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  1. Pot Stock Winners of the Week

    The FDA's approval of a drug to combat chemotherapy-induced nausea sent one medical marijuana stock flying.
  2. Stocks Rise as Earnings Surpass Expectations (SPY, DIA)

    The major U.S. indexes moved higher this week as companies posted exceptional first-quarter earnings.
  3. Will PM Win Big on its ‘Reduced Harm’ Products?

    Piper Jaffray starts coverage of Philip Morris at overweight, foreseeing EPS growth from iQOS.
  4. Arista Scores Another Win Versus Cisco: Wells Fargo

    The cloud-based networking vendor wins the latest patent battle, but the coast is not yet clear.
  5. Amazon Nears $1,000 Mark but Approaches Overbought Levels (AMZN, MSFT) is rapidly approaching the $1,000 per share milestone, but the stock appears to be overbought from a technical ...
  6. Sears: Turnaround or ‘Dead Cat Bounce’? (SHLD, AMZN)

    Sears Holdings jumped after its first-quarter earnings announcement, but the rally was short-lived as analysts cast doubt ...
  7. Bill Gates Bullish on 'Bleeding' Vegan Burgers as They Hit Mainstream Stores

    Beyond Meats' next-gen meatless burger is soon to appear in the meat case at Safeway stores.
  8. There's an Apple Between ETFs and Hedge Funds (AAPL, SPY)

    The asset gap between ETFs and hedge funds is bigger than Apple's market value.
  9. Time to Buy Hertz at an 8-Year Low? (HTZ)

    Difficult conditions and a poor earnings report drove Hertz stock to an eight-year low. Examine the new valuation.
  10. Amazon's Shares Near $1,000 Mark (AMZN, WMT)

    That price would raise the e-commerce behemoth's market valuation to approximately $477 billion.
  11. Investors Left Safe ETFs at the Wrong Time (SPLV, USMV)

    Stocks are soaring, and so are low volatility ETFs, which is catching some investors by surprise.
  12. Newell Brands Sheds Winter Sports Businesses (NWL)

    Newell Brands is simplifying its portfolio and reducing debt to remain buoyant in a difficult retail environment.
  13. Why South Korean Bitcoin Price Is $1000 Over Global Price

    Surging trade volume among South Korean Bitcoin exchanges has pushed prices $1000 higher than the global average.
  14. Consumer Staples Sink and Soar This Week

    Costco, Sears, PVH and Ulta pleased the Street this week, unlike Lowe's, Chico's and Dollar Tree.
  15. Amazon Launches Online Grocery Pickup Service (AMZN, WMT)

    For once, this is Amazon copying Wal-Mart.
  16. Will Banks Break the Bull Market? (JPM, BAC)

    Major banks have carved head and shoulders patterns at rally highs, raising odds for breakdowns that signal a broad summer ...
  17. Wells Fargo Turns Up Heat in Broker Hiring (WFC, MS)

    Wells Fargo is increasing its payouts for experienced broker hires.
  18. Microsoft Brand 'Largely Unscathed' By WannaCry Attack: Report (MSFT)

    The WannaCry cyberattack that swept across the globe earlier in May, exploited a bug in unpatched Microsoft operating systems ...
  19. Samsung Shows Off OLED Screen That Can Bend and Stretch (SSNLF)

    Samsung Display showed off three prototype OLED screens, including one that can bend and stretch.
  20. UPS and China's SF Express Announce Joint Venture (UPS)

    UPS’s joint venture with China’s biggest package delivery company promises to strengthen its footprint in the world’s fastest ...
  21. Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles Sold Out 'Well Into 2018' (TSLA)

    Demand for Tesla’s solar roofs has exceeded expectations, adding to the tech company's grueling production commitments.
  22. 4 Pieces of Good News for Job-Seeking Grads

    There are more jobs and higher salaries on offer for the Class of 2017.
  23. 9 Different Ways to Find a New Job

    Make sure you're covering all your bases and you should have a new career in no time.
  24. For Netflix, The Show May Have Just Begun (NFLX)

    Netflix shares reached an all-time high this week. Some say they will go higher.
  25. Why Techs Will Fly Higher: A Technical View (FB, AAPL)

