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  1. Google and Amazon Could Disrupt Another Industry

    It’s only a matter of time before Amazon and Google become market leading lenders to small businesses, a former U.S. small ...
  2. The Thanksgiving (Travel) Procrastination Quiz

    Rick Seaney tells you how much it's going to cost to keep dragging your feet about buying those tickets to your Thanksgiving ...
  3. Apple's Supercyle Is For Real, Says Morgan Stanley

    The Apple supercycle has boosted its price target and earnings estimates.
  4. Now Is the Best of Times for FAANG Stocks

    FAANG stocks have historically had their best two weeks in trading from now through Oct. 24.
  5. What Does Warren Buffett Look For in an Employee?

    The Berkshire Hathaway leader revealed three key traits he looks for when making a hiring decision.
  6. China's Cryptocurrencies Have Gone Underground

    Cryptocurrency sales in China haven't disappeared after being banned; they just went underground.
  7. The 5 Factors Of A 'Good' Location

    “Location, location, location” is a common mantra in real estate. And it’s good advice.
  8. Are Smart Contracts the Best of Blockchain?

    Smart contracts may be one of the best innovations to accompany blockchain development.
  9. Why This Earnings Season May Be the Best Yet For Stocks

    Third Quarter Bump: Stocks typically post the biggest gains in the 30 days following the start of earnings reporting.
  10. Schwab's Director of Business Consulting Shares Marketing Secrets With RIAs

    Charles Schwab's director of business consulting services Kimberly Sanders lays out how RAs can standout in a crowded marketplace. ...
  11. Amazon May Rise 10% As It Breaks Above $1,000

    Options trading suggests Amazon's stock could soar to $1,100, adding $50 billion to its market cap.
  12. Netflix Price Hike, Q3 Hopes, Prompt PT Boost

    Morgan Stanley and Stifel see further upside in Netflix share price.
  13. How Domino Stock Has Risen over 2000% since 2010 (DPZ,AAPL,GOOG)

    What is the secret sauce that has made Domino's one of the best performing stock on the S&P since 2010?
  14. Bitcoin Prices Hit Record High

    The cryptocurrency breached the $5,000 barrier, and some analysts claim that it is poised to go higher.
  15. Micron Shares Could Rally After Stock Offering

    Micron issued 29.3 million shares in a secondary offering totaling $1.2 billion this week.
  16. Look Out Emerging Markets, The Robots Are Coming

    75% of Jobs In Major EM Countries Are Ar Risk Of Replacement By Robot according to Bank of America.
  17. Amazon to Keep Holiday Seasonal Hiring Flat

    Amazon plans to hire 120,000 seasonal workers for the holiday season, flat with last year.
  18. 10 Canadian Marijuana Stocks For Your Portfolio

    With marijuana headed for legalization in Canada, these penny stocks offer direct exposure and could help you get a piece ...
  19. Teens Love Apple, Amazon More Than Ever, Lose Interest in Nike

    A new survey says Teens increasingly endorse Apple, Amazon, Snapchat, Vans and Supreme, lose interest in Pandora Radio, Nike, ...
  20. Tesla's Third Biggest Market Considering an EV Tax

    The days of Tesla achieving bumper electric auto sales in Norway could be coming to a close.
  21. Celgene, Biogen Are Poised to Break Out: A Technical View

    After a period of consolidation, the biotech sector is set to rise again based on technical analysis.
  22. AMD's Shares Could Rise 20% to $17, Option Trades Show

    Advanced Micro Devices stock has weathered extreme volatility but appears poised to climb.
  23. Stock Market Could Plunge On 'Very High' Risk Banks

    Big U.S. banks could drag down the stock market because of the "very high" risk they pose, a veteran bank analyst warns.
  24. Bitcoin Is Still Flirting With $5,000 Price

    Analysis of price action for major cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ethereum.
  25. Wal-Mart’s Sees Returns From $3B Purchase

    The world's largest retailer sees shares pop as it expects e-commerce sales to grow 40% in FY19.
  26. Sell Apple on iPhone X Supercycle Doubts: Edison

    Analysts foresee a reduction in Apple's fiscal 2018 expectations as triggering a major sell-off.
  27. How Indiana Jones Would Have Benefitted From Blockchain

    Blockchain's distributed ledger could help track smuggled objects and create vast repositories of museum artifacts.
  28. Morgan Stanley Says Tesla Has One Key Advantage

