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  1. Q4 Shaping Up to be No Different - Ahead of Wall Street

    January 23, 2014
    The results thus far are not materially different from what we have been seeing in recent quarters.
  2. Railroad Industry Stock Outlook - Dec 2013 - Industry Outlook

    December 27, 2013
    Railroad Industry Stock Outlook - Dec 2013 - Industry Outlook
  3. Will The Dividend And Buyback Frenzy Continue?

    September 4, 2013
    Fix your mind on a pair of percentages: 73% and 27%. These two figures hold the key to why the long-term appeal of stocks ...
  4. Railroad Industry Stock Outlook - Aug/Sep 2013 - Industry Outlook

    August 28, 2013
    Railroad Industry Stock Outlook - Aug/Sep 2013 - Industry Outlook
  5. Benzinga Market Primer, Friday July 19

    July 19, 2013
    Futures Slide On Weak Earnings U.S. equity futures slid overnight following weak earnings reports from tech giants Microsoft ...
  6. CSX On Target, But Hard To Find A Reason To Pay Up

    July 17, 2013
    CSX does as expected for the second quarter, but valuations seem to be getting a little full.
  7. Are Trucker Profits Signaling a Market U-turn? - Analyst Blog

    July 15, 2013
    Profit short falls at UPS and JB Hunt present a risk to the rally by suggesting headwinds to corporate profit growth.
  8. Stock Market News for July 2, 2013 - Market News

    July 2, 2013
    Encouraging reports on the home front from manufacturing and construction sectors guided the benchmarks to a finish in the ...
  9. Canadian Pacific Trims Transit Time - Analyst Blog

    June 26, 2013
    Canadian Pacific Railway Limited introduced faster and swifter intermodal rail connectivity between Toronto and Calgary. ...
  10. ETF of the Week: Industrial SPDR (XLI) - ETF News And Commentary

    February 14, 2013
    We had earlier made a bullish case for the Industrial Select Sector SPDR (XLI) before starting the year 2013. This was particularly ...
  11. Stock Market News for February 14, 2013 - Market News

    February 14, 2013
    Benchmarks finished mixed following a small increase in retail sales and marginally upbeat earnings reports. The State of ...
  12. CNI Puts Off Project Study - Analyst Blog

    February 13, 2013
    Uncertainty surrounding the mining sector compelled Canadian National Railway Company (CNI) to shelve the feasibility study ...
  13. CNI: 2013 Capital Outlay - Analyst Blog

    February 6, 2013
    Canadian National Railway (CNI), leading Canadian Freight railroad announced capital investment of C$1.9 billion in 2013. ...
  14. KSU Hikes Dividend on Common Shares - Analyst Blog

    January 29, 2013
    One of the leading and oldest freight railroads, Kansas City Southern (KSU) has increased its dividend by 10% to 21.5 cents ...
  15. Norfolk Chalks Out Investment Plan - Analyst Blog

    January 29, 2013
    Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC) one of the leading railroads in North America has announced an investment plan of $2 billion ...
  16. CSX Building Out in Quebec - Analyst Blog

    January 28, 2013
    CSX Corporation (CSX) plans to build an intermodal facility in Quebec. The construction will include an intermodal rail terminal ...
  17. Kansas City EPS Rise on Record Revs - Analyst Blog

    January 23, 2013
    Kansas City Southern (KSU) reported fourth quarter 2012 adjusted earnings of 92 cents per share, breezing past the Zacks ...
  18. Stock Market News for January 15, 2013 - Market News

    January 15, 2013
    Shares of technology bellwether Apple dipped, dragging the S&P 500 and Nasdaq lower on Monday after investors were alarmed ...
  19. Railroad Stock Outlook - January 2013 - Zacks Analyst Interviews

    January 11, 2013
    Railroads continue to benefit from the ongoing highway conversion due to their cost effectiveness over truckloads. Currently, ...
  20. Norfolk Paves Way for Investment - Analyst Blog

    January 7, 2013
    In 2012, major transportation firm Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC) helped state and local authority to identify the location ...
  21. ONEOK Backs Off The Bakken

    November 30, 2012
    Oneok Partners cancels a pipeline that was supposed to ease the crude bottleneck in the Bakken.
  22. Union Pacific and More Big Movers in Transportation on November ...

    November 23, 2012
    On a good day for the market, the Nasdaq has increased 1.3%, the S&P 500 has risen 1% and the Dow is trading up 1%. The transportation ...
  23. Invest like Warren Buffett with These ETFs - Investment Ideas

    November 15, 2012
    Warren Buffett is widely regarded as one of the greatest investors of all-time, and for good reason. The 'Oracle of Omaha' ...
  24. Union Pacific Among Transportation's Biggest Movers on November ...

