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Dec. 1, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
10/13/2015WEATHERMAN ELIZABETH HDirector2,642$21.0113.21%
10/13/2015CARNEY SEANDirector3,891$21.0113.19%
10/13/2015WEATHERMAN ELIZABETH HDirector-122$20.62-0.54%
10/13/2015CARNEY SEANDirector-236$20.62-0.71%
10/07/2015Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-49$21.12-0.07%
10/07/2015Porter Jonathan WesleySVP, Chief Compliance Officer-12$21.10-0.69%
10/07/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-73$21.09-0.12%
10/07/2015Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-3,356$20.36-4.72%
10/07/2015Porter Jonathan WesleySVP, Chief Compliance Officer-666$20.36-38.65%
10/07/2015Lightman JamesSVP, General Counsel & Secty-4,916$20.36-22.90%
10/07/2015Cordell Kevin DPres., Lower Extremities & Bio-26$21.10-0.34%
10/07/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-5,073$20.36-8.05%
10/07/2015Cordell Kevin DPres., Lower Extremities & Bio-1,752$20.36-22.82%
10/07/2015Burrows Robert P. IIISVP, Supply Chain-9$21.09-0.04%
10/07/2015Lightman JamesSVP, General Counsel & Secty-71$21.10-0.33%
10/07/2015Burrows Robert P. IIISVP, Supply Chain-464$20.36-2.11%
10/07/2015Walker Jennifer S.SVP, Process Improvement-23$21.12-0.06%
10/07/2015TRACY JULIE DSVP & Chief Commun. Officer-3,555$20.36-28.64%
10/07/2015TRACY JULIE DSVP & Chief Commun. Officer-52$21.09-0.42%
10/07/2015Andrews JulieVP & Chief Acctg. Officer-2,655$20.36-17.80%
10/07/2015Andrews JulieVP & Chief Acctg. Officer-39$21.09-0.26%
10/07/2015Walker Jennifer S.SVP, Process Improvement-1,593$20.36-4.20%
10/02/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-5,669$21.19-8.24%
10/01/2015van Ummersen GordonSr. VP, Product Delivery-8,156$20.67-21.34%
10/01/2015EMMITT RICHARD BDirector-423$20.67-0.91%
10/01/2015OBOYLE KEVIN CDirector-423$20.67-3.93%
10/01/2015CARNEY SEANDirector-423$20.67-1.62%
10/01/2015Tornier AlainDirector-423$20.67-2.67%
10/01/2015WALLMAN RICHARD FDirector-423$20.67-0.79%
10/01/2015Klemz Kevin MSr. VP, CLO and Secretary-8,862$20.67-18.64%
10/01/2015Mowry David HExec. Vice President and COO-14,470$20.67-18.73%
10/01/2015Rich TerryPresident, Upper Extremities-8,177$20.67-17.21%
10/01/2015McCormick ShawnChief Financial Officer-8,472$20.67-19.04%
10/01/2015Morrison GregorySr. VP, Human Resources-8,444$20.67-18.62%
10/01/2015WEATHERMAN ELIZABETH HDirector-423$20.67-2.55%
9/30/2015Cordell Kevin DPresident, U.S. Extremities-593$21.01-7.35%
7/27/2015Burrows Robert P. IIISr. Vice President, Operations-434$25.93-1.99%
5/19/2015Andrews JulieVP Fin. & Chief Acctg. Officer-680$26.22-4.48%
5/15/2015Walker Jennifer S.SVP - Process Improvement-295$26.38-0.79%
5/15/2015Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-712$26.38-1.02%
5/15/2015Girin Pascal E REVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,416$26.41-5.81%
5/15/2015Andrews JulieVP Fin. & Chief Acctg. Officer-340$26.38-2.19%
5/15/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-1,055$26.41-1.56%
5/15/2015Lightman JamesSVP, General Counsel & Secty-653$26.46-3.17%
5/15/2015TRACY JULIE DSVP & Chief Commun. Officer-585$26.44-4.62%
5/14/2015Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-610$25.70-0.87%
5/14/2015Girin Pascal E REVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,405$25.65-3.27%
5/14/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-620$25.65-0.91%
5/14/2015Lightman JamesSVP, General Counsel & Secty-525$25.66-2.49%
5/14/2015TRACY JULIE DSVP & Chief Commun. Officer-535$25.72-4.05%
5/14/2015Andrews JulieVP Fin. & Chief Acctg. Officer-347$25.70-2.19%
