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  1. Waste Management Closes Divestiture of Wheelabrator Unit - Analyst ...

    December 22, 2014
    Waste Management, Inc. (WM) recently announced that it has completed the divestiture of Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc. to ...
  2. Republic Services to Acquire Tervita to Boost US Presence - Analyst ...

    December 22, 2014
    Republic Services, Inc. (RSG) recently entered into an agreement to acquire Tervita, LLC - an environmental waste solutions ...
  3. Business Services Stock Outlook - Aug. 2012 - Industry Outlook

    July 31, 2012
    To Begin With In today's world, companies strive to remain focused on functions and activities that are close to their ...
  4. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Dividend Check

    May 24, 2012
    While it is a dirty job, the waste management industry could be exactly what a portfolio needs in this time of low interest ...
  5. Casella Waste – Even The Environmental Sector Has Challenges

    September 1, 2011
    Casella Waste has neither the momentum nor the capital structure to excite investors.
  6. Finding The Green In Garbage

    April 28, 2011
    With higher commodities prices here to stay, companies that provide recycling and waste-to-energy applications will be big ...
  7. Marvelous Midcaps

    April 8, 2011
    With some analysts predicting that stock returns will be on the lower side throughout 2011, investors may want to give midcaps ...
  8. Second-Generation Biofuels Ready To Take Off

    February 24, 2011
    New biofuel companies hope to overcome the problems caused by corn-based ethanol by using innovative feed stocks.
  9. Big Changes Ahead In Waste Management

    February 23, 2011
    The landscape of garbage is changing for investors. Here are two trends you need to understand sooner than later.
  10. Waste Management Still Growth-Challenged

    February 23, 2011
    Waste Management offers investors modest growth and a decent dividend yield of 3.3%.
  11. Finding Gold In Garbage

    August 19, 2010
    While it is a dirty job, the waste management industry could be exactly what a portfolio needs in this time uncertainty.
  12. Overbought Bear Market Stocks

    March 31, 2009
    Overbought Bear Market Stocks
  13. It's A Dirty Job (WMI, WCN, AW, RSG)

    April 30, 2007
    Garbage -- There seems to be an ever-increasing supply, yet these four companies still can't get enough.
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