    November 12, 2012
    The Nasdaq is trading down 0.1%, the S&P 500 remains relatively unchanged and the Dow has fallen 0.1% so far today. The transportation ...
  25. Top Ranked Transportation ETF in Focus - ETF News And Commentary

    October 31, 2012
    The transportation industry occupies an important niche in the world market and includes movement of freight and passengers ...
  26. The Fiscal Cliff - The Good, Bad And Ugly

    October 31, 2012
    The fiscal cliff is a collection of tax increases and spending cuts that will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2013.
  27. Hub Group Could Deliver Value, But Mind The Margins

    October 25, 2012
    Hub Group's volumes were good, but margins showed some stress.
  28. Kansas City Southern Has The Growth, But Maybe Not The Value

    October 22, 2012
    Kansas City Southern has uncommonly good growth prospects, but the Street already sees that.
  29. Union Pacific Already Rewarded For Its Quality

    October 22, 2012
    Union Pacific is executing well, but could be vulnerable to slowing economic growth.
  30. Union Pacific Among Transportation's Biggest Movers on October ...

    October 18, 2012
    So far today, the Nasdaq has decreased 0.3%, the S&P 500 remains relatively unchanged and the Dow is up 0.1%. The transportation ...
  31. Stock Market News for October 15, 2012 - Market News

    October 15, 2012
    Benchmarks lost their initial gains to end mostly flat as apprehensions about contracting profits of financial bellwethers ...
  32. September Rail Data - Coal Still Weak, Are Industrials Next?

    October 10, 2012
    Is slowing industrial demand something to worry about?
  33. Union Pacific Among Transportation's Biggest Movers on September ...

    September 20, 2012
    On a bad day for the market, the Nasdaq has slipped 0.3%, the S&P 500 is trading down 0.3% and the Dow is trading down 0.1%. ...
  34. FedEx May Be In Sight Of Bargain Pricing

    September 19, 2012
    FedEx continues to suffer from weaker international demand. However, across multiple metrics FedEx may at long last be trading ...
  35. Big Movers on the Transportation Sector Today, Including UNP

    August 3, 2012
    The Nasdaq is trading up 2.2%, the S&P 500 has increased 2% and the Dow has climbed 1.8% on a good day for the market so ...
  36. Biggest Transportation Sector Movers for July 26, 2012, Including ...

    July 26, 2012
    On a good day for the market, the Nasdaq has moved up 1.1%, the S&P 500 has risen 1.3% and the Dow has increased 1.4%. The ...
  37. Norfolk Southern Reports Mixed 2Q - Analyst Blog

    July 25, 2012
    Norfolk Southern Corp. (NSC), one of the leading U.S. railroad companies reported second quarter 2012 earnings of $1.60 per ...
  38. Genesee's Bold Bid To Be The Leading Short-Line Operator

    July 23, 2012
    By acquiring fellow short-line operator RailAmerica, Genesee & Wyoming will either vault itself to a new level of operating ...
  39. Today's Major Transportation Sector Movers: HUBG and More

    July 20, 2012
    This morning's trading has marked a bad day for the market so far. The Nasdaq is trading down 0.7%; the S&P 500 has fallen ...
  40. Biggest Transportation Sector Movers for July 19, 2012

    July 19, 2012
    On a good day for the market, the Nasdaq has increased 1.1%, the S&P 500 is trading up 0.3% and the Dow is up 0.3%. The transportation ...
  41. CSX In Solid Shape Despite Weak Coal

    July 18, 2012
    CSX is holding up well despite plunging coal demand.
  42. Railroads Step Up Against Lawsuit - Analyst Blog

    July 6, 2012
    Four major U.S. railroads - Union Pacific Corporation (UNP), Norfolk Southern Corp. (NSC), CSX Corporation (CSX) and Burlington ...
  43. Time To Invest In Railroad Stocks

    June 27, 2012
    Short-term traders may not want to look at the rails. But the long-term picture remains solid due to the economic advantages ...
  44. Railroads Linked in Class Action - Analyst Blog

    June 22, 2012
    The District of Columbia (DC) court has granted class action status to a lawsuit charging major North American railroads ...
  45. Once Again, Rails Suggest Summer Slowdown Isn't That Bad

    June 15, 2012
    Rail data continues to suggest that the industrial economy is pretty healthy
  46. Investors Want Nothing To Do With Cloud Peak Energy