    Tesla's rapidly growing footprint puts it well ahead of rivals in supporting EVs on the road.
  29. Amazon Private Labels May Add $1B: Morgan Stanley

    Private label is likely the next major driver of Amazon profits, and its growth is just beginning.
  30. Snap Inc. to Rise 35%: Credit Suisse

    Credit Suisse thinks advertisers are warming up to Snap, which could raise the stock up to 35%.
  31. Jay Z Starts His Own Venture Capital Fund

    After starting his own VC fund, Jay Z is reportedly looking to buyout Harvey Weinstein's interest in The Weinstein Company.
  32. The State and Local Tax Deduction State by State

    The first big fight of the Republican effort to overhaul the federal tax code is already brewing: what to do about the state ...
  33. Buy Goldman Sachs, Drop GE: Morgan Stanley

    Morgan Stanley equity analysts highlighted nine stocks that they see as near-term movers.
  34. Why a New 'Know Your Customer' Project Is Crucial to Blockchain

    Along with several banks, the Singapore government completed a poof-of-concept using blockchain to streamline KYC processes ...
  35. Why Is Switzerland Bullish on Crytocurrencies?

    The Alpine country is rolling out the red carpet for cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
  36. Chase Stock Could Hit Triple Digits After Earnings

    Market players are expecting tax cuts and a December rate hike to underpin future results for JPMorgan Chase.
  37. Charles Schwab Q3 Earnings Preview: Improving Economy Bodes Well For SCHW Stock

    Charles Schwab reports third-quarter earnings next week and Wall Street expects an in-line three month period.
  38. Goldman Gets Even More Bullish on NVIDIA

    Goldman Sachs said it left a European conference more bullish on the company's prospects.
  39. These 3 Chipmakers May Soar: A Technical View

    Shares of big chipmakers Intel, Broadcom and Qualcomm may rise dramatically higher. Here's why.
  40. For ETF Issuers, Cheaper Is Often Better

    More data points confirm that investors love low-cost ETFs.
  41. Was I Hacked? Find Out If the Equifax Breach Affects You

    145.5 million Americans may have been affected, and former CEO Richard Smith faces a week packed with Congressional testimonies.
  42. 10 Companies Owned by Alibaba

    Rapidly growing online retailer Alibaba Group has a wide array of dominant companies under its umbrella.
  43. Why $120 Target For Visa's Stock Is Way Too Rich

    Visa shares aren't overvalued, but they're not really worth $120 either.
  44. Wal-Mart Stock Breaks Out as It Looks to Rival Amazon

    Wal-Mart shares hit 52-week highs Tuesday, but traders will be looking for consolidation over the coming sessions.
  45. Alibaba Stock Could Reward Aggressive Short Sales

    Alibaba's price rate of change has slumped since August, when the uptrend reached a long-term measured move target.
  46. Uptrending Stocks Near Technical Buy Points

    Aflac and Humana are in uptrends but have pulled back to support, providing a potential buying opportunity.
  47. Buy Starbucks at a Discount: Deutsche Bank

    A recent survey indicates SBUX bears outnumber bulls 3 to 1, but some analysts expect a 20% rally.
  48. 3 Charts Suggest It's Time to Invest in Tiger Cub Economies

    Based on these charts, it appears as though the five nations are poised for a significant move higher.
  49. Small-Cap ETFs: Better Late Than Never?

    Small-cap stocks and ETFs are on a tear, but there are macro issues that could limit near-term upside.
  50. Micron's Stock Offering Pressures the Stock, But Mizuho Says Its Overdone

    Micron's stock is under pressure in pre-market trading after announcing a $1 billion offering, but Mizuho said the reaction ...
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Hot Definitions
  1. Interest Expense

    The cost incurred by an entity for borrowed funds. Interest expense is a non-operating expense shown on the income statement. ...
  2. Call Option

    An agreement that gives an investor the right (but not the obligation) to buy a stock, bond, commodity, or other instrument ...
  3. Pro-Rata

    Used to describe a proportionate allocation. A method of assigning an amount to a fraction, according to its share of the ...
  4. Private Placement

    The sale of securities to a relatively small number of select investors as a way of raising capital.
  5. AAA

    The highest possible rating assigned to the bonds of an issuer by credit rating agencies. An issuer that is rated AAA has ...
  6. Backward Integration

    A form of vertical integration that involves the purchase of suppliers. Companies will pursue backward integration when it ...
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