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  1. Pot Stock Winners of the Week

    Notable gainers this week include Intec Pharma.
  2. Disney Short Interest Up $696M in Past Month: S3

    Thanks to a tempered outlook for 2017 EPS and the ending of its arrangement with Netflix, short interest on Disney is up ...
  3. AMD’s AI Is ‘Dead’—NVIDIA Is Better Bet: Analysts

    As the Street gushes over an alleged partnership between electric car maker Tesla and chip maker AMD, Global Equities continues ...
  4. Apple Stock May Have Worst Launch Week Ever

    With shares trading lower Friday, Apple is on tap to have the worst week ever ahead of a launch.
  5. Buy Netflix, Rally Isn’t Over, Says Buckingham

    Analysts initiated coverage on the streaming service, foreseeing expanding operating margins.
  6. US Tech Funds See Largest Inflows Since 2006

    Tech mutual funds had their biggest inflows in 11 years, thanks in part to NVIDIA and Apple.
  7. Fears of Another Recession are Unfounded

    Past recessions have often erupted because people had outspent their incomes, incurred excessive debts, and had to cut back. ...
  8. Transport Stocks Could Hit All-Time Highs

    The Dow Jones Transportation Average is testing the 2017 high after a summer sell-off and could break out.
  9. Qualcomm May Have to Pay $120 to Clinch NXP Deal

    Qualcomm may have to boost its $110-a-share bid price for NXP given the current lackluster enthusiasm.
  10. Acacia Research Stock Breaks Out as Rally Continues

    Shares continued their winning streak this week amid speculation about Acacia Research's Apple settlement.
  11. Gogo Shares Break Down From Key Support

    Gogo shares moved sharply lower this week following a new debt offering, but traders will be watching these key levels.
  12. Apple: Slow iPhone 8 Sales May Not Be a Bad Thing

    A sluggish start may be a good thing if Asian consumers are waiting for the pricier iPhone X.
  13. The Trade Desk Stock Enticing Momentum Players

    The Trade Desk stock has more than doubled in price since coming public and could head for triple digits in coming months.
  14. Considering Currency Hedging With This ETF

    Currency hedging is not working this year, but that could change if the dollar rebounds.
  15. Wal-Mart Wants to Unpack Groceries and Restock Fridges

    The retail giant is eager to do whatever it takes to make life easier for shoppers as it seeks to claw back market share ...
  16. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Planning 5,000 Job Cuts: Report

    The company claims that more layoffs are necessary to combat rising competition.
  17. Gilead, Amgen, and Biogen May Lift Biotech Higher

    These drug juggernauts could bolster the entire biotechnology sector as we head toward year-end.
  18. 3 Reasons These Five Stocks Will Outperform the S&P

    Through extensive screening, Barron's concludes that 3 major attributes boost stocks outperforming.
  19. How Google Will Beat Tesla, GM in Self-Driving Cars

    Google is racing ahead of rivals such as Tesla and Uber in the quest to dominate the self-driving car industry.
  20. Easy Certifications to Add to Your Resume

    These courses and certificates are relatively cheap and non-intensive, and they can help you get hired or put you in a higher ...
  21. Costco, Not Amazon, Has the Lowest Prices: BMO

    Turns out Costco has the lowest prices and the speediest shipping, according to BMO Capital Markets.
  22. Tesla to Develop Own Chip—Will NVIDIA Suffer?

    Tesla is reportedly testing its own self-driving chip, which could be a blow to its main supplier.
  23. Arista Poised to Grab 400G Market: Morgan Stanley

    Analysts highlight the networking company's time-to-market advantage. So, a 19% share by 2020?
  24. Buy Micron—DRAM, NAND to Deliver Upside: Deutsche

    Deutsche Bank analysts recommend buying Micron ahead of its Q4 report, citing chip prices.
  25. Was I Hacked? Find Out If the Equifax Breach Affects You

    143 million Americans may have been affected.
  26. J&J? It’s Time to Sell on Valuation: Goldman Sachs

    Analysts expects weakness to drag down its profits and sales below the industry average.
  27. We Want to Like L Brands, But It's a Sell: Cowen