    May 4, 2012
    Investors have no interest in coal stocks today.
  47. Old Dominion Still In Overdrive

    April 30, 2012
    If Old Dominion disappointed investors, it could only be because a long string of solid results has led them to expect a ...
  48. Enbridge Energy Partners May Gain From Keystone's Pain

    March 30, 2012
    Opposition to the Keystone XL could make Enbridge Energy Partners' pipeline assets even more valuable.
  49. It's Time To Invest In Railroad Stocks

    March 20, 2012
    Short-term traders may not want to look at the rails. But the long-term picture remains solid due to the economic advantages ...
  50. Wabtec Winning On The Rails

    March 15, 2012
    Wabtec is a great play on a global trend.
  51. Will Natural Gas Keep Sapping Power From Rail Traffic?

    March 14, 2012
    Declines in coal-powered electricity are pushing down traffic volume. However, rail stocks like CSX and KSU still look undervalued.
  52. The 10 Must-Know Market Forces for 2012

    February 14, 2012
    For the first time since 2007, investors have multiple ways to succeed this year. Understanding how the lingering effects ...
  53. Genesee & Wyoming An Uncommon Growth Story

    February 13, 2012
    Genesee & Wyoming has both above-average growth potential and an above-average valuation.
  54. It's Time To Invest In Railroad Stocks

    January 27, 2012
    Short-term traders may not want to look at the rails. But the long-term picture remains solid due to the economic advantages ...
  55. Cloud Peak Energy - The Power In Powder

    January 18, 2012
    Cloud Peak has its issues, but a demanding valuation isn't one of them.
  56. Does CSX Have The Most Levers To Pull In 2012?

    January 18, 2012
    CSX has all of the perks of U.S. rail and a few extra as well.
  57. It's Time To Invest In Railroad Stocks

    December 28, 2011
    Short-term traders may not want to look at the rails. But the long-term picture remains solid due to the economic advantages ...
  58. 2011 In Review - Railroads

    December 27, 2011
    Railroads had another strong year in 2011.
  59. Pricing Is Strong At CSX

    October 24, 2011
    Volume is not strong at CSX, but pricing is very good.
  60. It's Time To Invest In Railroad Stocks

    September 28, 2011
    Short-term traders may not want to look at the rails. But the long-term picture remains solid due to the economic advantages ...
  61. Riding The Rail Stocks

    September 8, 2011
    Short-term traders may not want to look at the rails. But the long-term picture remains solid due to the economic advantages ...
  62. UTi Seems To Be Pricing In The Bad News

    September 5, 2011
    UTi is vulnerable to a slowdown in growth, but slowdowns usually lead to recoveries.
  63. Will The Street Believe In Steel Dynamics?

    July 25, 2011
    Steel Dynamics had a better second quarter than it expected, but the steel market isn't a sure win yet.
  64. Rail Traffic Confirms A Slowing Economy

    June 10, 2011
    Monthly rail traffic shows that the economy has definitely slowed.
  65. April Rail Data: A Penny On The Tracks?

    May 12, 2011
    Rail traffic slipped in April, but a very difficult comparison in coal was the main culprit.
  66. CSX Barrels Along

    April 21, 2011
    Railroad CSX posted another impressive quarter as its earnings barrel along.
  67. Bullish News For Global Trade

    April 7, 2011
    Increases in worldwide freight and cargo traffic continue to grow back towards pre-crisis levels and the sector has rallied ...
  68. Here Comes The Tricky Part For Rail Traffic

    March 11, 2011
    February was the second straight month where rail traffic data looked a bit odd.
  69. Rail Stocks Chugging Right Along

    March 7, 2011
    As the economy continues to improve, so will the returns of the railroad operators.
  70. Atlas Air Flying Higher Now

    February 17, 2011
    Atlas is managing its transition away from military business and reaping the benefits of higher airfreight demand.
  71. Rail Traffic Data Still Largely Good News

    February 14, 2011
    January's data was still positive, but a few clouds appeared on the horizon.
  72. CSX Opens The Throttle

    February 2, 2011
    With the rail industry recovering, CSX is on track to accelerate its business.
  73. Q4 Earnings Results Superlatives

    February 2, 2011
    There are three clear leading groups that can be determined, based on Q4's earnings numbers.
  74. Rail Traffic Points To An Ongoing Recovery

    December 10, 2010
    Rail traffic continues to show a steady slow-growth recovery.
  75. Rails Roll On Into The Fall

