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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/20/2014BRITELL JENNE KDirector-3,000$115.00-6.09%
8/13/2014Papastavrou Jason DDirector3,000$34.8612.08%
8/13/2014Papastavrou Jason DDirector-3,000$111.12-10.77%
7/29/2014OZANNE JAMESDirector-5,000$110.67-18.61%
7/18/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident and CEO20,000$3.386.16%
7/18/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident and CEO-20,000$111.06-5.81%
7/18/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.-1,945$110.51-10.55%
7/18/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO-15,906$111.06-19.76%
6/30/2014GRIFFIN BOBBY JDirector292$104.731.01%
6/10/2014BRITELL JENNE KDirector-2,300$106.20-4.46%
5/15/2014Wimbush Lawrence KeithDirector-500$94.00-5.95%
5/14/2014Wimbush Lawrence KeithDirector-1,500$97.36-15.14%
5/14/2014BRITELL JENNE KDirector-3,100$98.34-5.67%
5/07/2014Alvarez Jose BDirector1,340$93.347.39%
5/07/2014BRITELL JENNE KDirector2,679$93.345.15%
5/07/2014Wimbush Lawrence KeithDirector1,340$93.3415.64%
5/07/2014MCAULEY BRIANDirector1,340$93.345.37%
5/07/2014MCALLISTER SINGLETON BDirector1,340$93.346.55%
5/07/2014MCKINNEY JOHN SDirector1,340$93.3415.64%
5/07/2014LEROY PIERRE EDirector1,340$93.3416.41%
5/07/2014OZANNE JAMESDirector1,340$93.345.25%
5/07/2014Papastavrou Jason DDirector1,340$93.345.70%
5/07/2014PASSERINI FILIPPODirector1,340$93.346.55%
5/07/2014GRIFFIN BOBBY JDirector1,340$93.344.86%
5/07/2014ROOF DONALD CDirector1,340$93.3424.10%
5/06/2014Asplund Dale ASVP-Business Services and CIO723$93.432.25%
4/24/2014Fahey John JVice President - Controller-6,983$94.83-29.01%
4/21/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.-6,079$93.02-24.81%
4/21/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident and CEO20,000$3.386.16%
4/21/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident and CEO-20,000$93.03-5.81%
3/31/2014GRIFFIN BOBBY JDirector299$94.941.10%
3/17/2014BRITELL JENNE KDirector-2,200$91.02-4.03%
3/17/2014MCALLISTER SINGLETON BDirector3,000$16.1814.66%
3/17/2014MCALLISTER SINGLETON BDirector-3,000$91.79-12.78%
3/14/2014Asplund Dale ASenior V.P.-Bus. Serv. & CIO-6,000$91.00-15.58%
3/13/2014MCKINNEY JOHN SDirector-4,900$92.22-36.38%
3/13/2014LEROY PIERRE EDirector-15,000$91.13-64.75%
3/08/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident and CEO-4,056$88.49-1.23%
3/08/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BExecutive VP & CFO-1,217$88.49-1.64%
3/08/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.-370$88.49-1.49%
3/08/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO-994$88.49-1.22%
3/08/2014Fahey John JVice President - Controller-296$88.49-1.21%
3/08/2014Asplund Dale ASr. VP - Bus. Services & CIO-340$88.49-0.87%
3/07/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident and CEO-5,014$88.49-1.50%
3/07/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BExecutive VP & CFO-212$88.49-0.28%
3/07/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BExecutive VP & CFO-1,292$88.49-1.71%
3/07/2014Asplund Dale ASr. VP - Bus. Services & CIO-336$88.49-0.86%
3/07/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.-360$88.49-1.43%
3/07/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO-218$88.49-0.26%
3/07/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO-1,231$88.49-1.49%
3/07/2014Fahey John JVice President - Controller-175$88.49-0.71%
3/04/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident and CEO13,809$90.524.34%
3/04/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident and CEO3,139$90.520.95%
3/04/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident and CEO-1,528$90.52-0.46%
3/04/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO4,474$90.525.76%
3/04/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO1,234$90.521.50%
3/04/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO-433$90.52-0.52%
3/04/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.1,657$90.527.19%
3/04/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.864$90.523.50%
3/04/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.-320$90.52-1.25%
3/04/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BExec. VP & CFO4,474$90.526.34%
3/04/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BExec. VP & CFO1,256$90.521.67%
3/04/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BExec. VP & CFO-495$90.52-0.65%
3/04/2014Asplund Dale ASr. VP - Bus. Services & CIO2,319$90.526.43%
3/04/2014Asplund Dale ASr. VP - Bus. Services & CIO1,105$90.522.88%
3/04/2014Asplund Dale ASr. VP - Bus. Services & CIO-303$90.52-0.77%
3/04/2014Fahey John JVice President - Controller911$90.523.91%
3/04/2014Fahey John JVice President - Controller456$90.521.88%
3/04/2014Fahey John JVice President - Controller-156$90.52-0.63%
2/16/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BExec. VP & CFO-723$83.31-1.01%
2/16/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident & CEO-3,440$83.31-1.07%
2/16/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.-345$83.31-1.48%
2/16/2014Asplund Dale ASr. VP - Bus. Services & CIO-365$83.31-1.00%
2/16/2014Fahey John JVice President - Controller-227$83.31-0.96%
2/16/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO-745$83.31-0.95%
1/24/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident & C.E.O.-20,000$80.12-5.85%
1/24/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident & C.E.O.20,000$3.386.22%
1/22/2014Fahey John JVice President - Controller4,491$81.5921.74%
1/22/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.6,477$81.5933.46%
1/22/2014Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.-2,455$81.59-9.50%
1/22/2014Asplund Dale ASr. VP - Bus. Services & CIO8,450$81.5927.83%
1/22/2014Asplund Dale ASr. VP - Bus. Services & CIO-2,371$81.59-6.11%
1/22/2014Fahey John JVice President - Controller-1,591$81.59-6.33%
1/22/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident & C.E.O.42,453$81.5914.24%
1/22/2014KNEELAND MICHAELPresident & C.E.O.-18,912$81.59-5.55%
1/22/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO-3,058$81.59-3.75%
1/22/2014Flannery Matthew JohnExecutive VP & COO8,548$81.5911.72%
1/22/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BExec. VP & CFO-3,192$81.59-4.29%
1/22/2014PLUMMER WILLIAM BExec. VP & CFO9,208$81.5914.11%
12/31/2013GRIFFIN BOBBY JDirector372$77.951.38%
12/11/2013OZANNE JAMESDirector-3,500$70.37-100.00%
12/10/2013PLUMMER WILLIAM BExec. VP and CFO-4,400$71.50-6.32%
12/09/2013BRITELL JENNE KDirector-4,220$71.12-7.18%
11/18/2013Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.-2,250$68.85-10.41%
11/15/2013Asplund Dale ASr. VP - Bus. Services & CIO5,053$68.5919.97%
11/15/2013KNEELAND MICHAELPresident & CEO11,229$68.593.91%
11/15/2013Fahey John JVice President - Controller2,807$68.5915.73%
11/15/2013Flannery Matthew JohnExec. VP & COO6,600$68.599.95%
11/15/2013Gottsegen Jonathan MarkSr. VP, General Counsel & Sec.2,647$68.5913.96%
11/15/2013PLUMMER WILLIAM BExec. VP & CFO6,737$68.5910.71%
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