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29/7/2014 04:00 PM  |  NASDAQ : UMBF  
Industries : Banking / Regional - Southwest Banks

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-600$56.37-0.52%
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-1,200$56.55-1.06%
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-956$56.53-0.84%
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-600$56.31-0.51%
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-100$56.50-0.09%
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-270$56.40-0.23%
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-100$56.54-0.09%
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-100$56.32-0.09%
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-944$56.52-0.82%
7/25/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-130$56.42-0.11%
7/01/2014DESILVA PETER JPresident and COO6,796$34.846.19%
7/01/2014DESILVA PETER JPresident and COO5,000$38.844.29%
7/01/2014DESILVA PETER JPresident and COO-11,796$64.00-9.70%
6/10/2014KING DAVID DEVP of Subsidiary-993$61.30-10.17%
6/04/2014Smith Lawrence GExecutive Vice President1,139$41.3715.63%
6/04/2014Smith Lawrence GExecutive Vice President1,189$37.8414.11%
6/04/2014Smith Lawrence GExecutive Vice President2,095$41.7121.79%
6/04/2014Smith Lawrence GExecutive Vice President-1,755$57.40-14.99%
6/04/2014Smith Lawrence GExecutive Vice President-2,095$57.44-21.05%
6/04/2014Smith Lawrence GExecutive Vice President-1,139$57.50-14.49%
5/01/2014Anderson Craig LPresident - Commercial Banking235$58.3630.48%
5/01/2014GRAVES GREG MDirector133$58.261.05%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-1,300$64.05-5.10%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-1,100$64.10-4.55%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-1,000$64.10-4.33%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-100$64.11-0.45%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-200$64.02-0.78%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-324$64.01-1.25%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-476$64.00-1.80%
3/12/2014KEMPER ALEXANDER CDirector-1,000$64.50-33.85%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary4,022$37.8420.12%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary5,135$41.3734.56%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary882$37.736.31%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-629$64.12-2.86%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-200$64.13-0.94%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary2,473$41.7110.30%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-300$64.57-2.10%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-583$64.56-3.92%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-700$64.55-4.50%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-2,000$64.51-11.39%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-700$64.50-3.83%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-600$64.42-3.18%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-200$64.41-1.05%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-400$64.40-2.06%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-1,000$64.30-4.89%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-400$64.25-1.92%
3/12/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-300$64.15-1.42%
3/11/2014KEMPER ALEXANDER CDirector-1,000$64.00-25.29%
3/11/2014Iseman Andrew JCEO of Subsidiary3,372$41.7114.59%
3/11/2014Iseman Andrew JCEO of Subsidiary-1,838$63.75-6.94%
3/11/2014Iseman Andrew JCEO of Subsidiary-1,000$63.80-4.06%
3/11/2014Iseman Andrew JCEO of Subsidiary-658$63.83-2.78%
3/11/2014Iseman Andrew JCEO of Subsidiary-342$63.85-1.49%
3/04/2014KEMPER ALEXANDER CDirector-35$63.57-0.71%
3/04/2014KEMPER ALEXANDER CDirector-200$63.56-4.81%
3/04/2014KEMPER ALEXANDER CDirector-765$63.55-15.55%
3/03/2014GRAVES GREG MDirector17$61.730.13%
3/03/2014KEMPER ALEXANDER CDirector-1,000$61.50-16.80%
2/28/2014KEMPER ALEXANDER CDirector-100$62.19-1.44%
2/28/2014KEMPER ALEXANDER CDirector-600$62.14-8.75%
2/28/2014KEMPER ALEXANDER CDirector-300$62.14-4.80%
2/19/2014Anderson Craig LPresident - Commercial Banking-916$56.84-4.97%
2/19/2014Anderson Craig LPresident - Commercial Banking1,800$28.9310.83%
2/18/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-271$58.79-1.90%
2/18/2014Smith Lawrence GExecutive Vice President-251$58.79-3.34%
2/18/2014Pierson Christine LEVP of Subsidiary-172$58.79-1.80%
2/18/2014KING DAVID DEVP of Subsidiary-272$58.79-2.72%
2/18/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-959$58.79-0.82%
2/18/2014Iseman Andrew JCEO of Subsidiary-245$58.79-1.05%
2/18/2014Hunt Daryl SEVP of Subsidiary-267$58.79-2.58%
2/18/2014Hagedorn Michael DPresident of Subsidiary-377$58.79-0.78%
2/18/2014DESILVA PETER JPresident and COO-940$58.79-0.85%
2/18/2014Anderson Craig LPresident - Commercial Banking-218$58.79-1.29%
2/18/2014Brian J WalkerChief Financial Officer-203$58.79-3.03%
2/13/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-300$58.26-0.26%
2/13/2014KING DAVID DEVP of Subsidiary-100$58.26-0.99%
2/13/2014Smith Lawrence GExecutive Vice President-90$58.26-1.18%
2/13/2014Brian J WalkerChief Financial Officer-66$58.26-0.98%
2/13/2014Hunt Daryl SEVP of Subsidiary-92$58.26-0.88%
2/13/2014Anderson Craig LPresident - Commercial Banking-38$58.26-0.23%
2/13/2014Hagedorn Michael DPresident of Subsidiary-121$58.26-0.25%
2/13/2014DESILVA PETER JPresident and COO-308$58.26-0.28%
2/13/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-87$58.26-0.61%
2/12/2014Hagedorn Michael DPresident of Subsidiary-765$57.88-1.56%
2/12/2014DESILVA PETER JPresident and COO-1,278$57.88-1.14%
2/11/2014Iseman Andrew JCEO of Subsidiary-1,743$57.50-6.86%
2/07/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-600$57.10-0.57%
2/07/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-1,000$57.00-0.93%
2/07/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-500$57.02-0.47%
2/07/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-200$57.09-0.19%
2/07/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-500$57.09-0.47%
2/07/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-600$67.10-0.57%
2/07/2014KEMPER J MARINERChairman and CEO-200$57.30-0.19%
2/03/2014GRAVES GREG MDirector133$58.391.06%
1/31/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary5,000$37.7340.48%
1/31/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-1,300$59.65-7.49%
1/31/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-500$59.66-3.11%
1/31/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-500$59.67-3.22%
1/31/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-500$59.68-3.32%
1/31/2014Zader JohnEVP and COO of subsidiary-700$59.69-4.81%
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