    Technical analysis shows that big tech stocks still have huge upward potential, including Facebook.
  26. Inklings of Outflows From U.S. ETFs (IWM, SPY)

    Money is flowing into ETFs, but in recent days, ex-U.S. ETFs have been winning the flows battle.
  27. Stock Ownership Slips, Inequality Creeps

    Americans were hit hard in 2008, but their skittishness since has fueled inequality.
  28. Ulta Beauty, PVH Corp. Thrive in Face of Ecommerce Invasion (PVH, ULTA)

    Shares of the two companies soar on a positive Q1 surprises while brick-and-mortar peers suffer.
  29. Wine Country: America's Love For Wine

    As the largest market for wine, Americans spent nearly $60 billion on vino in 2016.
  30. How Teva Is Fighting (and Losing) the Big Pharma Battle

    Teva is still the largest generics drugmaker in the world but struggles to catch up with big pharmaceutical companies boosted ...
  31. Piper Jaffray Ups Netflix Price Target, Says Street Underestimates Growth (NFLX, AMZN)

    An analyst at the firm said Netflix's EPS could be double his estimates for 2020.
  32. Sears Skyrockets, Lowe’s and Chico’s Plunge

    Sears' Q1 was not as terrible as expected, while Lowe's and Chico's followed weak industry trends.
  33. Shopify Launches Ecommerce Channel for Gaming Companies, Integrates with Apple

    Companies are set to benefit further from a new in-store sales channel for branded products.
  34. Bitcoin Price Spikes to $2,700, then Loses $400 in Hours (C,NDAQ)

    Easy come, easy go in volatile cryptocurrency pricing
  35. Is The End of The Bull Market Near?

    Are hedge fund investors experiencing irrational exuberance?
  36. How Facebook, Exxon, Caterpillar Fuel S&P's Rise (FB, XOM, CAT)

    A large number of U.S. companies are producing high-quality earnings
  37. Global Exposure Without Leaving Home (VEA, DNL)

    Investors should shed home country biases and use international ETFs to increase portfolio diversity.
  38. Billionaire Dan Loeb's Third Point Thrives Despite Hedge Fund Plague (HON)

    The billionaire has shifted his strategies in order to find new ways of meeting returns in an era that is unfriendly to hedge ...
  39. Alibaba's Cainiao Invests Billions in AI Vans

    Cainiao, Alibaba's logistics arm, will embed AI in delivery vans as part of $7.3 billion effort.
  40. US Grocer Kroger Scrambles Before German Invasion

    Oppenheimer see significant overlap between Lidl's initial 20 US stores and Kroger and Walmart.
  41. Southwest Airlines Confirms Multi-year Breakout (LUV)

    Southwest Airlines has lifted above the March rally high, confirming a long-term breakout that could reach the 70s or 80s.
  42. American Health Care Act AKA 'Trumpcare' Explained

    What will Trumpcare change, and what will happen to premiums and coverage? Here's the rundown of the American Health Care ...
  43. A Dividend ETF That Eliminates Fed Worry (NOBL)

    This dividend ETF emphasizes growth, not yield. That strategy works over the long haul.
  44. Oil's Woes Not Bothering This ETF (EEMX)

    Do you like emerging markets, but not oil and gas stocks? Try this ETF.
  45. Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Is Coming June 1

    Microsoft's streaming gaming service Xbox Game Pass is coming to the masses on June 1.
  46. Automotive Retailers See Dismal Earnings Season (AAP, AZO)

    Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone are among the retailers whose results fell short of Street estimates.
  47. Nintendo Switch Lifts Fortunes of Best Buy Stores

    The retailer reported a surprise gain in comparable store sales thanks largely to Nintendo.
  48. MGT Capital Doubles Down on Bitcoin Mining (MGTI)

    The company stated that it will use new funding to invest in bitcoin mining computers.
  49. Snap's Big Gamble? (TWTR, SNAP)

    Snap is offering discounts to media buyers to encourage them to spend more on advertising.
  50. Rate Protection With Hedged Bond ETFs (IGHG, LQDH)

    Investors can stick with bonds even as rates rise. Just use these ETFs.
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