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19/9/2014 04:00 PM  |  NASDAQ : ZION  
Industries : Banking / Regional - Pacific Banks

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
9/03/2014Morris MichaelExecutive Vice President238$29.224.80%
9/03/2014Morris MichaelExecutive Vice President-78$29.22-1.50%
6/10/2014Reilly Joseph L.Executive Vice President2,824$30.106.96%
6/10/2014HEMINGWAY W DAVIDExec. Vice President2,824$30.102.19%
6/10/2014Castle Julie GExecutive Vice President1,495$30.1017.39%
6/10/2014ALEXANDER BRUCE KExec VP and1,262$30.103.42%
6/10/2014LAURSEN THOMAS ESr. Vice President &2,625$30.107.14%
6/10/2014James Dianne RExecutive VP2,027$30.1012.17%
6/10/2014SAVAGE STANLEY DExec VP & Pres. Of Subsidiary997$30.102.77%
6/10/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President1,329$30.104.67%
6/10/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary1,528$30.103.94%
6/10/2014SIMMONS HARRIS HChairman, President8,306$30.100.73%
6/10/2014ARNOLD DOYLE LVice Chairman and6,645$30.106.74%
6/10/2014ANDERSON A SCOTTExec VP and2,326$30.103.61%
6/10/2014MCLEAN SCOTT JExecutive Vice President2,326$30.102.03%
6/10/2014BLACKFORD DAVID EExec Vice President2,326$30.105.67%
6/10/2014Schreiber EdwardChief Risk Officer3,987$30.1012.77%
6/10/2014STEPHENS STEVEN DANExecutive Vice President1,661$30.101.70%
6/02/2014Castle Julie GExecutive Vice President-526$28.84-10.76%
5/30/2014LAURSEN THOMAS ESr. Vice President &5,352$28.5917.05%
5/30/2014Morris MichaelExecutive Vice President4,328$28.59683.73%
5/30/2014Reilly Joseph L.Executive Vice President5,247$28.5914.85%
5/30/2014SAVAGE STANLEY DExec VP & Pres. Of Subsidiary3,778$28.5911.73%
5/30/2014Schreiber EdwardChief Risk Officer13,291$28.5974.14%
5/30/2014STEPHENS STEVEN DANExecutive Vice President7,695$28.598.56%
5/30/2014MCLEAN SCOTT JExecutive Vice President11,193$28.5910.84%
5/30/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary5,946$28.5918.11%
5/30/2014James Dianne RExecutive VP3,498$28.5926.58%
5/30/2014ALEXANDER BRUCE KExec VP and4,582$28.5914.19%
5/30/2014ANDERSON A SCOTTExec VP and9,094$28.5916.42%
5/30/2014BLACKFORD DAVID EExec Vice President7,765$28.5923.33%
5/30/2014Castle Julie GExecutive Vice President4,232$28.5997.00%
5/30/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President5,317$28.5922.95%
5/30/2014HEMINGWAY W DAVIDExec. Vice President5,981$28.594.87%
5/29/2014LAURSEN THOMAS ESr. Vice President &-1,000$28.54-3.09%
5/28/2014Reilly Joseph L.Executive Vice President-203$28.47-0.57%
5/28/2014ARNOLD DOYLE LVice Chairman and-1,803$28.47-1.80%
5/28/2014STEPHENS STEVEN DANExecutive Vice President-833$28.47-0.92%
5/28/2014LAURSEN THOMAS ESr. Vice President &-601$28.47-1.82%
5/28/2014BLACKFORD DAVID EExec Vice President-1,277$28.47-3.70%
5/28/2014ALEXANDER BRUCE KExec VP and-690$28.47-2.09%
5/28/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary-799$28.47-2.38%
5/28/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President-659$28.47-2.77%
5/28/2014SAVAGE STANLEY DExec VP & Pres. Of Subsidiary-543$28.47-1.66%
5/28/2014ANDERSON A SCOTTExec VP and-1,106$28.47-1.96%
5/28/2014HEMINGWAY W DAVIDExec. Vice President-906$28.47-0.73%
5/27/2014MCLEAN SCOTT JExecutive Vice President2,223$28.502.20%
5/27/2014ALEXANDER BRUCE KExec VP and-352$28.50-1.06%
5/27/2014Castle Julie GExecutive Vice President333$28.508.66%
5/27/2014Castle Julie GExecutive Vice President-92$28.50-2.20%