    October 14, 2010
    Rail traffic stayed strong in September, but is slower manufacturing growth a threat?
  76. FedEx Still Loading Up

    September 20, 2010
    Investors can use conservative guidance to their advantage when good stocks sell off.
  77. Rails And Supplies Suggest More Volatility

    September 14, 2010
    Rail traffic and tool sales were strong in August, but seem to be fading as we move to the final quarter.
  78. UTi Worldwide: Still A Name To Play In Freight

    September 6, 2010
    UTIW hasn't enjoyed the same rebound as other transports; savvy investors should ask why.
  79. Top Performing Railroad Stocks

    August 27, 2010
    Although transportation stocks have lost some value in recent trading, rail is a solid long-term investment.
  80. Railroads Suggest Recovery Is Soft

    August 11, 2010
    July's number for railroad shipping suggest that that economic recovery is slowing.
  81. CSX's Unsurprising Surprise

    July 14, 2010
    CSX delivers more ammunition to the recovery bulls.
  82. Some Positive Signs For The Economy

    July 12, 2010
    There is some good economic news despite the doom and gloom that is infecting investors' minds.
  83. Railways Prepare To Announce Earnings

    July 12, 2010
    Railroads serve as a gauge for overall economic activity. Find out what investors can expect as the earnings season approaches.
  84. Rails Show Strength

    July 5, 2010
    Despite all the doomsday news on the economy, the railroad industry continues to show increasing strength.
  85. Buffett Rides The Rails

    May 4, 2010
    Railways look to be on track for further gains in the upcoming year.
  86. Canadian National Needs To Do More

    April 29, 2010
    Canadian National is the best railroad in North America, but perhaps not the best performer when facing Wall Street expectations.
  87. CSX Starts To Roll

    April 21, 2010
    On the heels of increased rail traffic in March, there are signs of real improvement in the rails signalling good things ...
  88. Signs Of An Economic Recovery Multiply

    April 20, 2010
    Bearish commentators are convinced the economy will head down into another contraction, but management commentary and recent ...
  89. Keep Your Eyes On These Stocks

    April 7, 2010
    In today's market, pouring over 13D filings can be a fertile way to source new ideas.
  90. Stocks That Institutional Investors Love

    February 4, 2010
    Looking at the stocks that institutional investors own can provide a good starting point for the everyday investor.
  91. The Railroads In 2010

    January 4, 2010
    The railroad industry in 2010 could be a lucrative investment for those who follow the smart money.
  92. Railroad Reality - Buffett's Not Crazy After All

    December 10, 2009
    Is Warren Buffett's decision to add Burlington Northern Santa Fe as a Berkshire Hathaway holding a tacit approval for other, ...
  93. Buffett's Long-Term Bet On Rails

    November 3, 2009
    Buffett's $44 billion bet on BNI assumes that the "country's future prosperity depends on an efficient and well-maintained ...
  94. CSX Heading Back On Track

    October 21, 2009
    Though its revenues and income were still down this quarter, CSX maintains that the worst of the recession is over.
  95. Riding The Rails: Still Vulnerable Or Packed With Potential?

    June 12, 2009
    Is the recent rally in railroad stocks stalling, or will these companies keep chugging along?
  96. The Freight Industry Has A Great Load To Bear

    April 17, 2009
    CSX reported lower first quarter earnings, showing the freight sector hasn't yet rebounded.
  97. Is It Time To Jump On Railcar Companies?

    March 16, 2009
    Railcar companies have seen earnings protected by a strong backlog and seem to have discounted a downturn.
  98. Canadian National Railway Rolls Along

    January 6, 2009
    Canadian National Railway's "I think I can" attitude is helping it pull through an economic slowdown.
  99. Railroad Industry Headed For Mixed Quarter

    October 14, 2008
    Rail traffic is down, but so are fuel costs. We examine trouble facing the industry and one small railroad that offers stability.
  100. Follow TCI's Activism To The Bank

    August 6, 2008
    The Children's Investment Fund gives a portion of its fees to charity, but that doesn't mean it's soft. Learn how this ruthless ...
  101. Transportation Stocks Driving The Rally

    May 29, 2008
    While energy and oil continue to garner attention, transportation stocks have quietly taken over as market leaders.
  102. Off the Pace (PACR)

    May 3, 2007
    Positioned within a booming industry Pacer should be prospering, yet the company is falling behind its peers.
  103. Off The Rails? (NSC)

    August 22, 2006
    Fears of a recession have prompted a rail stock sell-off. Have things been overdone?
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