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  1. The Top 5 Oil and Gas Penny Stocks for 2016 (XCO, CHK)

    February 13, 2016
    Learn more about the oil and gas industry outlook, and discover the top five oil and gas penny stocks investors should consider ...
  2. Oil Companies Near Bankruptcy

    July 28, 2015
    With the resumed uncertainty in Europe surrounding Greece and the sudden bear market gripping China, the price of oil has ...
  3. Follow the Private Equity Money, Into The Energy Sector

    March 11, 2014
    One of the best ways to identify sectors that are undervalued, with huge rebound potential over the next few years, is to ...
  4. How To Follow The Private Equity Money Into The Energy Sector

    March 11, 2014
    One of the best ways to identify sectors that are undervalued, with huge rebound potential over the next few years, is to ...
  5. A Legendary Investor Has Lost Millions On This Energy Stock -- ...

    February 3, 2014
    Wilbur Ross is a man of large appetites. He doesn't nibble around the edges with his investments -- he consumes them ...
  6. This Dividend-Paying Silver Stock Is Great -- But This Income ...

    February 3, 2014
    On Jan. 14 on StreetAuthority's sister site ProfitableTrading.com, I wrote: "Gold and silver prices have taken a ...
  7. After A Roller-Coaster Month, Is A Bear Market On Its Way?

    January 31, 2014
    If the market was looking to get our attention, it has it now.Since Jan. 13, the S&P has dropped at least 1% on three ...
  8. A New Era For Chesapeake Energy

    July 8, 2013
    A more disciplined strategy at Chesapeake should lead to better results eventually
  9. The Wheel Keeps Turning In the Energy Sector

    November 14, 2012
    Earnings season for the Energy Sector is over and companies got busy last week with the hunt for more oil and gas resources ...
  10. The Haynesville Shale Soldiers On

    August 23, 2012
    The Haynesville Shale is still seeing limited development by the exploration and production industry despite the collapse ...
  11. The Haynesville Shale Still Lives

    May 15, 2012
    The Haynesville Shale, which produces dry natural gas, is still seeing a trickle of development from the exploration and ...
  12. More Companies Cut Dry Gas Drilling

    February 14, 2012
    The scope of planned cuts in dry gas drilling for 2012 is growing, but it may be some time before this affects the natural ...
  13. Noble Energy Sets 2012 Capital Budget

    February 13, 2012
    Noble Energy plans to spend $3.5 billion in capital in 2012 on the exploration and development of its oil and gas portfolio.
  14. Comstock Resources To End Haynesville Shale Development

    February 2, 2012
    Comstock Resources announced that it will move its last two operated rigs out of the Haynesville Shale by March 2012.
  15. EQT Corporation Suspends Huron Development

    January 30, 2012
    EQT Corporation has suspended development of the Huron play until natural gas prices return to levels that make drilling ...
  16. Haynesville Shale Development To Decline In 2012

    November 25, 2011
    The Haynesville Shale has experienced a decline in capital that will continue into 2012.
  17. Say Hello To C&J Energy Services

    July 21, 2011
    C&J Energy Services is the newest public oil service company for investors to consider.
  18. EXCO Resources To Stay Public After All

    July 14, 2011
    EXCO Resources is staying a public exploration and production company as a proposed buyout offer from the CEO failed to advance.
  19. 4 E & P Companies With Blowout Proved Reserves Growth

    March 1, 2011
    One of the goals of exploration and production companies is to grow proved reserves as quickly as feasible.
  20. Watch The Proved Reserves

    February 1, 2011
    Investors need to know what to look for when exploring a proved reserve report. Find out how to read them.
  21. Range Resources Digs Into The Marcellus Shale In 2010

    December 28, 2010
    The company remained a high-growth and low-cost operator in 2010.
  22. Bossier Shale: The Natural Gas Source The Market Doesn't Need

    August 23, 2010
    The Bossier Shale saw some capital during the second quarter of 2010, as the exploration and production industry tested acreage ...
  23. Play The Bakken With Oasis Petroleum

    June 22, 2010
    Oasis Petroleum, motivated in part by investor preference for oil and liquids rather than natural gas, has completed its ...
  24. Petrohawk Energy's Haynesville Shale Update

    June 2, 2010
    Petrohawk's program is considerable despite the weak price environment in natural gas.
  25. EOG Still A Player In The Haynesville Shale

    April 22, 2010
    EOG Resources is still a major operator in the Haynesville Shale, despite the strategic shift towards oil and liquids development ...
  26. Natural Gas Infrastructure Plays

    October 14, 2009
    The exploration and production industry needs enough infrastructure to gather, process and move its natural gas to market.
  27. Refining Goodrich Petroleum's Resource Play

    January 9, 2009
    Goodrich Petroleum has a potential resource play on Haynesville Shale, which could add some slick profits.
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