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  1. Trump's EPA Chief Chooses Not to Ban Dow Pesticide (DOW)

    The EPA’s new chief refused to ban chlorpyrifos, the pesticide that is owned by Dow Chemical and described by scientists ...
  2. Lululemon Sinks on ‘Slow Start’ to 2017 (LULU, NKE)

    Weak earnings and disappointing guidance fall in line with overall U.S. retail trend. According to the CEO, the firm should ...
  3. Corporate Earnings May Save the Trump Rally

    Corporate earnings growth of 12% this year may save the wobbly Trump Rally
  4. Why Susquehanna Downgraded Skechers

    Examining why Susquehanna downgraded Skechers.
  5. Why Your Taxes Are Due on April 18 This Year

    Your taxes are always due April 15th. Except when they’re not.
  6. How Trump Can Unilaterally Deregulate Big Banks

    Trump could water down bank regulation unilaterally.
  7. Valeant Investment Was a 'Huge Mistake' (VRX)

    Bill Ackman has called his investment in Valeant a mistake, saying he misjudged the ability of Valeant’s former management ...
  8. Disney Film Head: Theaters Need Better Amenities

    Disney executive says theater chains have to do a better job of courting digital-era Millennials.
  9. Amazon Hits All-Time High as Analyst Predicts $1 Trillion Market Cap (AMZN, WMT)

    "It's just a question of when, and not if, in our view," wrote a Barclays analyst.
  10. Barclays Is Latest Bull to Praise Alibaba Group

    Barclays started coverage of Alibaba at overweight, saying it's looking beyond online retail.
  11. Who Let the Air Out of the Financials? (XLF)

    Financials have struggled so far in 2017.
  12. FT Asks: Does Twitter-Square Merger Make Sense?

    Twitter CEO thinks so, but the Financial Times argues it only makes sense when you squint.
  13. Domino's: Robot Pizza Delivery Coming to Select Cities

    Domino's teamed up with Starship Technologies for self-driving robots in German and Dutch cities.
  14. The Restoration of Restoration Hardware Continues

    Restoration Hardware reported strong quarterly results that beat expectations, advancing its turnaround story.
  15. Europe Talks Tough on Brexit Deal

    The European Parliament wants its way on migrants, money, courts and, most importantly, time.
  16. Uber Releases Diversity Report (AAPL, GOOG)

    The ride-sharing app fares slightly better than other tech companies in terms of diversity.
  17. Computer Sciences Corp. Is Graduating to the S&P 500

    The ever-shifting lineup of stocks on the S&P 500 will soon undergo another change. S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI), which ...
  18. Garmin Unveils a New High-End Fitness Watch

    Coming off a strong quarter in which sales jumped  10% to $860.8 million -- well above analysts' expectations  of $792.9 ...
  19. The Number of Millionaires Continues to Increase

    Global wealth growth remains weak, but the number of millionaires in high-income economies is surging.
  20. Medical Marijuana ETF To Debut Soon

    The first marijuana-focused ETF will hit the Toronto Stock Exchange April 5th.
  21. Android App User Spending to Surpass Apple in 2017 (GOOG, AAPL)

    App analytics firm App Annie says that user app spending across all Android app stores will reach $40 billion this year, ...
  22. Staples Pivots from Office Supplies to Office Space (SPLS, ODP)

    Staples wants to overhaul its image with trendy $130-per-month work space offerings, complete with coffee and happy hours.
  23. Barnes & Noble to Fete Teachers (Again) in April

    If anyone is working to promote the idea of people reading physical books, it's teachers. Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) ...
  24. Uber to Expand Electric Fleet, Build Charging Stations in London

    The ride-sharing app finally made news for the right reasons!
  25. Why FireEye Inc. Stock Is on a Roll

    After nosediving 16% the day after it announced disappointing fourth-quarter and full 2016 results on Feb. 2, FireEye (NASDAQ: ...
  26. Will Lululemon Follow Peers and Disappoint in Q4?

