UTX : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Lawrence Summers Slams Trump's Carrier Interference (UTX)

    December 5, 2016
    Lawrence Summers, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, blasted Trump, calling his intervention "a dangerous shift away from American ...
  2. A Closer Look at Trump's Deal With Carrier (UTX)

    December 5, 2016
    What is Carrier getting in exchange for keeping almost 1,000 jobs in Indiana?
  3. Trump’s Illusion: Why Jobs Will Flow to Mexico

    December 2, 2016
    Mexico City: President-Elect Trump's rescue of 1,100 Carrier jobs won't stop more U.S. work from moving to Mexico
  4. United Technologies Sales Increase in 2Q16 (UTX)

    October 25, 2016
    United Technologies Corp. (UTX) reported sales of $14.4 billion in the third quarter of 2016.
  5. Is the Future Bright in Aerospace? (BA, UTX, RTN)

    October 12, 2016
    Global aerospace products and services market revenues have declined recently, but a rebound may be ahead.
  6. UTX Looks to Minimize Pension Liabilities (UTX)

    October 10, 2016
    United Technologies Corp. (UTX) has announced plans to reduce its pension liabilities.
  7. UTX Strives to Protect Carrier's U.S. Staff (UTX)

    October 5, 2016
    United Technologies Corp. (UTX) CEO Gregory Hayes said his company intends to retrain U.S. workers at its Carrier Corp. air ...
  8. UTX Sticks with Long-Term Forecast for Pratt (UTX)

    September 20, 2016
    United Technologies Corp (UTX) has reduced the 2016 delivery target for Pratt & Whitney's jet engines.
  9. Gregory Hayes to Lead UTX's Board (UTX)

    September 15, 2016
    The United Technologies Corp (UTX) board of directors has elected Gregory Hayes as chairman.
  10. Xiamen ITG Orders Elevators from United (UTX)

    September 13, 2016
    United Technologies Corp (UTX) subsidiary Otis Elevator has secured a contract with Xiamen International Trade Group (ITG). ...
  11. 6 Reasons to Invest in Companies That Make Safes

    September 2, 2016
    Investing in companies that make safes could be a smart move, given the proliferation of negative interest rate policies ...
  12. Top 7 Aerospace Companies in the World (BA, UTX)

    August 25, 2016
    Find out which aerospace companies rank as the largest in the world based on annual revenue in 2015 from defense and non-defense ...
  13. IBM Scores Another Major Cloud Services Client

    July 13, 2016
    Growth and income investors received more good news ahead of IBM's (NYSE: IBM) second-quarter earnings release, scheduled ...
  14. United Technologies Stuck in Neutral (UTX, LMT)

    July 7, 2016
    United Technologies has failed to participate in a strong defense contractor rally, held down by a building division vulnerable ...
  15. Nortek Was Just Acquired at a Nearly 40% Premium

    July 7, 2016
    Building products purveyor Nortek (NASDAQ: NTK) will soon have a new owner located across the Atlantic: U.K.-based turnaround ...
  16. Why a Strong U.S. Manufacturing Industry Matters (UTX)

    June 15, 2016
    Consider manufacturing’s contributions to employment and GDP growth by engaging other industries, both upstream and downstream, ...
  17. Breaking Down XAR: 3 Components that Are Most Attractive

    May 9, 2016
    Discover three attractively valued component companies in the SPDR S&P 500 Aerospace and Defense ETF, and learn which stocks ...
  18. 3 Popular Industrials ETFs in 2016 (XLI, VIS)

    March 24, 2016
    Compare the performances of the most popular industrials sector ETFs with their expense ratios, and consider the cost efficiency ...
  19. (XLI) Industrials SPDR ETF: Top 5 Holdings

    March 17, 2016
    Discover the top five holdings in the Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund, and learn which companies could be the right stock ...
  20. The 3 Most Shorted Stocks in the Dow (CAT, BA)

    March 11, 2016
    Identify the three most shorted Dow stocks in 2016, and understand the factors that have made short sellers bearish on these ...
  21. Lockheed Martin to Buy Sikorsky. Is It the Right Move? (LMT, ...

    August 17, 2015
    Discover more information on the Lockheed Martin acquisition of Sikorsky, and learn why this move makes good strategic business ...
  22. 10 Public Companies That Rely On Govt. Contracts

    July 30, 2015
    We look at 10 of the top public companies whose businesses rely on U.S. government contracts.
  23. Traders Turn To Aerospace and Defense Stocks

    July 22, 2015
    Recent news from Lockheed Martin and United Technologies has put the Aerospace & Defense sector on trader's radar. We'll ...
  24. IBM Vs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average

    July 15, 2015
    IBM has lagged the Dow since 2013 and could fall further before finding enthusiastic buyers.
  25. A United Technologies Product: Always Closeby

    December 2, 2014
    If you flown in an airplane, shopped for food or sat comfortably in a hot climate, you've probably used a United Technologies ...
  26. Four Stocks For Range Traders

    July 7, 2014
    These four stocks are locked in ranges, offering low risk and high reward opportunities if the ranges continue.
  27. Strategic Beta ETFs

    February 27, 2014
    Strategic Beta ETFs By Greg McFarlane As the financial markets get more sophisticated and arcane with time, the number of ...
  28. Johnson Controls Has A Lot Of Improving Left To Do

    May 7, 2013
    Analysts are projecting a big turnaround in Johnson Controls' margins, but that the downside risks are meaningful
  29. Ingersoll-Rand Improving, But Are Investors Already Too Optimistic?

    May 7, 2013
    WIthout stronger construction markets, Ingersoll-Rand's turnaround could bog down
  30. Will Investors Be Secure With ADT?

    November 29, 2012
    ADT is solid but not spectacular.
  31. United's Second Quarter Earnings Report

    July 26, 2012
    United Technologies (NYSE:UTX) announced its results for the most recent quarter on July 26, 2012. United Technologies provides ...
  32. Emerson Is Better Than It Looks

    February 13, 2012
    Emerson has stumbled, but is far from fallen.
  33. Honeywell's Free Cash Flow Conversion

    February 2, 2010
    Honeywell's high level of free cash flow makes the stock as sweet as its name.
  34. The Effects of the Altria-Kraft Spin-Off (MO, KFT)

    March 26, 2007
    An interesting look at the effects the Altria-Kraft spin-off could bring to the major stock market indices.