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  1. Wolverine Surpassing Its Marks, But Not Cheap

    July 9, 2013
    Wolverine continues to execute well, but the value looks stretched, particular with the Performance group underperforming
  2. Can Brown Shoe Move From Repair To Growth?

    August 30, 2012
    Brown Shoe is better, but much more work is left to do.
  3. A Small Miss Means Little For The Long Term At Wolverine

    July 11, 2012
    Wolverine is about to significantly grow its business, its potential and its risk. When considering the long-term potential ...
  4. Rocky Brands: Not So Rocky Anymore!

    June 30, 2011
    Although micro-cap bootmaker Rocky Brands saw Q1 revenuedecline, gross and operating margins improved. Although its stock's ...
  5. All Hands On Deck (PSS, NKE, WWW, TBL, ADDYY)

    June 17, 2010
    In celebration of the boating season, we'll look at companies selling boat shoes.
  6. Bank CEO Salary Cap Sucks

    February 13, 2009
    The $500,000 salary cap has no teeth, as long-term incentives already make up 70% of executive compensation.
  7. A Wolverine In The Hen House (WWW)

    October 15, 2007
    The shoe business may seem sedate, but Wolverine is proof that agressive companies mean big returns - no matter the industry.
  8. Timberland Boots Wearing Thin (TBL)

    April 19, 2007
    With the competition catching up, takeover rumors now seem to be the only thing propping up Timberland's stock.
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