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17/9/2014 04:01 PM  |  NYSE : WR  
Industries : Utilities / Diversified Utilities

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/29/2014SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-2,000$36.73-5.31%
8/01/2014GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-986$36.37-2.90%
8/01/2014SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-867$36.37-2.25%
8/01/2014RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-2,612$36.37-1.72%
3/28/2014SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-1,500$34.67-3.75%
3/17/2014IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-4,000$34.88-5.57%
3/07/2014SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-6,500$33.83-13.96%
3/04/2014GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-2,653$34.50-7.23%
3/03/2014STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-8,885$34.11-16.42%
3/03/2014RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-17,777$34.05-10.30%
2/26/2014RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-2,150$32.20-1.50%
1/01/2014LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-2,197$32.20-5.47%
1/01/2014STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-4,365$32.20-9.84%
1/01/2014IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-2,428$32.20-3.59%
1/01/2014RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-4,106$32.20-2.92%
1/01/2014SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-1,263$32.20-3.33%
1/01/2014GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-1,171$32.20-4.22%
1/01/2014KONGS KEVIN L.Vice President, Controller-770$32.20-3.66%
12/04/2013STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-14,300$31.62-24.39%
11/14/2013GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-1,600$32.15-5.45%
8/01/2013SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-433$33.61-1.13%
8/01/2013GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-493$33.61-1.62%
8/01/2013RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-2,884$33.61-2.01%
5/31/2013STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-3,200$31.86-5.17%
5/30/2013STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-6,250$31.95-9.18%
3/27/2013IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-2,000$32.72-2.88%
3/15/2013RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-15,000$31.93-9.46%
3/15/2013SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-1,250$31.93-3.15%
3/05/2013GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-4,000$32.10-11.32%
1/18/2013RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-3,233$28.31-2.43%
1/18/2013SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-759$28.31-2.43%
1/18/2013LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-1,673$28.31-4.80%
1/18/2013GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-710$28.31-2.64%
1/18/2013WAGES LEROY PVP, Controller-786$28.31-7.36%
1/18/2013STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-3,233$28.31-5.51%
1/18/2013IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-1,673$28.31-2.60%
1/01/2013GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-1,305$28.31-5.03%
1/01/2013STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-5,213$28.31-9.71%
1/01/2013LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-2,781$28.31-8.59%
1/01/2013SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-1,406$28.31-4.66%
11/30/2012IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-5,000$28.55-7.36%
11/30/2012GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-2,200$28.60-7.82%
11/29/2012STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-7,200$28.55-11.18%
11/27/2012STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-18,700$28.04-22.50%
8/31/2012IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-5,000$29.12-6.86%
8/30/2012GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-2,500$29.21-8.16%
8/17/2012IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-2,500$29.55-3.32%
8/01/2012GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-487$30.76-1.57%
8/01/2012RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-3,265$30.76-2.48%
8/01/2012SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP, CFO and Treasurer-428$30.76-1.40%
5/29/2012STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-10,000$28.44-10.74%
5/25/2012STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-5,732$28.37-5.80%
3/20/2012LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-40$27.54-100.00%
3/09/2012LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-9,579$27.83-22.84%
2/01/2012MOORE WILLIAM BN/A-11,715$28.55-8.00%
1/20/2012MOORE WILLIAM BN/A-7,176$28.92-4.05%
1/20/2012RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-4,048$28.92-3.82%
1/20/2012LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-2,064$28.92-5.49%
1/20/2012SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP & CFO/Treasurer-964$28.92-4.06%
1/20/2012WAGES LEROY PVP, Controller-998$28.92-8.42%
1/20/2012STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-4,023$28.92-4.60%
1/20/2012IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-2,064$28.92-2.91%
1/20/2012Lennen C. MichaelVP, Regulatory Affairs-688$28.92-3.25%
1/20/2012GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-895$28.92-3.67%
1/01/2012GREENWOOD GREG ASVP, Strategy-1,687$28.92-7.27%
1/01/2012MOORE WILLIAM BN/A-4,151$28.92-2.61%
1/01/2012Lennen C. MichaelVP, Regulatory Affairs-1,337$28.92-6.57%
1/01/2012SOMMA ANTHONY DSVP & CFO/Treasurer-1,804$28.92-8.02%
1/01/2012LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-3,689$28.92-10.62%
1/01/2012WAGES LEROY PVP, Controller-1,866$28.92-13.22%
1/01/2012IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-3,689$28.92-5.42%
1/01/2012STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-6,982$28.92-8.54%
1/01/2012RUELLE MARK APresident & CEO-6,971$28.92-6.96%
11/30/2011STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-14,700$27.38-15.23%
11/15/2011HAWLEY RICHARD LDirector935$27.0725.67%
11/09/2011HAWLEY RICHARD LDirector2,050$27.05128.77%
8/23/2011MOORE WILLIAM BN/A-1,347$25.03-100.00%
7/31/2011MOORE WILLIAM BPresident and CEO-19,351$25.79-9.41%
5/17/2011IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-10,000$27.76-12.82%
5/11/2011STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-19,000$27.49-15.90%
5/10/2011LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-16,000$27.37-31.54%
3/22/2011STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-9,314$25.98-7.23%
3/21/2011LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-14,000$26.05-21.63%
3/21/2011STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-9,900$26.03-7.14%
3/09/2011STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-19,300$26.36-12.21%
3/08/2011RUELLE MARK AEVP, CFO-15,000$26.05-16.38%
3/04/2011RUELLE MARK AEVP, CFO-10,000$25.82-9.85%
1/19/2011MOORE WILLIAM BPresident and CEO-57$25.77-0.02%
1/13/2011IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-1,074$25.28-1.49%
1/13/2011RUELLE MARK AEVP, CFO-2,075$25.28-2.28%
1/13/2011STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,075$25.28-1.39%
1/13/2011Lennen C. MichaelVP, Regulatory Affairs-358$25.28-1.97%
1/13/2011MOORE WILLIAM BPresident and CEO-6,186$25.28-2.19%
1/13/2011LUDWIG JAMES JEVP, Pub. Affairs & Con. Srvs.-1,074$25.28-1.78%
1/13/2011WAGES LEROY PVP, Controller-519$25.28-3.14%
1/01/2011STERBENZ DOUGLAS REVP & Chief Operating Officer-8,137$25.28-5.41%
1/01/2011RUELLE MARK AEVP, CFO-8,137$25.28-8.78%
1/01/2011WAGES LEROY PVP, Controller-2,168$25.28-12.70%
1/01/2011Lennen C. MichaelVP, Regulatory Affairs-1,551$25.28-8.38%
1/01/2011IRICK LARRY DVP, Gen Counsel and Corp Sec-4,295$25.28-5.90%
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