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Oct. 30, 2014 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/07/2012GERBER MURRYDirector1,000$23.404.00%
5/31/2012HAGGERTY GRETCHEN RExec. VP and CFO-922$20.70-0.78%
5/31/2012LOHR David HSr.VP-Strat Pl, Bus Ser & Admi-913$20.70-1.27%
5/31/2012SUVER SUSAN MVP-Human Resources-454$20.70-1.93%
5/31/2012SURMA JOHN PChairman of Board, CEO & Pres-5,273$20.70-1.50%
5/31/2012Zovko Gregory A.Vice President & Controller-241$20.70-1.78%
5/31/2012Babcoke George FSVP-Eur & Global Opers Serv-934$20.70-2.34%
5/31/2012GARRAUX JAMES DGn Cnsl & SVP-Corp. Aff.-913$20.70-1.53%
5/31/2012Brockway Larry TSr. VP & Chief Risk Officer-241$20.70-1.35%
5/29/2012Babcoke George FSVP-Eur & Global Opers Serv-1,095$22.30-4.50%
5/29/2012Brockway Larry TSr. VP & Chief Risk Officer-445$22.30-3.23%
5/29/2012GARRAUX JAMES DGn Cnsl & SVP-Corp. Aff.-1,507$22.30-3.38%
5/29/2012HAGGERTY GRETCHEN RExec. VP and CFO-1,730$22.30-1.66%
5/29/2012LOHR David HSr.VP-Strat Pl, Bus Ser & Admi-1,434$22.30-2.54%
5/29/2012SUVER SUSAN MVP-Human Resources-754$22.30-4.65%
5/29/2012Zovko Gregory A.Vice President & Controller-445$22.30-4.68%
5/25/2012Babcoke George FSVP-Eur & Global Opers Serv-635$21.67-2.54%
5/25/2012Brockway Larry TSr. VP & Chief Risk Officer-224$21.67-1.60%
5/25/2012GARRAUX JAMES DGn Cnsl & SVP-Corp. Aff.-894$21.67-1.96%
5/25/2012HAGGERTY GRETCHEN RExec. VP and CFO-978$21.67-0.93%
5/25/2012Zovko Gregory A.Vice President & Controller-224$21.67-2.30%
5/25/2012SUVER SUSAN MVP-Human Resources-411$21.67-2.47%
5/25/2012SURMA JOHN PChairman of Board, CEO & Pres-6,074$21.67-2.18%
5/25/2012LOHR David HSr.VP-Strat Pl, Bus Ser & Admi-894$21.67-1.56%
1/16/2012DINGES DAN ODirector3,779$26.4677.19%
1/16/2012McNeal Glenda GDirector3,779$26.4642.08%
1/16/2012ENGEL JOHNDirector3,779$26.46108.72%
1/16/2012Sutherland DavidDirector7,559$26.4654.21%
1/16/2012LUCCHINO FRANK JDirector3,968$26.4628.24%
1/16/2012DROSDICK JOHN GDirector3,968$26.4624.22%
1/16/2012SCHOFIELD SETH EDirector3,968$26.4620.82%
1/16/2012GEPHARDT Richard ADirector3,779$26.4632.65%
1/16/2012Tracey Patricia ADirector3,779$26.4643.77%
1/16/2012LEE CHARLES RDirector3,968$26.4615.81%
6/10/2011ENGEL JOHNDirector1,470$45.3473.50%
5/27/2011Zovko Gregory A.Vice President & Controller-39$45.74-0.46%
5/27/2011LOHR David HSr.VP-Strat Pl, Bus Dev & Admi-268$45.74-0.50%
5/27/2011HAGGERTY GRETCHEN RExec. VP and CFO-321$45.74-0.32%
5/27/2011GARRAUX JAMES DGn Cnsl & SVP-Corp. Aff.-283$45.74-0.73%
5/27/2011Babcoke George FSVP-Eur & Global Opers Serv-204$45.74-1.02%
5/27/2011SURMA JOHN PChairman of Board, CEO & Pres-1,744$45.74-0.69%
5/27/2011SUVER SUSAN MVP-Human Resources-147$45.74-1.16%
5/26/2011HAGGERTY GRETCHEN RExec. VP and CFO-1,657$44.51-1.63%
5/26/2011SUVER SUSAN MVP-Human Resources-730$44.51-5.44%
5/26/2011GARRAUX JAMES DGn Cnsl & SVP-Corp. Aff.-1,458$44.51-3.62%
5/26/2011Zovko Gregory A.Vice President & Controller-431$44.51-4.82%
5/26/2011LOHR David HSr.VP-Strat Pl, Bus Dev & Admi-1,387$44.51-2.54%
5/26/2011Babcoke George FSVP-Eur & Global Opers Serv-1,095$44.51-5.21%
5/25/2011SUVER SUSAN MVP-Human Resources-397$44.66-2.87%
5/25/2011LOHR David HSr.VP-Strat Pl, Bus Dev & Admi-865$44.66-1.56%
5/25/2011Zovko Gregory A.Vice President & Controller-217$44.66-2.37%
5/25/2011Babcoke George FSVP-Eur & Global Opers Serv-635$44.66-2.93%
5/25/2011GARRAUX JAMES DGn Cnsl & SVP-Corp. Aff.-865$44.66-2.10%
5/25/2011HAGGERTY GRETCHEN RExec. VP and CFO-937$44.66-0.91%
5/25/2011SURMA JOHN PChairman of Board, CEO & Pres-6,265$44.66-2.41%
5/03/2011LOHR David HSr.VP-Strat Pl, Bus Dev & Admi-27$47.69-0.59%
5/02/2011ENGEL JOHNDirector300$47.2842.86%
4/15/2011DINGES DAN ODirector139$53.942.93%
4/15/2011Sutherland DavidDirector278$53.942.05%
4/15/2011Tracey Patricia ADirector139$53.941.64%
4/15/2011SCHOFIELD SETH EDirector139$53.940.74%
4/15/2011McNeal Glenda GDirector139$53.941.58%
4/15/2011LUCCHINO FRANK JDirector139$53.941.00%
4/15/2011GEPHARDT Richard ADirector139$53.941.22%
4/15/2011DROSDICK JOHN GDirector139$53.940.86%
4/15/2011LEE CHARLES RDirector139$53.940.56%
4/15/2011Spanier Graham BDirector139$53.941.77%
1/28/2011SURMA JOHN PChairman of Board, CEO & Pres-45,951$56.51-14.55%
1/28/2011SURMA JOHN PChairman of Board, CEO & Pres50,000$29.5418.82%
1/17/2011SCHOFIELD SETH EDirector1,541$58.428.93%
1/17/2011Tracey Patricia ADirector1,541$58.4222.29%
1/17/2011Sutherland DavidDirector3,081$58.4229.39%
1/17/2011Spanier Graham BDirector1,541$58.4224.41%
1/17/2011McNeal Glenda GDirector1,541$58.4221.24%
1/17/2011LUCCHINO FRANK JDirector385$58.423.13%
1/17/2011LEE CHARLES RDirector1,541$58.426.62%
1/17/2011DROSDICK JOHN GDirector1,541$58.4210.54%
1/17/2011GEPHARDT Richard ADirector1,541$58.4215.66%
1/17/2011DINGES DAN ODirector1,541$58.4248.17%
1/17/2011LUCCHINO FRANK JDirector1,541$58.4212.53%
1/17/2011SCHOFIELD SETH EDirector1,027$58.426.02%
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