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Apr. 1, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
3/30/2015LYNCH THOMAS JDirector-5,000$134.40-33.42%
3/30/2015Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-5,307$134.40-11.54%
3/30/2015LYNCH THOMAS JDirector5,000$55.0050.21%
3/10/2015SPERLING SCOTT MDirector20,000$30.0435.45%
3/10/2015SPERLING SCOTT MDirector-11,725$126.75-15.34%
3/09/2015Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-14,479$128.11-18.02%
3/05/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-7,150$131.06-8.14%
3/05/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President7,250$49.498.99%
3/05/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-100$131.05-0.11%
3/03/2015Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-7,870$130.38-8.92%
3/03/2015HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-6,528$130.38-14.03%
3/02/2015HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-2,298$131.35-4.71%
3/02/2015Thomson Andrew JSenior Vice President-3,475$131.35-5.42%
3/02/2015CASPER MARC NChief Executive Officer-17,837$131.35-4.08%
3/02/2015HORNSTRA PETER EVP & Chief Accounting Officer-233$131.35-1.27%
3/02/2015Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-6,730$131.35-7.09%
3/02/2015Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-3,431$131.35-6.95%
3/02/2015WILVER PETER MSr. VP & CFO-5,048$131.35-4.71%
3/02/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-6,169$131.35-7.11%
2/27/2015CASPER MARC NChief Executive Officer-19,100$130.11-4.18%
2/26/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-18,300$130.08-17.19%
2/26/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President10,900$73.2411.41%
2/26/2015Thomson Andrew JSenior Vice President-744$130.14-1.15%
2/26/2015WILVER PETER MSr. VP & CFO-1,101$130.14-1.02%
2/26/2015Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-976$130.14-1.94%
2/26/2015HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-368$130.14-0.75%
2/26/2015Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-1,424$130.14-1.48%
2/26/2015CASPER MARC NChief Executive Officer-51,787$130.14-10.19%
2/26/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-1,355$130.14-1.54%
2/26/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President7,400$124.288.39%
2/25/2015Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-4,442$131.07-4.40%
2/25/2015Thomson Andrew JSenior Vice President-1,950$131.07-2.92%
2/25/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-3,917$131.07-4.25%
2/25/2015HORNSTRA PETER EVP & Chief Accounting Officer-122$131.07-0.66%
2/25/2015HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-1,159$131.07-2.30%
2/25/2015WILVER PETER MSr. VP & CFO-3,357$131.07-3.00%
2/25/2015Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-2,769$131.07-5.21%
2/25/2015CASPER MARC NChief Executive Officer-18,162$131.07-3.45%
2/23/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-28,713$130.93-25.59%
2/23/2015HORNSTRA PETER EVP & Chief Accounting Officer-185$130.98-1.08%
2/23/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-1,907$130.98-2.28%
2/23/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President10,900$73.2410.76%
2/23/2015WILVER PETER MSr. VP & CFO-2,771$130.98-2.74%
2/23/2015Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President17,813$54.9721.33%
2/23/2015HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-851$130.98-2.01%
2/23/2015Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-3,246$130.98-3.90%
2/20/2015Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President15,037$54.9740.79%
2/20/2015WILVER PETER MSr. VP & CFO50,700$49.4950.14%
2/20/2015WILVER PETER MSr. VP & CFO-45,600$130.04-30.04%
2/20/2015WILVER PETER MSr. VP & CFO-5,100$130.81-4.80%
2/20/2015Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-15,037$127.94-28.97%
2/13/2015CASPER MARC NChief Executive Officer-11,497$127.61-3.16%
2/05/2015Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-22,912$126.64-21.59%
2/05/2015Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-27,088$126.99-20.33%
2/05/2015Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President50,000$58.4060.08%
12/18/2014Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-11,618$125.20-12.25%
11/19/2014HORNSTRA PETER EVP & Chief Accounting Officer1,600$49.498.46%
11/19/2014HORNSTRA PETER EVP & Chief Accounting Officer4,987$54.9724.31%
11/19/2014HORNSTRA PETER EVP & Chief Accounting Officer-8,363$125.00-32.79%
9/02/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-47,337$122.06-36.18%
9/02/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-20,644$121.28-13.63%
9/02/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President53,437$54.9754.50%
8/27/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-10,577$120.77-19.98%
8/27/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.7,775$54.9717.22%
8/27/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.1,812$49.494.18%
8/27/2014Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-2,349$120.90-5.99%
8/27/2014Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-13,115$120.61-11.61%
8/26/2014Malus Alan JExecutive Vice President-3,004$120.71-2.59%
8/26/2014HORNSTRA PETER EVP & Chief Accounting Officer-227$120.71-1.19%
8/26/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-1,154$120.71-2.59%
8/26/2014WILVER PETER MSr. VP & CFO-2,297$120.71-2.22%
8/26/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-2,785$120.71-2.76%
8/26/2014Thomson Andrew JSenior Vice President-2,121$120.71-4.03%
8/26/2014CASPER MARC NChief Executive Officer-7,771$120.71-2.09%
8/26/2014Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-2,096$120.71-5.07%
8/26/2014Stevenson MarkExecutive Vice President-1,703$120.71-7.83%
7/30/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-5,103$123.82-10.29%
7/25/2014Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President6,000$54.9714.53%
7/25/2014Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-6,000$125.23-12.68%
6/04/2014HARRIS C MARTINDirector-810$118.27-19.09%
5/20/2014SORENSEN LARS REBIENDirector-522$114.47-10.20%
4/29/2014MANZI JIM PDirector-3,000$114.85-6.82%
4/28/2014Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President5,063$49.4912.26%
4/28/2014Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-8,688$114.49-17.38%
4/28/2014Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President3,625$49.497.82%
3/24/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President21,750$49.4913.65%
3/24/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President53,300$49.4950.27%
3/24/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-34,437$119.80-19.02%
3/24/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-25,745$120.73-17.56%
3/24/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-8,662$121.78-7.17%
3/24/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-11,000$122.89-9.80%
3/24/2014Pesicka Edward ASenior Vice President-200$123.51-0.20%
3/10/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-27,658$126.05-34.67%
3/10/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.15,000$54.9723.16%
3/10/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.3,625$49.495.93%
3/10/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.6,075$49.4911.03%
3/10/2014HOOGASIAN SETH HSr. VP, Gen. Counsel & Sec.-2,516$126.44-4.83%
3/10/2014Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-5,141$125.89-11.04%
3/10/2014Loewald Thomas WSenior Vice President-100$126.58-0.24%
3/05/2014HORNSTRA PETER EVP & Chief Accounting Officer-203$125.91-1.05%
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