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Mar. 5, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
2/27/2015McClure Teri PSr VP, Gen Counsel & Sec-4,000$101.81-7.44%
2/27/2015McClure Teri PSr VP, Gen Counsel & Sec-4,000$101.81-100.00%
1/30/2015Finley Teresa M.Senior Vice President-96$109.29-0.22%
1/30/2015Nichols Mitchell R.Senior Vice President-120$109.29-0.30%
1/30/2015Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-381$109.29-0.44%
1/30/2015Nichols Mitchell R.Senior Vice President367$109.290.94%
1/30/2015Barber James J.Senior Vice President-115$109.29-0.47%
1/30/2015Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President457$109.292.37%
1/30/2015Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President-100$109.29-0.49%
1/30/2015KUEHN KURT PCFO & Senior Vice President1,076$109.291.67%
1/30/2015McClure Teri PSr VP, Gen Counsel & Sec-216$109.29-0.40%
1/30/2015KUEHN KURT PCFO & Senior Vice President-264$109.29-0.40%
1/30/2015BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President-385$109.29-0.26%
1/30/2015Barber James J.Senior Vice President391$109.291.66%
1/30/2015BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President712$109.290.49%
1/30/2015ABNEY DAVID PChief Executive Officer727$109.290.52%
1/30/2015Nichols Mitchell R.Senior Vice President-131$109.29-0.33%
1/30/2015Nichols Mitchell R.Senior Vice President-189$109.29-0.48%
1/30/2015DAVIS D SCOTTSenior Executive Officer-871$109.29-0.34%
1/30/2015Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President306$109.291.53%
1/30/2015KUEHN KURT PCFO & Senior Vice President682$109.291.03%
1/30/2015Barber James J.Senior Vice President625$109.292.73%
1/30/2015Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-232$109.29-0.27%
1/30/2015Gershenhorn AlanEVP & Chief Comm Officer-211$109.29-0.25%
1/30/2015ABNEY DAVID PChief Executive Officer-575$109.29-0.41%
1/30/2015ABNEY DAVID PChief Executive Officer799$109.290.57%
1/30/2015Nichols Mitchell R.Senior Vice President337$109.290.86%
1/30/2015Barber James J.Senior Vice President-152$109.29-0.63%
1/30/2015ABNEY DAVID PChief Executive Officer-349$109.29-0.25%
1/30/2015Finley Teresa M.Senior Vice President-117$109.29-0.27%
1/30/2015Barber James J.Senior Vice President-207$109.29-0.86%
1/30/2015MCDEVITT JOHN JSenior Vice President1,067$109.291.34%
1/30/2015Nichols Mitchell R.Senior Vice President500$109.291.30%
1/30/2015ABNEY DAVID PChief Executive Officer-384$109.29-0.27%
1/30/2015ABNEY DAVID PChief Executive Officer1,177$109.290.85%
1/30/2015McClure Teri PSr VP, Gen Counsel & Sec-230$109.29-0.42%
1/30/2015McClure Teri PSr VP, Gen Counsel & Sec-380$109.29-0.70%
1/30/2015KUEHN KURT PCFO & Senior Vice President734$109.291.12%
1/30/2015DAVIS D SCOTTSenior Executive Officer-590$109.29-0.23%
1/30/2015Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-220$109.29-0.25%
1/30/2015Finley Teresa M.Senior Vice President302$109.290.70%
1/30/2015DAVIS D SCOTTSenior Executive Officer3,184$109.291.29%
1/30/2015Gershenhorn AlanEVP & Chief Comm Officer648$109.290.77%
1/30/2015Gershenhorn AlanEVP & Chief Comm Officer703$109.290.85%
1/30/2015Gray Myron ASenior Vice President706$109.290.83%
1/30/2015Gershenhorn AlanEVP & Chief Comm Officer1,033$109.291.26%
1/30/2015Gershenhorn AlanEVP & Chief Comm Officer-271$109.29-0.32%
1/30/2015Barber James J.Senior Vice President297$109.291.24%
1/30/2015KUEHN KURT PCFO & Senior Vice President-354$109.29-0.53%
1/30/2015BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President-234$109.29-0.16%
1/30/2015Finley Teresa M.Senior Vice President-157$109.29-0.36%
1/30/2015BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President657$109.290.45%
1/30/2015McClure Teri PSr VP, Gen Counsel & Sec1,031$109.291.98%
1/30/2015Finley Teresa M.Senior Vice President282$109.290.65%
1/30/2015McClure Teri PSr VP, Gen Counsel & Sec701$109.291.32%
1/30/2015DAVIS D SCOTTSenior Executive Officer2,155$109.290.86%
1/30/2015BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President1,047$109.290.73%
1/30/2015Finley Teresa M.Senior Vice President405$109.290.95%
1/30/2015Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President-128$109.29-0.63%
1/30/2015BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President-220$109.29-0.15%
1/30/2015DAVIS D SCOTTSenior Executive Officer-604$109.29-0.24%
1/30/2015MCDEVITT JOHN JSenior Vice President-220$109.29-0.27%
1/30/2015DAVIS D SCOTTSenior Executive Officer1,959$109.290.78%
1/30/2015MCDEVITT JOHN JSenior Vice President-392$109.29-0.48%
1/30/2015Gershenhorn AlanEVP & Chief Comm Officer-344$109.29-0.41%
1/30/2015McClure Teri PSr VP, Gen Counsel & Sec647$109.291.20%
1/30/2015MCDEVITT JOHN JSenior Vice President-239$109.29-0.29%
1/30/2015Gray Myron ASenior Vice President1,035$109.291.23%
1/30/2015KUEHN KURT PCFO & Senior Vice President-245$109.29-0.37%
1/30/2015MCDEVITT JOHN JSenior Vice President659$109.290.81%
1/30/2015MCDEVITT JOHN JSenior Vice President727$109.290.90%
1/30/2015Gray Myron ASenior Vice President657$109.290.77%
1/30/2015Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President334$109.291.69%
1/30/2015Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President-177$109.29-0.88%
12/16/2014Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President-137$110.75-0.62%
12/16/2014Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President1,327$70.907.19%
12/16/2014Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President-763$110.75-3.52%
12/16/2014Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President-850$110.75-4.23%
12/16/2014Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President-159$110.75-0.73%
12/16/2014Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President-820$110.75-3.92%
12/16/2014Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President1,123$80.885.36%
12/16/2014Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President1,173$72.075.93%
12/16/2014Gutmann Kathleen M.Senior Vice President-101$110.75-0.46%
12/04/2014BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President-1,061$110.90-0.67%
12/04/2014BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President-1,669$110.90-1.05%
12/04/2014BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President9,652$70.906.81%
12/04/2014BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President8,178$80.885.40%
12/04/2014BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President-5,964$110.90-3.80%
12/04/2014BARNES DAVID ASenior Vice President-6,171$110.90-4.09%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-539$109.92-0.52%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-2,499$109.92-2.47%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-3,256$109.92-3.50%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President3,837$71.583.86%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-5,575$109.92-6.22%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-3,132$109.92-3.26%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President10,976$55.8313.88%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President5,048$70.905.61%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President4,256$80.884.48%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-642$109.92-0.63%
12/01/2014Gray Myron ASenior Vice President-859$109.92-0.84%
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