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22/8/2014 04:00 PM  |  : WFT  
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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/06/2014Gass John DDirector2,500$21.8113.04%
7/11/2014Cestero AlejandroVP & Co-General Counsel-2,735$22.10-4.05%
7/03/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-27,234$22.78-10.35%
7/02/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-290$22.79-0.11%
7/01/2014DUROC-DANNER BERNARD JChairman, Pres and CEO-3,474$23.00-0.28%
7/01/2014Mehta DharmeshEVP & Chf Operating Officer-574$23.00-0.11%
7/01/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-1,590$23.00-0.60%
7/01/2014Mills Douglas M.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-267$23.00-0.25%
6/23/2014Parry Emyr JonesDirector-677$23.05-1.10%
6/23/2014Ortiz GuillermoDirector-677$23.05-0.94%
6/18/2014Mills Douglas M.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-3,300$22.62-3.01%
5/22/2014Mills Douglas M.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-2,188$21.32-1.95%
5/07/2014Mills Douglas M.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-3,191$21.22-2.77%
4/03/2014MACAULAY WILLIAM EDirector240,000$5.9423.64%
4/02/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-231$17.47-0.09%
4/01/2014DUROC-DANNER BERNARD JChairman, Pres and CEO-8,040$17.36-0.66%
4/01/2014Mehta DharmeshEVP & Chf Operating Officer-4,842$17.36-0.90%
4/01/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-4,229$17.36-1.58%
3/23/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-14,789$16.78-5.39%
3/23/2014Mehta DharmeshEVP & Chf Operating Officer-12,950$16.78-2.40%
3/07/2014Mehta DharmeshEVP & Chf Operating Officer11,360$17.212.15%
3/07/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-10,362$17.21-3.64%
2/28/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-5,000$16.50-1.72%
2/15/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-3,399$14.78-1.16%
2/15/2014Gee Nicholas WildingEVP Strategy & Development-4,185$14.78-1.56%
1/03/2014DUROC-DANNER BERNARD JChairman, Pres and CEO-1,322$15.18-0.14%
1/03/2014Mehta DharmeshExec VP & Chf Admin Officer-552$15.18-0.12%
1/03/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-1,156$15.18-0.39%
1/03/2014Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-173$15.07-0.06%
1/03/2014Gee Nicholas WildingSr VP Strategy & Development-496$15.18-0.18%
1/02/2014Gee Nicholas WildingSr VP Strategy & Development-144$15.49-0.05%
12/07/2013Marklinger Lance RVP Well Constr. & Completion-821$15.19-0.54%
11/18/2013Branch AntonyVP Europe Africa Middle East-7,629$16.98-5.29%
11/07/2013Dunn Ernest LVice President - Production-2,735$17.04-1.27%
11/07/2013Chapman Edgar KyleVP Western Hemisphere-2,735$17.04-1.65%
11/07/2013Timmins PaulVP Formation Evaluation-912$17.04-0.34%
11/07/2013Branch AntonyVP Europe Africa Middle East-1,384$17.04-0.95%
11/07/2013Marklinger Lance RVP Well Constr. & Completion-2,735$17.04-1.77%
11/06/2013Shivram KrishnaEVP & Chief Financial Officer-88,611$16.95-38.36%
10/03/2013Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-221$15.98-0.08%
10/03/2013Gee Nicholas WildingSr VP Strategy & Development-83$15.98-0.03%
10/01/2013Mehta DharmeshExec VP & Chf Admin Officer-767$15.33-0.17%
10/01/2013Dunn Ernest LVice President - Production-263$15.33-0.12%
10/01/2013DUROC-DANNER BERNARD JChairman, Pres and CEO-1,432$15.33-0.15%
10/01/2013Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-1,800$15.33-0.61%
10/01/2013Gee Nicholas WildingSr VP Strategy & Development-553$15.33-0.21%
10/01/2013Presnall Jennifer L.VP Internal Audit-176$15.33-0.18%
10/01/2013Timmins PaulVP Formation Evaluation-265$15.33-0.10%