5/27/2014Castle Julie GExecutive Vice President1,103$28.5026.98%
5/27/2014Castle Julie GExecutive Vice President-302$28.50-5.82%
5/27/2014BLACKFORD DAVID EExec Vice President-697$28.50-1.98%
5/27/2014James Dianne RExecutive VP-272$28.50-2.03%
5/27/2014James Dianne RExecutive VP-338$28.50-2.46%
5/27/2014LAURSEN THOMAS ESr. Vice President &-408$28.50-1.22%
5/27/2014STEPHENS STEVEN DANExecutive Vice President-397$28.50-0.44%
5/27/2014Reilly Joseph L.Executive Vice President-886$28.50-2.43%
5/27/2014Reilly Joseph L.Executive Vice President2,737$28.508.13%
5/27/2014Reilly Joseph L.Executive Vice President-343$28.50-1.01%
5/27/2014Reilly Joseph L.Executive Vice President1,142$28.503.47%
5/27/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary-447$28.50-1.31%
5/27/2014ANDERSON A SCOTTExec VP and-686$28.50-1.20%
5/27/2014HEMINGWAY W DAVIDExec. Vice President-466$28.50-0.38%
5/27/2014SAVAGE STANLEY DExec VP & Pres. Of Subsidiary-247$28.50-0.75%
5/27/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President-344$28.50-1.42%
4/01/2014Schreiber EdwardChief Risk Officer3,833$31.2225.00%
4/01/2014Schreiber EdwardChief Risk Officer-1,240$31.22-6.47%
2/10/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President-3,900$29.38-13.89%
2/10/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President-100$29.38-0.36%
2/07/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary-100$29.10-0.29%
2/07/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary-800$29.09-2.29%
2/07/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary-100$29.09-0.29%
2/07/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary-1,227$29.09-3.38%
2/07/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary-5,773$29.09-13.72%
2/03/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President-2,555$28.06-7.70%
2/03/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President-2,445$28.06-7.99%
1/30/2014BLACKFORD DAVID EExec Vice President-200$29.36-0.56%
1/30/2014BLACKFORD DAVID EExec Vice President-5,368$29.35-13.15%
1/30/2014BLACKFORD DAVID EExec Vice President-1,417$29.34-3.35%
1/28/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President-891$29.76-2.62%
1/28/2014SAVAGE STANLEY DExec VP & Pres. Of Subsidiary-645$29.76-1.92%
1/28/2014HEMINGWAY W DAVIDExec. Vice President-1,231$29.76-0.98%
1/28/2014ANDERSON A SCOTTExec VP and-1,516$29.76-2.58%
1/28/2014Maio Keith DEVP & Pres. of Subsidiary-1,062$29.76-2.46%
1/28/2014ALEXANDER BRUCE KExec VP and-1,031$29.76-3.00%
1/28/2014Reilly Joseph L.Executive Vice President-971$29.76-2.87%
1/28/2014STEPHENS STEVEN DANExecutive Vice President-1,276$29.76-1.38%
1/28/2014LAURSEN THOMAS ESr. Vice President &-1,028$29.76-2.99%
1/28/2014BLACKFORD DAVID EExec Vice President-1,975$29.76-4.47%
1/27/2014SAVAGE STANLEY DExec VP & Pres. Of Subsidiary-86$29.93-0.25%
1/27/2014FEIGER GEORGEExec Vice President-156$29.93-0.40%
1/27/2014ALEXANDER BRUCE KExec VP and-1,192$29.93-3.35%
1/27/2014SAVAGE STANLEY DExec VP & Pres. Of Subsidiary-725$29.93-2.11%
1/27/2014ANDERSON A SCOTTExec VP and-393$29.93-0.65%
1/27/2014ANDERSON A SCOTTExec VP and-1,559$29.93-2.59%
1/27/2014Haun Dallas EExec Vice President-1,052$29.93-3.00%
1/27/2014LAURSEN THOMAS ESr. Vice President &-1,192$29.93-3.35%
1/27/2014James Dianne RExecutive VP-86$29.93-0.62%
1/27/2014BLACKFORD DAVID EExec Vice President-311$29.93-0.67%
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