
  75. Cypress Semiconductor Spinoff Confuses Investors

    October 2, 2008
    Cypress Semiconductor spun off SunPower confusing many in the market who thought the shares dropped 70%.
  76. Getting Technical With Biotech

    July 11, 2008
    Watch as a blend of technical and fundamental analysis reveals hidden gems in this unpredictable sector.
  77. PEGY With A Value Twist

    July 2, 2008
    Add a margin of safety to your PEG calculations by using price/sales and dividend yield. We'll look at a ten-stock portfolio. ...
  78. Coal-To-Oil: America's Energy Solution? (SSL, RTK, SYNM)

    July 6, 2007
    A JP Morgan study says coal-to-oil conversion could replace OPEC's oil.
  79. Locking On (ATK, BA, UTX)

    April 17, 2007
    A trio of defense contractors that are leading military one-up-manship into the 21st century.
  80. Why You Should Never Chase a Stock

    April 16, 2007
    With the massive move in Dendreon over the past few days, you may be tempted to chase the stock; here's why you shouldn't. ...
  81. Braving The Amazon (AMZN)

    October 30, 2006
    Can Amazon slow down technology and content spending without hurting its sales growth.
  82. Winners and Losers - September 11th - 15th (NSS, EMBT, MATK)

    September 15, 2006
    A look at the winners and losers for the week of September 11th.
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