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Nov. 25, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
10/01/2015LAHEY JOHN LDirector148$48.810.68%
10/01/2015Prete John JVP Transmission Business84$48.810.72%
10/01/2015Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller98$49.210.88%
10/01/2015Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty303$48.810.86%
10/01/2015DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations55$48.810.88%
7/01/2015DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations59$45.230.95%
7/01/2015Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller107$45.540.97%
7/01/2015LAHEY JOHN LDirector159$45.230.73%
7/01/2015Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty323$45.230.92%
7/01/2015Prete John JVP Transmission Business89$45.230.77%
5/12/2015Shassian Donald RDirector1,965$48.3774.23%
5/12/2015PLUMMER WILLIAM BDirector1,965$48.3774.23%
5/12/2015MIGLIO DANIEL JDirector1,965$48.3774.23%
5/12/2015HENLEY-COHN BETSYDirector1,965$48.3774.23%
5/12/2015CHASE ARNOLD LDirector1,965$48.3774.23%
4/01/2015Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller92$51.190.84%
4/01/2015Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty282$51.490.81%
4/01/2015Prete John JVP Transmission Business78$51.490.68%
4/01/2015DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations51$51.490.83%
4/01/2015LAHEY JOHN LDirector138$51.490.64%
2/23/2015Torgerson James PPresident & CEO22,886$42.4280.62%
2/23/2015Prete John JVP Transmission Business2,759$42.4231.66%
2/23/2015Pivirotto DianeVP Human Resources2,464$42.4255.96%
2/23/2015Marone Anthony IIIVP Client Services2,624$42.4232.15%
2/23/2015Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller2,035$42.4222.92%
2/23/2015Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty5,755$42.4219.92%
2/23/2015NICHOLAS RICHARD JExec VP & CFO4,859$42.4222.24%
2/23/2015DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations2,404$42.4264.38%
2/23/2015ALLESSIO ROBERT MVP of Gas Operations2,551$42.4262.17%
1/02/2015LAHEY JOHN LDirector160$43.920.75%
1/02/2015HENLEY-COHN BETSYDirector27$43.920.08%
1/02/2015Prete John JVP Transmission Business63$43.920.73%
1/02/2015DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations36$43.920.97%
1/02/2015Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller86$43.940.98%
1/02/2015Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty271$43.920.95%
12/10/2014Marone Anthony IIIVP Client Services-1,000$43.04-10.91%
11/18/2014Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller-2,500$39.94-22.14%
7/01/2014Prete John JVP Transmission Business70$38.740.82%
7/01/2014Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty300$38.741.07%
7/01/2014Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller124$38.601.12%
7/01/2014LAHEY JOHN LDirector178$38.740.84%
7/01/2014DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations40$38.741.11%
7/01/2014HENLEY-COHN BETSYDirector30$38.740.09%
7/01/2014Randell Linda LSr VP & Gen Counsel300$38.741.07%
5/13/2014Shassian Donald RDirector2,647$35.90115.79%
5/13/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BDirector2,647$35.90115.79%
5/13/2014MIGLIO DANIEL JDirector2,647$35.90115.79%
5/13/2014HENLEY-COHN BETSYDirector2,647$35.90115.79%
5/13/2014CHASE ARNOLD LDirector2,647$35.90115.79%
4/01/2014LAHEY JOHN LDirector186$36.550.89%
4/01/2014Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller106$36.620.97%
4/01/2014Prete John JVP Transmission Business98$36.551.17%
4/01/2014Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty314$36.551.13%
4/01/2014DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations42$36.551.18%
3/07/2014Murdy William FDirector1,000$34.6720.00%
1/02/2014LAHEY JOHN LDirector174$38.530.84%
1/02/2014Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller77$37.890.86%
1/02/2014Prete John JVP Transmission Business64$38.530.81%
1/02/2014DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations19$38.531.12%
1/02/2014Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty238$38.531.07%
11/20/2013Prete John JVP Transmission Business2,181$37.7838.23%
10/01/2013Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller78$37.171.16%
10/01/2013Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty244$37.161.31%
10/01/2013Prete John JVP Transmission Business65$37.161.15%
10/01/2013LAHEY JOHN LDirector179$37.160.87%
10/01/2013DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations19$37.161.13%
7/01/2013Prete John JVP Transmission Business64$37.751.15%
7/01/2013Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty237$37.751.28%
7/01/2013LAHEY JOHN LDirector174$37.750.85%
7/01/2013Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller75$38.301.13%
5/14/2013MIGLIO DANIEL JDirector2,286$40.6982.14%
5/14/2013Shassian Donald RDirector2,286$40.6982.14%
5/14/2013CHASE ARNOLD LDirector2,286$40.6982.14%
5/14/2013HENLEY-COHN BETSYDirector2,286$40.6982.14%
5/08/2013HENLEY-COHN BETSYDirector-3,500$40.70-12.72%
4/01/2013LAHEY JOHN LDirector165$39.420.82%
4/01/2013Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller65$39.650.99%
4/01/2013Prete John JVP Transmission Business60$39.421.09%
4/01/2013Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty225$39.421.23%
3/08/2013Marone Anthony IIIVP Client Services-1,360$39.01-16.82%
2/19/2013Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty4,664$39.0234.37%
2/19/2013ALLESSIO ROBERT MVP of Gas Operations1,073$39.02123.48%
2/19/2013Pivirotto DianeVP Human Resources1,190$39.02106.63%
2/19/2013Prete John JVP Transmission Business707$39.0214.70%
2/19/2013Vallillo Anthony JUI President & COO8,804$39.0214.57%
2/19/2013NICHOLAS RICHARD JExec VP & CFO1,002$39.027.28%
2/19/2013Marone Anthony IIIVP Client Services1,360$39.0220.21%
2/19/2013Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller661$39.0211.18%
2/19/2013DeBoissiere AlexanderSr VP Gov't Relations967$39.02143.47%
1/02/2013Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty184$36.841.37%
1/02/2013Favuzza Steven PVP & Controller72$35.301.23%
1/02/2013LAHEY JOHN LDirector174$36.840.87%
1/02/2013Prete John JVP Transmission Business56$36.841.18%
12/11/2012Vallillo Anthony JUI President & COO-700$36.56-0.72%
12/11/2012Vallillo Anthony JUI President & COO-4,697$36.55-5.01%
12/11/2012Vallillo Anthony JUI President & COO-1,821$36.60-1.90%
12/11/2012Vallillo Anthony JUI President & COO-900$36.59-0.93%
12/11/2012Vallillo Anthony JUI President & COO-200$36.58-0.21%
11/08/2012Murdy William FDirector1,500$34.5025.00%
10/01/2012Randell Linda LSr VP , Gen Counsel, Corp Scty187$35.791.42%
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