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  1. US-India Trade by the Numbers

    What is the value and composition of the U.S. trade deficit with its ninth largest trading partner?
  2. Intuit QuickBooks Now Lets You Send Money via Blockchain (INTU)

    Intuit will partner with Veem to allow customers to make international payments via blockchain.
  3. Beware Cryptocurrency "Gold Rush Mentality": Aberdeen Asset Mgmt

    Aberdeen Asset Management is the latest firm to warn about the potential dangers of a virtual currency bubble.
  4. McDonald's Stock Price Is No Bargain

    McDonald's stock is bloated and overvalued in light of its anemic revenue projections.
  5. Books CEOs Will Be Reading This Summer

    Learn which single book is on the reading list of leaders at McKinsey, Barclays Africa, Microsoft and the British Army.
  6. Facebook Hits 2B Users: Will China Get It to 3B?

    Facebook has 2 billion users. But to grow beyond that it will likely need to get back into China.
  7. The 7 Best Places to Put Your Savings

    You work hard to put your money away for the future, but where you should you keep it?
  8. July's Tough, but These Stocks Tend to Do Well (AMGN, HCP)

    July isn't a great month for the stock market historically, but these stocks tend to perform well.
  9. Why Gilead Is Still a Value Trap

    Gilead Sciences remains a value trap because it's still not doing anything with its cash.
  10. Google, Nutanix Announce Cloud Partnership (GOOG, NTNX)

    The deal will help large enterprises sign up for Google's cloud service using Nutanix's products.
  11. Microsoft Turns to AI to Fight Cyberattacks

    Microsoft is turning to artificial intelligence in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware attacks.
  12. Qualcomm’s Odds of Boosting NXP Bid Are Rising

    Qualcomm may need to pony up more than $110 a share if it wants to clinch the NXP Semiconductors deal.
  13. S&P Can Hit 3000: Analyst

    The S&P 500 train will make station 3000 for the long haul.
  14. Micron Stock: Double Top or Consolidation? (MU)

    Micron stock has risen more than 40% this year, but the trend has lost momentum heading into earnings this week.
  15. Does Ethereum's Price Depend On the Life of This One Person?

    A fake news report suggested that Vitalik Buterin had died, and Ethereum's market value tanked by $4 billion.
  16. There's Still Momentum for Momentum ETFs (MTUM, AAPL)

    Momentum stocks have dipped recently, but this ETF has been steady.
  17. Citigroup Stock Is Ready to Break Out Again

    Share of Citigroup have a solid floor and should continue to strengthen.
  18. Russian Burger King to Accept Bitcoin Payments (QSR)

    Burger King locations in Russia will begin to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment this summer.
  19. Look at Warren Buffett's First Tax Return at Age 14! (BRK-A)

    The "Oracle of Omaha" Warren Buffett was a diligent businessman even at the age of 14, as his 1944 tax return shows.
  20. KB Home Uptrend Accelerates After Positive Earnings (KBH, DHI)

    KB Home extended its rally following second quarter earnings as the housing market remains strong.
  21. Tesla Could Be 'Living Room on Wheels' With Music Streaming (TSLA, AAPL)

    Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas writes that music streaming could help power Tesla's profits.
  22. NVIDIA Shares Could Gain 17% in 2nd Half: Mizuho

    The firm raised its price target on Nvidia to $170 a share on the back of gaming strength.
  23. Alibaba in Talks to Buy ZTE’s Software Unit: Report

    Alibaba is reportedly close to reaching a deal to bolster its cloud computing offering.
  24. What Are Cryptocurrency Debit Cards?

    Cryptocurrency debit cards could help to bring digital money into the everyday lives of consumers around the world. What ...
  25. Apple Acquires Eye-Tracking Company (AAPL)

    The eye-tracking technology could help Apple in multiple augmented reality initiatives.
  26. Altaba Has 22% Upside Thanks to Alibaba: JPMorgan

    Coverage began with an overweight rating and $65 price target, implying much room to climb.
  27. Why SoftBank Is Interested in Robotics

    Japanese telecom giant SoftBank recently acquired two robotics companies from Alphabet.
  28. 3 Charts Show Why the SPDR Gold Trust Will Fall

    Recent activity shows a trend to the downside for the SPDR Gold Trust.
  29. Why Institutional Investors Love Alphabet Stock

    Google parent company Alphabet is the type of stock institutional investors want in their portfolios.
  30. Hertz, Avis Stocks Spike on News of Apple, Google Deals (HTZ, CAR)

    Will the rally last? Analysts are evaluating the deals in the context of the companies' long-term future.
  31. Alibaba Invests $1 Billion in Lazada Bringing Stake to 83%