5/14/2015Burrows Robert P. IIISr. Vice President, Operations-905$25.68-4.11%
5/14/2015Senner Jason R.SVP, Chief HR Officer-335$25.70-8.63%
5/14/2015Walker Jennifer S.SVP - Process Improvement-270$25.72-0.72%
5/12/2015Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-1,638$25.24-2.28%
5/12/2015Walker Jennifer S.SVP - Process Improvement-424$25.27-1.12%
5/12/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-1,551$25.22-2.22%
5/11/2015Lightman JamesSVP, General Counsel & Secty-497$25.56-2.30%
5/11/2015Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-814$25.56-1.12%
5/11/2015Walker Jennifer S.SVP - Process Improvement-355$25.59-0.93%
5/11/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-769$25.57-1.09%
5/11/2015TRACY JULIE DSVP & Chief Commun. Officer-697$25.55-5.01%
4/02/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-520$25.89-0.73%
4/02/2015Lightman JamesSVP, General Counsel & Secty-781$25.88-3.49%
4/02/2015Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-285$25.89-0.39%
4/02/2015Girin Pascal E REVP & Chief Operating Officer-430$25.84-0.99%
4/01/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-47,446$25.75-39.98%
4/01/2015Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO50,000$23.3972.82%
6/06/2014Andrews JulieVP Fin. & Chief Acctg. Officer-106$30.39-0.66%
5/19/2014Andrews JulieVP Fin. & Chief Acctg. Officer-546$29.62-3.30%
5/15/2014Andrews JulieVP Fin. & Chief Acctg. Officer-332$28.86-1.97%
5/15/2014Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-753$28.84-1.03%
5/15/2014Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-994$28.95-1.43%
5/15/2014Walker Jennifer S.SVP - Process Improvement-276$28.76-0.72%
5/15/2014Stookey Eric APres., Extremities-Biologics-997$28.80-1.16%
5/14/2014Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-1,353$29.65-1.81%
5/14/2014Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-1,141$29.60-1.61%
5/14/2014Walker Jennifer S.SVP - Process Improvement-362$29.60-0.93%
5/14/2014Stookey Eric APres., Extremities-Biologics-1,141$29.60-1.31%
5/12/2014Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-1,978$29.80-2.96%
5/12/2014Stookey Eric APres., Extremities-Biologics-1,978$29.81-2.37%
5/12/2014Griffin William L. JrSVP GM BioMimetic Therapeutics-2,340$29.91-3.29%
5/12/2014Walker Jennifer S.SVP - Process Improvement-700$29.91-1.93%
3/04/2014Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO28,370$30.1143.04%
3/04/2014Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-28,370$33.00-30.09%
2/25/2014Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO11,630$30.1117.64%
2/25/2014Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-11,630$33.00-15.00%
1/23/2014OEPW, LLCSubstantial Shareholder-3,000,000$30.50-51.02%
1/22/2014OEPW, LLCSubstantial Shareholder-3,691$31.73-0.06%
1/21/2014OEPW, LLCSubstantial Shareholder-11,500$31.79-0.20%
1/15/2014Walker Jennifer S.SVP, Process Improvement-6,050$32.00-14.32%
1/15/2014Walker Jennifer S.SVP, Process Improvement1,050$25.602.55%
1/15/2014Walker Jennifer S.SVP, Process Improvement5,000$30.1113.81%
1/08/2014Stookey Eric APresident, Extremities Div.-973$31.14-1.15%
1/08/2014Davis Timothy E JRPresident, Ortho Recon Div.-608$31.15-1.03%
1/08/2014Stookey Eric APresident, Extremities Div.7,500$30.118.86%
1/08/2014Stookey Eric APresident, Extremities Div.-7,500$31.11-8.14%
1/08/2014Steiger Edward ASr. VP, Human Resources-405$31.19-1.21%
12/12/2013Walker Jennifer S.SVP, Process Improvement-567$29.42-1.54%
12/12/2013Berry Lance ASr. VP & CFO-965$29.46-1.44%
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