    When it comes to competing in the wider bra market, the firm says LB is not holding up its end.
  28. Tech Giants Lobby Hard Under Intense Scrutiny

    Big Tech is spending record amounts on lobbying as dark clouds hang over its future.
  29. General Mills Sags—Still Not a Buy: Susquehanna

    Analysts warn against bottom fishing in GIS, suggesting that better value lies elsewhere.
  30. BlackBerry Stock: Buyers Step Up Ahead of Earnings

    Lowly BlackBerry broke out above the 50-day EMA on healthy volume after reporting a software partnership agreement.
  31. Apple Could Fall By 10 Percent Based On Options

    Weak demand for the new iPhone 8 is putting the squeeze on Apple's stock.
  32. Greece ETF: More Frustration or More Rewards?

    The Greece ETF remains fraught with risks and potential rewards.
  33. Apple and Cisco Stocks: A Reversal of Fortune

    The diverging paths of Apple and Cisco stocks highlights changing capital flows within the tech sector.
  34. Lithium ETF Still Lighting Up

    The lithium ETF remains red-hot and keeps adding new assets.
  35. Will Treasuries Break Down From Key Support?

    Treasuries remain resilient despite a hawkish Fed meeting, suggesting that traders still see low growth and low inflation ...
  36. Is Amazon Eyeing an Rx Drug Delivery Service?

    Amazon is reportedly talking to pharmacy benefits managers, eyeing the prescription drug market.
  37. Bank of America Stock Could Break Out

    Bank of America shares could break out from key resistance levels following a hawkish Federal Reserve meeting.
  38. Apple Watch 3 Connectivity Issues Confirmed

    After reviewers had trouble making calls with the new Watch, Apple confirmed connectivity issues.
  39. Snap's Rally Is Over: Shares Could Fall By 20%

    Technical analysis and withering fundamentals suggest Snap Inc.'s stock is poised to plunge.
  40. Car ETF Rallying – Is It Sustainable?

    The car manufacturer ETF is in a strong uptrend, but long-term resistance levels are coming into play.
  41. Oil Refiner Stocks Could Hit New Highs in 2018

    Oil refiners and marketers are leading an energy sector recovery wave, with top performers set to test their 2014 and 2015 ...
  42. Baidu Launches $1.5B Self-Driving Vehicle Fund

    Baidu launches the investment fund as it seeks to bolster its position in the burgeoning market.
  43. Peter Thiel Could Spell Trouble for Google, Amazon: Report

    Thiel is reportedly set to land a top intelligence position and use it to take aim at the likes of Amazon and Google.
  44. Buffett: Dow Could Hit 1,000,000 Within a Century

    Warren Buffett makes a bullish call for the Dow Jones Industrial Average's long-term future.
  45. Energy Stocks Rise From the Ashes on Oil's Surge

    Energy stocks have been surging as oil climbs.
  46. Why Big U.S. Banks Are "Very Afraid" of Bitcoin

    Big U.S. banks are likely to be "very afraid" of bitcoin, despite doubts from Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.
  47. 10 Stocks For The Next Tech Boom

    Next Tech Wave: Stocks leading the next boom won't be the FAANGS
  48. Google Dives Into Hardware With $1.1B HTC Deal

    Google is paying for HTC staff and access to intellectual property, which promises to immediately strengthen its hardware ...
  49. Top 6 Drone Stocks

    Drones offer huge investment opportunities as companies find limitless uses for these pilotless planes.
  50. Cryptocurrencies Could Get Their Own Central Bank

    The Bank for International Settlements considers having central banks issue their own crypto-money.
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Stock Analysis
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Hot Definitions
  1. Aggregate Demand

    The total amount of goods and services demanded in the economy at a given overall price level and in a given time period.
  2. Fixed Cost

    A cost that does not change with an increase or decrease in the amount of goods or services produced. Fixed costs are expenses ...
  3. Blue Chip

    A blue chip is a nationally recognized, well-established, and financially sound company.
  4. Payback Period

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  5. Collateral Value

    The estimated fair market value of an asset that is being used as loan collateral. Collateral value is determined by appraisal ...
  6. Fiduciary

    A fiduciary is a person who acts on behalf of another person, or persons to manage assets.
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