    Alibaba has invested an additional $1 billion in Lazada Group, boosting its stake to 83% in the Southeast Asian ecommerce ...
  32. Buffett Slams Wealth Inequality, Calls GOP Health Bill 'Relief for the Rich'

    Warren Buffett believes that the mega-rich are being "disproportionately" rewarded, describes Obamacare overhaul as “relief ...
  33. Why Apple, JPMorgan Want to Crush PayPal's Venmo

    JPMorgan Chase and Apple are trying to kill PayPal's Venmo service.
  34. 6 Stocks With High Returns in an Uncertain Market

    Worried Investors should consider high-payout consumer staples.
  35. Why Comcast Must Buy All of Sprint or T-Mobile

    To remain relevant Comcast may have to go and buy either Sprint Corporation or T-Mobile US, Inc.
  36. Valeant Most Exposed With FDA Generics Push

    Valeant might be the biggest victim of the FDA’s bid to lower drug prices by boosting generic competition.
  37. A Technical Look at the Real Estate Sector (IYR, AMT)

    The charts of three key real estate investments suggest that now could be a good time to follow Warren Buffet's lead and ...
  38. GrubHub Is Next to Be ‘Amazoned’: Morgan Stanley

    Analyst Brian Nowak foresees a weaker hold on the market and higher customer acquisition costs.
  39. American Health Care Act AKA 'Trumpcare' Explained

    Senate GOP leadership pulled the health reform bill until after the July 4 recess.
  40. Molson Coors Stock: Time to Buy After Decline? (TAP)

    Shares of the large brewer have performed poorly this year. Are the fundamentals strong enough to consider this a buy?
  41. Alibaba's Alipay Expands Into South Africa

    Alipay has expanded into South Africa as the Chinese tourism market there booms.
  42. Why Western Digital's Soaring Stock May Stall

    Western Digital stock sank despite a strong earnings outlook amid a tussle over Toshiba's chip unit.
  43. Supervalu Stock: Now Too Cheap to Ignore? (SVU, WFM)

    Shares of grocer Supervalu plunged after Amazon announced the Whole Foods deal. Has the market overreacted?
  44. U.S. Stocks in 2017 Face a Rocky Second Half

    After shattering numerous records, the S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow face major turmoil
  45. Altaba Stock Breaks Out After Verizon Sale (AABA, VZ)

    Altaba has adopted Yahoo's long-term price chart, triggering a post-transaction breakout that predicts much higher 2017 prices.
  46. Samsung Poised to Surpass Intel in Second Quarter

    For the first time ever, Samsung is set to win the title of world's largest semiconductor maker.
  47. Pandora's Plunging Market Value May Shrink Further

    Bad Vibes: The bad news for Pandora may not be over
  48. Is Kroger Stock a Buy After Falling Last Week? (KR, AMZN)

    Kroger shares tumbled on poor earnings and Amazon's acqusition news. Did the market overestimate fundamental impacts?
  49. Could TenX Make Cryptocurrency More Usable In the Real World?

    TenX has developed an app that makes it easier for users to spend their cryptocurrency investments in the real world.
  50. Samsung to Sell Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea

    Samsung Electronics is bringing back a notorious model, but just for 'fans' in its home country.
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Stock Analysis
  1. Who is eligible for Canada Pension Plan benefits?

    Learn more about the Canada Pension Plan, who contributes to the plan and who can receive standard, disability, early retirement ...
  2. Who are Monsanto's main competitors?

    Learn about Monsanto Company's two main operating divisions and its main competitors within each sector, including The Mosaic ...
  3. What is an assumable mortgage?

    The purchase of a home is a very expensive undertaking and usually requires some form of financing to make the purchase possible. ...
  4. Do I have to complete all exams within a certain period of time to receive the CFA charter?

    According to the CFA Institute, a candidate can take as much time as necessary to complete all three levels of the CFA program.Therefore, ...
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  6. How are IRA withdrawals taxed?

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Hot Definitions
  1. Book Value

    1. The value at which an asset is carried on a balance sheet. To calculate, take the cost of an asset minus the accumulated ...
  2. Dividend Yield

    A financial ratio that shows how much a company pays out in dividends each year relative to its share price.
  3. Fixed-Income Security

    An investment that provides a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity. ...
  4. Free Cash Flow - FCF

    A measure of financial performance calculated as operating cash flow minus capital expenditures. Free cash flow (FCF) represents ...
  5. Leverage Ratio

    Any ratio used to calculate the financial leverage of a company to get an idea of the company's methods of financing or to ...
  6. Two And Twenty

    A type of compensation structure that hedge fund managers typically employ in which part of compensation is performance based. ...
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