Tyson Foods Inc $37.17

down -0.28

22/8/2014 12:15 PM  |  NYSE : TSN  
Industries : Food & Beverage / Meat Products

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-100$20.40-0.19%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-10,018$20.40-18.81%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-100$20.41-0.23%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-1,282$20.41-2.97%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-1,300$20.42-3.11%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-5,000$20.07-6.65%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer20,000$15.0633.03%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-5,416$20.06-6.72%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer20,000$15.3749.32%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-1,200$20.18-1.87%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-200$20.20-0.33%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-500$20.17-0.77%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-300$20.16-0.46%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-84$20.23-0.14%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-2,300$20.19-3.64%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-900$20.15-1.36%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-1,000$20.14-1.49%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-700$20.12-1.03%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-600$20.11-0.88%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-1,200$20.10-1.73%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-100$20.09-0.14%
1/03/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-500$20.08-0.71%
1/02/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer2,756$12.026.80%
1/02/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-200$19.90-0.49%
1/02/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-2,456$19.89-5.67%
1/02/2013Kimbro KenEVP & Chief HR Officer-100$19.90-0.25%
12/17/2012KEVER JIM DDirector3,000$9.306.11%
12/17/2012KEVER JIM DDirector3,000$9.306.11%
12/13/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-2,300$19.90-5.37%
12/13/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-11,744$19.89-21.51%
12/13/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer14,044$12.0234.63%
12/06/2012White Noel WSr. Grp. VP, Fresh Meats-15,000$19.67-30.42%
11/26/2012King DonnieSr. Group VP, Poultry & Prep-10,602$19.36-13.62%
11/26/2012VAN BEBBER DAVID LExec. VP and General Counsel-13,099$19.36-10.11%
11/26/2012White Noel WSr. Grp. VP Fresh Meats-9,738$19.36-16.49%
11/26/2012Smith DonaldPresident & CEO-51,873$19.36-33.25%
11/26/2012Lochner James VChief Operting Officer-33,717$19.36-19.61%
11/20/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-1,000$19.00-2.41%
11/20/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-1,100$19.00-2.58%
11/20/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-1,200$19.02-2.74%
11/20/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-700$19.01-1.57%
11/20/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer4,000$4.909.86%
10/05/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-6,404$16.37-13.64%
10/02/2012VAN BEBBER DAVID LExec. VP and General Counsel-2,036$16.54-1.51%
10/02/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared3,394$16.544.54%
10/02/2012LEATHERBY DENNISExec. VP and CFO-2,036$16.54-2.63%
9/17/2012White Noel WSr Group VP, Fresh Meats1,008$9.641.64%
9/17/2012White Noel WSr Group VP, Fresh Meats-808$16.20-1.29%
9/17/2012White Noel WSr Group VP, Fresh Meats-200$16.21-0.32%
9/13/2012Smith DonaldPresident and CEO-692$16.30-0.43%
9/13/2012Smith DonaldPresident and CEO1,392$9.640.88%
9/13/2012Smith DonaldPresident and CEO-700$16.31-0.44%
9/10/2012LEATHERBY DENNISExec. VP and CFO-715$15.95-0.99%
9/10/2012LEATHERBY DENNISExec. VP and CFO-1,285$15.94-1.76%
9/10/2012LEATHERBY DENNISExec. VP and CFO-600$15.93-0.81%
9/10/2012LEATHERBY DENNISExec. VP and CFO-400$15.91-0.54%
9/10/2012LEATHERBY DENNISExec. VP and CFO-2,200$15.90-2.88%
9/10/2012LEATHERBY DENNISExec. VP and CFO-800$15.89-1.04%
9/10/2012LEATHERBY DENNISExec. VP and CFO6,000$9.648.43%
8/27/2012BADER KATHLEEN MDirector4,000$15.0061.76%
8/07/2012Banister Gaurdie E. JR.Director8,450$14.71130.46%
6/21/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-100$19.53-0.21%
6/21/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-792$19.52-1.66%
6/21/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer1,392$13.332.97%
6/21/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-500$19.51-1.04%
6/18/2012VAN BEBBER DAVID LSVP & General Counsel200$9.640.16%
6/18/2012VAN BEBBER DAVID LSVP & General Counsel-200$19.00-0.16%
6/13/2012VAN BEBBER DAVID LEVP & General Counsel-100$19.01-0.08%
6/13/2012VAN BEBBER DAVID LEVP & General Counsel-900$19.00-0.71%
6/13/2012VAN BEBBER DAVID LEVP & General Counsel1,000$9.640.79%
6/11/2012Lochner James VChief Operating Officer-800$18.83-0.43%
6/11/2012Lochner James VChief Operating Officer-700$18.84-0.37%
6/11/2012Lochner James VChief Operating Officer-1,800$18.85-0.97%
6/11/2012Lochner James VChief Operating Officer-9,100$18.86-4.94%
6/11/2012Lochner James VChief Operating Officer-300$18.87-0.17%
6/11/2012Lochner James VChief Operating Officer1,800$18.871.05%
6/11/2012Lochner James VChief Operating Officer-100$18.88-0.06%
6/11/2012Lochner James VChief Operating Officer-400$18.82-0.21%
6/11/2012Lochner James VChief Operating Officer15,000$9.648.67%
5/29/2012Thurber Robert C.Director2,700$19.409.41%
5/29/2012Thurber Robert C.Director1,900$19.407.09%
5/29/2012Thurber Robert C.Director400$19.391.52%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared-1,500$19.49-1.88%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared-500$19.48-0.64%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared-200$19.47-0.27%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared-752$19.46-1.02%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared-100$19.45-0.14%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared-1,100$19.44-1.52%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared-100$19.43-0.14%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared6,960$13.339.58%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared1,392$9.641.95%
5/16/2012King DonnieSr.Group VP,Poultry & Prepared-3,900$19.47-5.03%
5/16/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer11,700$12.0224.96%
5/16/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-8,200$19.50-14.00%
5/16/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-1,800$19.51-3.57%
5/16/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-300$19.53-0.63%
5/16/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-700$19.52-1.44%
5/16/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-300$19.55-0.64%
5/16/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-400$19.54-0.84%
5/15/2012Kimbro KenSVP & Chief HR Officer-2,800$19.50-7.00%
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