Vulcan Materials Co (Holding Co) $62.70

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2/9/2014 02:40 PM  |  NYSE : VMC  
Industries : Materials & Construction / General Building Materials

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
3/01/2014Hill J ThomasExecutive VP & COO-21$67.94-1.48%
3/01/2014Hill J ThomasExecutive VP & COO-691$67.94-49.29%
3/01/2014SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-866$67.94-100.00%
2/07/2014Hill J ThomasExecutive VP & COO-5,000$65.99-45.65%
2/07/2014Hill J ThomasExecutive VP & COO5,000$46.7684.01%
1/16/2014Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-2,500$60.00-12.64%
1/16/2014Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO2,500$46.7614.47%
1/10/2014Houston J WayneSenior VP-Human Resources10,000$46.76534.76%
1/10/2014Houston J WayneSenior VP-Human Resources-10,000$60.00-84.25%
1/10/2014Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO9,500$46.7655.00%
1/10/2014Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-9,500$60.00-35.48%
12/31/2013Hill J ThomasExecutive VP & COO-4,881$59.52-45.06%
12/31/2013Hill J ThomasExecutive VP & COO4,881$46.7682.01%
12/30/2013Hill J ThomasExecutive VP & COO-119$59.50-1.96%
12/30/2013Hill J ThomasExecutive VP & COO119$46.762.00%
12/30/2013Clements David PSenior Vice President, Central-1,400$59.00-100.00%
11/05/2013SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East10,000$46.7642.45%
11/05/2013SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-636$57.78-1.90%
11/05/2013SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-8,092$57.78-24.58%
11/05/2013JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO130,000$46.76337.92%
11/05/2013JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO-11,640$57.78-6.91%
11/05/2013JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO-105,205$57.78-67.08%
11/05/2013KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO10,000$46.7671.85%
11/05/2013KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-616$57.78-2.58%
11/05/2013KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-8,092$57.78-34.73%
9/10/2013Bass Stanley GSr VP - Central Region-1,969$51.22-36.00%
9/10/2013Bass Stanley GSr VP - Central Region2,800$46.76104.91%
3/15/2013Mills Michael RSenior Vice President and Gene3,300$46.4667.46%
3/15/2013Mills Michael RSenior Vice President and Gene-3,300$54.80-40.28%
3/13/2013Mills Michael RSenior Vice President and Gene735$54.4518.95%
3/05/2013Houston J WayneSenior VP-Human Resources-1,600$53.80-46.11%
3/01/2013JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO-10,591$51.10-100.00%
3/01/2013Houston J WayneSenior VP-Human Resources-887$51.10-100.00%
3/01/2013Mills Michael RSenior Vice President and Gene-336$51.10-100.00%
3/01/2013Mills Michael RSenior Vice President and Gene-161$51.10-32.39%
3/01/2013Mills Michael RSenior Vice President and Gene336$51.107.37%
3/01/2013Bass Stanley GSr VP - Central Region-90$51.10-100.00%
3/01/2013Bass Stanley GSr VP - Central Region-33$51.10-26.83%
3/01/2013Hill J ThomasSr VP - South Region-816$51.10-36.44%
3/01/2013Bass Stanley GSr VP - Central Region90$51.103.49%
3/01/2013Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-39$51.10-3.44%
3/01/2013Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-1,096$51.10-100.00%
3/01/2013KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-271$51.10-31.51%
3/01/2013KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO589$51.104.42%
3/01/2013KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-589$51.10-100.00%
3/01/2013SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-61$51.10-2.33%
3/01/2013SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-1,695$51.10-66.19%
3/01/2013Hill J ThomasSr VP - South Region-18$51.10-0.80%
2/07/2013Bass Stanley GSr VP - Central Region1,276$56.2297.93%
2/07/2013Houston J WayneSenior VP-Human Resources1,601$56.2285.66%
2/07/2013Hill J ThomasSr VP - South Region1,276$56.2227.29%
2/07/2013KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO1,165$56.229.58%
2/07/2013Mills Michael RSenior Vice President and Gene1,427$56.2245.61%
2/07/2013Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO3,363$56.2276.76%
2/07/2013SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East3,055$56.2214.90%
1/28/2013Mills Michael RSenior Vice President and Gene-529$52.05-14.46%
1/28/2013Bass Stanley GSr VP - Central Region-111$52.05-7.85%
1/28/2013KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-1,427$52.05-10.50%
11/20/2012JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO14,257$31.4729.76%
11/20/2012Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-2,000$47.96-31.34%
11/20/2012Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-400$47.99-5.90%
11/20/2012Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO2,400$31.4754.78%
9/17/2012Houston J WayneSenior VP-Human Resources-319$49.17-14.58%
9/17/2012Houston J WayneSenior VP-Human Resources-56$49.17-2.50%
9/17/2012Houston J WayneSenior VP-Human Resources500$31.4728.67%
9/13/2012WASON ROBERT A IVSr. VP, General Counsel11,000$31.4776.02%
9/13/2012WASON ROBERT A IVSr. VP, General Counsel-1,116$46.46-4.38%
9/13/2012WASON ROBERT A IVSr. VP, General Counsel-7,449$46.46-30.59%
9/13/2012SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East2,200$31.4710.99%
9/13/2012SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-230$46.46-1.04%
9/13/2012SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-1,489$46.46-6.77%
9/13/2012KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-669$46.46-4.34%
9/13/2012KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO6,600$31.4774.96%
9/13/2012Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-8,533$46.46-66.08%
9/13/2012Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-1,278$46.46-9.01%
9/13/2012Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO12,600$31.47791.46%
9/13/2012KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-4,469$46.46-30.33%
8/20/2012JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO-45,556$40.40-48.74%
8/20/2012JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO-4,381$40.40-4.48%
8/20/2012JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO58,493$31.47148.66%
8/17/2012JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO-57,090$39.82-59.20%
8/17/2012JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO-4,767$39.82-4.71%
8/17/2012JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO72,250$31.47249.54%
3/01/2012KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-811$44.59-53.22%
3/01/2012WASON ROBERT A IVSr. VP, General Counsel-94$44.59-3.95%
3/01/2012WASON ROBERT A IVSr. VP, General Counsel-1,547$44.59-67.67%
3/01/2012SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-1,687$44.59-41.10%
3/01/2012Houston J WayneSenior VP-Human Resources-1,642$44.59-65.97%
3/01/2012KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO486$44.595.84%
3/01/2012KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-51$44.59-2.19%
3/01/2012KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-270$44.59-11.84%
3/01/2012Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-68$44.59-2.39%
3/01/2012JAMES DONALD MChairman & CEO-18,178$44.59-67.12%
3/01/2012SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-66$44.59-1.58%
3/01/2012KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-486$44.59-24.18%
3/01/2012Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-1,819$44.59-65.43%
1/24/2012KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-839$36.35-9.16%
3/31/2011KHAN EJAZ AVP, Controller & CIO-201$43.06-3.11%
3/03/2011Sansone Daniel FSr. VP & CFO-2,574$44.78-47.47%
3/01/2011SHEPHERD DANNY RSVP, CMG-East-1,688$44.78-28.81%
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