    Analysts foresee the co. dodging industry headwinds and posting double-digit sales growth in Q4.
  27. WWE Announces 2 Very Different New Partners

    World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE: WWE) has made two deals that give the company access to lucrative markets. Through ...
  28. Emerging Interest in Europe ETFs (EZU, HEDJ)

    Europe could be the place to be outside the U.S. this year. There are signs investors are moving to Europe ETFs.
  29. Chinese Pay More for Real Goods Over Fake Goods

    With more disposable income, Chinese consumers are favoring real goods over the knockoffs.
  30. Snap Trades for the Fast-Fingered Crowd (SNAP)

    Snap has failed to hold the IPO opening price since its third trading day, signaling relative weakness that favors additional ...
  31. JPMorgan Looks for Post-Brexit European Home (JPM)

    As Britain officially declares it will leave the EU, JPMorgan is hustling to find a new regional hub.
  32. Craft Beer Saw Double-Digit Growth in 2016

    As the number of craft breweries skyrockets, largest brew companies struggle to seem authentic.
  33. A Nifty Spin on the Low-Volatility ETF (IDLB)

    Investors can lower volatility with developed market stocks, and this ETF equal weights its holdings.
  34. Robots Depress Wages and Take Away Jobs: NBER

    A new study by NBER states that 670,000 jobs were lost to industrial robots during a 17-year period.
  35. GSK's Advair May Escape Generics Challenge (GSK)

    Glaxo is relieved after the FDA apparently did not approve Mylan's generic version of GSK's Advair.
  36. Coal Country: Where It Is and Why It Needs Help

    Coal production is decreasing, mine are shutting down and number of employees are shrinking fast.
  37. Egalet Can Tout Abuse-Deterrent Opioid Painkiller (EGLT)

    The FDA is allowing Egalet to promote the abuse-deterrent properties of its opioid painkiller Arymo.
  38. Brexit Dings British Bank Stocks (BCS, RBS)

    British banks are taking a hit after Prime Minister Theresa May makes the Brexit breakup official.
  39. Manulife Appoints New President (MFC)

    The Canadian insurance and investment firm hired its man in Asia to the top role.
  40. Deutsche Bank Fined for LIBOR Fraud (DB)

    Deutsche Bank has settled with the Department of Justice for colluding with other banks to set the LIBOR. The price tag: ...
  41. Casino Stocks Could Rally Into Mid-Year (MGM, LVS)

    Casino stocks shook off weak Las Vegas metrics earlier this week, in a buy-the-news reaction that could signal higher prices ...
  42. Sonoma Gets FDA Nod for Skin Descaler Lotion (SNOA)

    Sonoma Pharmaceuticals stock hit a 52-week high after its skin descaler lotion got FDA approval.
  43. NYC Landlords Offering Retail Clients Megadeals

    Retail clients, pressured by ecommerce, are being offered never-before-seen improvement allowances.
  44. BlackRock Replacing Asset Managers with Robots (BLK)

    Under pressure to save on fees charged by traditional asset managers, BlackRock is moving toward automation.
  45. IQOS One Step Closer to FDA Consideration

    A new study helps boost Philip Morris' marketing advantage over rivals in alt-tobacco field.
  46. AAL Confirms Purchase of China Southern Stake

    Following media reports that it was in talks to do so, American Airlines Group (NASDAQ: AAL) has pulled the trigger on a ...
  47. Roche's MS Drug Ocrevus Secures FDA Nod (RHHBY, NVS)

    Ocrevus is expected to be a blockbuster drug for Roche, as the company faces generics challenge for its older, established ...
  48. Vertex Pharma Cystic Fibrosis Combo Succeeds (VRTX, NVLS)

    Success in late stage studies evaluating VX-661 + Kalydeco combo paves the way for approval application submission by Q3 ...
  49. Three Upside Swing Trades (TRGP, PTC)

    These three stocks have recently pulled back, but remain in overall uptrends. Watch for movement back to the upside, in alignment ...
  50. AstraZeneca's NMOSD Drug Gets EU Orphan Drug Status (AZN)

    AstraZeneca's Inebilizumab (MEDI-551) has secured orphan drug status in EU, making it eligible for several key benefits including ...
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