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Oct. 9, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
6/15/2015Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-2,227$30.65-3.80%
6/09/2015PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-2,854$30.93-1.98%
6/09/2015Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-1,170$30.93-2.47%
6/09/2015KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cntlr. & Treas.-432$30.93-1.50%
6/08/2015PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO44,418$17.4830.82%
6/08/2015PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-44,418$30.87-23.56%
5/29/2015MCDANIEL ROGER DDirector-2,232$30.57-10.30%
5/14/2015SIMONE PETER JDirector3,854$31.1327.26%
5/14/2015MCDANIEL ROGER DDirector3,854$31.1321.63%
5/14/2015HUNTER GORDONDirector3,854$31.1326.58%
5/14/2015JACKSON KEITH DDirector3,854$31.1336.03%
5/14/2015DAMORE RICHARD ADirector3,854$31.134.77%
5/14/2015BRAUN EDWARD HDirector3,854$31.1324.47%
5/07/2015BRAUN EDWARD HDirector-1,474$28.25-8.56%
12/12/2014SIMONE PETER JDirector-4,099$36.77-21.42%
12/12/2014SIMONE PETER JDirector-901$37.26-5.99%
12/11/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment830$8.821.30%
12/11/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment15,000$24.8930.77%
12/11/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-29,164$37.00-37.43%
12/11/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment13,334$12.3620.65%
12/10/2014MCDANIEL ROGER DDirector-8,082$36.56-31.20%
12/10/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-18,538$37.08-27.55%
12/10/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment12,504$8.8222.83%
12/01/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-1,290$37.41-2.30%
9/04/2014Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service13,333$33.0040.67%
9/04/2014Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service-38,276$34.86-83.00%
9/04/2014Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service25,800$34.13369.36%
6/11/2014KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cntlr. & Treas.-284$33.02-1.02%
6/11/2014Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service-251$33.02-4.86%
6/11/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-1,204$33.02-2.23%
6/09/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-1,170$32.76-2.12%
6/09/2014KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cntlr. & Treas.-432$32.76-1.52%
6/09/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-3,020$32.76-2.12%
6/09/2014Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service-251$32.76-4.63%
5/07/2014MCDANIEL ROGER DDirector3,519$34.1015.72%
5/07/2014SIMONE PETER JDirector3,519$34.1022.53%
5/07/2014HUNTER GORDONDirector3,519$34.1032.05%
5/07/2014JACKSON KEITH DDirector3,519$34.1049.02%
5/07/2014DAMORE RICHARD ADirector3,519$34.104.55%
5/07/2014BRAUN EDWARD HDirector3,519$34.1025.68%
5/05/2014BRAUN EDWARD HDirector-1,196$36.25-8.03%
4/03/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-5,334$44.35-3.00%
4/03/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO5,334$17.483.10%
4/03/2014KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cntlr. & Treas.-1,000$44.00-3.41%
3/18/2014BRAUN EDWARD HDirector10,000$18.97204.12%
3/14/2014KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cntlr. & Treas.-1,000$42.00-3.29%
3/14/2014KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cntlr. & Treas.-1,000$41.88-3.19%
3/10/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment5,834$17.489.73%
3/10/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-7,325$43.69-11.13%
3/10/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-3,401$42.23-5.81%
3/10/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO23,296$20.7413.52%
3/10/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO8,582$17.484.39%
3/10/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-23,296$42.20-11.41%
3/10/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-8,582$44.35-4.74%
2/21/2014Glass David D.EVP & CFO-5,120$40.00-53.04%
2/21/2014KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cntlr. & Treas.4,584$8.8212.31%
2/21/2014KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cntlr. & Treas.4,584$12.3610.96%
2/21/2014KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cntlr. & Treas.-15,046$39.51-32.43%
2/20/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO20,038$20.7411.63%
2/20/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-20,038$42.20-10.42%
2/12/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO40,000$20.7423.21%
2/12/2014PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-40,000$39.44-18.84%
2/07/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment3,334$16.375.35%
2/07/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-5,678$38.33-8.65%
1/22/2014Glass David D.EVP & CFO33,334$32.58345.29%
1/22/2014Glass David D.EVP & CFO10,000$33.0023.26%
1/22/2014Glass David D.EVP & CFO15,000$34.1328.31%
1/22/2014Glass David D.EVP & CFO-58,334$37.52-85.80%
1/21/2014Glass David D.EVP & CFO-3,214$35.21-24.98%
1/09/2014Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service-6,223$35.00-53.46%
1/09/2014Glass David D.EVP & CFO-12,948$35.00-50.15%
1/09/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment1,000$18.111.60%
1/09/2014Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-1,000$35.55-1.58%
12/11/2013MCDANIEL ROGER DDirector3,233$30.9316.88%
11/27/2013Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service6,667$12.3842.58%
11/27/2013Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service6,668$8.8229.87%
11/27/2013Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service6,667$12.0222.99%
11/27/2013Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service13,334$12.3637.39%
11/27/2013Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service-37,355$31.65-76.24%
11/20/2013BRAUN EDWARD HDirector40,000$18.972,400.96%
11/20/2013BRAUN EDWARD HDirector-40,000$30.04-96.00%
11/04/2013PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-1,910$29.32-1.16%
11/04/2013Glass David D.EVP & CFO-247$29.32-0.69%
11/04/2013Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service-280$29.32-1.41%
11/04/2013Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service-800$29.32-3.48%
6/12/2013Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-2,114$39.44-5.32%
6/12/2013KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cont & Treasure-2,220$39.44-10.11%
6/11/2013KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cont & Treasure-278$40.24-1.25%
6/11/2013Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-1,096$40.24-2.68%
6/10/2013PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-2,212$39.99-1.35%
6/10/2013Collingwood PeterSVP WW Sales & Field Service-280$39.99-1.66%
6/10/2013Glass David D.EVP & CFO-838$39.99-2.35%
6/10/2013Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-1,065$39.99-2.54%
6/10/2013KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cont & Treasure-421$39.99-1.86%
5/07/2013BRAUN EDWARD HDirector-1,171$37.09-41.28%
1/18/2013Glass David D.EVP & CFO-3,224$30.34-8.28%
8/02/2012PEELER JOHN RChairman & CEO-1,368$34.60-0.83%
8/02/2012Glass David D.EVP & CFO-241$34.60-0.61%
6/11/2012KIERNAN JOHN PSVP Fin, Corp. Cont & Treasure-277$34.60-1.21%
6/11/2012Miller William JohnEVP Process Equipment-842$34.60-1.97%
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