10/01/2013Mills Douglas M.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-234$15.33-0.28%
9/27/2013MACAULAY WILLIAM EDirector78,000$15.268.32%
9/16/2013Mehta DharmeshExec VP & Chf Admin Officer10,000$14.972.23%
9/14/2013BUTTERS DAVID JDirector-800$14.92-0.35%
9/12/2013BUTTERS DAVID JDirector-800$15.74-0.34%
8/26/2013MACAULAY WILLIAM EDirector-78,000$15.05-7.76%
7/02/2013Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-290$13.83-0.10%
7/02/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector-19,832$13.95-6.43%
7/02/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector30,000$9.1910.80%
7/01/2013Parent James CVice President - Tax-2,707$13.70-1.98%
7/01/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector-9,987$13.86-3.47%
7/01/2013Presnall Jennifer L.VP Internal Audit-186$13.70-0.20%
7/01/2013Mills Douglas M.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-249$13.70-0.30%
7/01/2013Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-1,719$13.70-0.58%
7/01/2013Timmins PaulVP Formation Evaluation-506$13.70-0.19%
7/01/2013Mehta DharmeshExec VP & Chf Admin Officer-705$13.70-0.16%
7/01/2013Dunn Ernest LVice President - Production-552$13.70-0.26%
7/01/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector-9,987$13.85-3.35%
7/01/2013DUROC-DANNER BERNARD JChairman, Pres and CEO-1,584$13.70-0.17%
7/01/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector30,000$9.1911.20%
6/28/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector-23,733$13.60-8.14%
6/28/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector60,000$9.1924.14%
6/28/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector-16,940$13.61-5.49%
6/26/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector-20,700$13.52-7.15%
6/26/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector60,000$9.1926.14%
6/26/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector-10,287$13.50-3.97%
6/26/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector-10,000$13.51-3.72%
6/25/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector60,000$9.1928.40%
6/25/2013RAYNE ROBERT ADirector-41,763$13.25-15.40%
6/20/2013BUTTERS DAVID JDirector-42,104$13.68-15.34%
6/20/2013BUTTERS DAVID JDirector62,400$9.1929.43%
6/07/2013Chapman Edgar KyleVP Western Hemisphere-1,824$13.90-1.09%
6/05/2013Gee Nicholas WildingSr VP Strategy & Development-3,500$13.40-1.30%
5/03/2013MACAULAY WILLIAM EDirector240,000$9.1923.88%
5/03/2013MACAULAY WILLIAM EDirector-240,000$13.19-19.28%
4/12/2013Mehta DharmeshExec VP & Chf Admin Officer-1,824$12.74-0.41%
4/07/2013Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-11,502$12.04-3.79%
4/02/2013Gee Nicholas WildingSr VP Strategy & Development-97$12.15-0.04%
4/02/2013Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-165$12.15-0.05%
4/01/2013Henry Joseph C.Sr. VP & Co-General Counsel-758$12.14-0.29%
4/01/2013Dunn Ernest LVice President - Production-285$12.14-0.13%
4/01/2013Timmins PaulVP Formation Evaluation-292$12.14-0.11%
4/01/2013Gee Nicholas WildingSr VP Strategy & Development-915$12.14-0.34%
4/01/2013Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-1,437$12.14-0.47%
4/01/2013Mehta DharmeshSr. VP-Compl. & Prod. Systems-923$12.14-0.21%
4/01/2013DUROC-DANNER BERNARD JChairman, Pres and CEO-3,372$12.14-0.18%
3/23/2013Briscoe John HSenior VP & CFO-6,031$11.52-2.49%
3/23/2013Henry Joseph C.Sr. VP & Co-General Counsel-4,633$11.52-1.77%
3/23/2013Mehta DharmeshExec VP & Chf Admin Officer-8,443$11.52-1.86%
3/23/2013Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-10,948$11.52-3.51%
3/23/2013Gee Nicholas WildingSr VP Strategy & Development-10,804$11.52-3.90%
2/15/2013Jacobson William BSr VP, Co-Gen Coun & CCO-3,280$13.24-1.43%
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