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  1. ETFs With Major Recent Breakouts (AMLP, XBI)

    These ETFs have all experienced a major technical breakout recently.
  2. Alibaba Aims to Become World's Fifth Largest Economy by 2036 (BABA)

    The e-commerce giant plans to reach its ambitious targets by enabling small businesses to sell goods across borders.
  3. 3 Hot Plays in the Resurgent Biotech Sector (KITE, ESPR)

    Biotech stocks and funds have broken out to 52-week highs and should attract steady buying interest in coming weeks.
  4. A Really Good Deal on Small Caps (DFE)

    Get paid and get better performance with this small-cap Europe ETF.
  5. Altaba Spends $3.5B on its Shares in Dutch Auction

    Altaba said it spent $3.4 billion to purchase a total of 64.5 million of its own shares.
  6. Amazon, Microsoft Still Rule Cloud; Oracle, Alibaba May Catch Up (ORCL, BABA)

    There are new players in the cloud computing industry.
  7. The Rush to Biotech ETFs Is Back On (IBB, XBI)

    Investors are rushing back to biotech ETFs.
  8. Is Samsung the Only One Buying its Shares?

    Samsung Electronics shares have gained in last two year, but a new analysis asks who's buying.
  9. US Oil Fund Could See Relief Rally After Breakdown (USO)

    The oil fund declined sharply this week on bearish developments in the crude market, but it could see a relief rally.
  10. Samsung Is Going Retro With New Flip Phone

    Samsung Electronics rolled out the Galaxy Folder 2 flip phone in South Korea.
  11. Ant Financial Nearly Doubled Its Earnings In FY17

    Alibaba affiliate Ant close to doubled its pretax profit according to an analysis by Bloomberg.
  12. AMD vs. Nvidia: Who Dominates GPUs?

    A look at AMD and Nvidia, focusing on their latest GPU technology, and what is in store in the future.
  13. Cara Therapeutics Stock Could Break Out on IV CR845 Data (CARA)

    The stock recently experienced a sharp move higher but stands at key trendline resistance levels.
  14. Which Industries Should Amazon Disrupt Next? (AMZN, INTC)

    The company is on a roll. Here are suggestions for two more industries it could disrupt to boost its bottom line.
  15. Ethereum Flash Crash Panic, Price Briefly Dips to $13

    A flash crash of the cryptocurrency Ethereum triggered 800 stop loss orders.
  16. Hedge Funds Are Rushing Out of Gold at Rapid Pace

    Gold prices have fallen as the Fed has raised rates.
  17. Famed Billionaire Oil Guru Andurand Lost 17% So Far in 2017

    Pierre Andurand lost 17.3% to his oil fund over the first five months of the year.
  18. Apple Looking to Trim Record Labels' Cut (AAPL)

    Apple is confident that the increasing popularity of Apple Music can help it to secure a deal closer to what industry leader ...
  19. Staples Stock Jumps on Report of $6 Billion Acquisition (SPLS)

    Private equity firm Sycamore Partners looks set to come to Staples’ rescue following an auction.
  20. The S&P 500 May Rise 12% to 2700, RBC Says

    The S&P 500 may rise another 12% in the next 12 months, say analysts at RBC Capital Markets.
  21. Why Qualcomm May Have to Pay $45 Billion for NXP

    Qualcomm is likely going to have to up its offer to nearly $45B to complete the NXPI deal.
  22. 3 Big Cap Winners: How Revenues Are Fueling These Stocks

    Investors might find gains in large cap stocks with strong fundamentals.
  23. Virgin Mobile USA Is the First iPhone-Only Wireless Carrier

    Virgin Mobile is the first carrier to sell iPhones only as it aims to drum up more customers.
  24. eBay Promises to Match Prices Against Growing E-Retailers

    As Amazon steps up its game, the industry pioneer tries out a new strategy to best its rivals.
  25. Micron Concerns Over Chinese Competitors Are Overblown

    Analysts at JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley tell investors not to worry, call US chipmakers a buy.
  26. H&R Block Stock: Time to Consider Selling? (HRB, TAX)

    The tax prep company's shares are up 33.6% YTD. Is it time to take gains, or do fundamentals support the new valuation?
  27. Nestle Buys Stake in US Meal Delivery Startup Freshly

    In response to increased competition, foods giants beef up their VC plays and eye meal-kit startups.
  28. AI Could Start Third World War: Alibaba's Jack Ma (BABA)

    His thesis is that advances in technology have caused world wars in the past.
  29. A Nike-Amazon Deal is Near (NKE, AMZN)

    Nike-Amazon partnership is a potential disaster for sports retailers.
  30. What Is Altaba Anyway?

    Altaba starting its public life only this week, so what's behind its recent surge?
  31. U.S. Stock Growth: Europe Is Now the New America

    Profits in Red, White and Blue: U.S. stocks with European exposure may grow faster
  32. Why Adobe's Investors Are Dancing on Cloud 9

    Adobe's multiple is likely to expand as revenue rises during the next two years
  33. Facebook Wants Court to Let It Sell Oculus Headset

    Facebook asked a court to grant it permission to continue to sell its Oculus VR headsets.
  34. Red Hat: Why This Stock Is The Comeback Kid

    Red Hat was buoyed by a first-quarter earnings beat and an upgrade of its stock.
  35. Facebook's Sandberg in Running for Top Job at Uber (FB, GOOG)

    She is the third female candidate for the job in a company that is infamous for toxic bro culture.
  36. Alibaba's Ma: We're Not Looking to Invade US

    Jack Ma said his 2-day Detroit conference is only about bringing small US businesses to China.
  37. Wal-Mart Stock Decline Should Offer Buying Opportunity (WMT, AMZN)

    Wal-Mart stock fell nearly 5% on Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition but should return to rally highs in coming weeks.
  38. Stocks With More Upside Based on Price Action (MS, SGMS)

    These stocks have rallied recently and could see further upside based on the price patterns that are playing out.
  39. A Well-Timed Small-Cap Dividend ETF (OUSM)

    This dividend ETF could actually benefit from higher interest rates.
  40. How Will Travis Kalanick's Exit Affect an Uber IPO?

    The Uber co-founder is synonymous with the company. Will his exit negatively affect Uber's IPO prospects?
  41. Capitalizing on a Quality ETF (SPHQ)

    Investors looking to focus on the quality factor will like this ETF.
  42. Etsy to Cut Another 15% of Staff

    The online retailer makes a second round of job cuts.
  43. Bitcoin Looks a Lot Like an Early Amazon

    The most lucrative but risky investment play, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, are starting to look like Amazon's early ...
  44. Netflix Stock Has Farther to Fall

    Netflix shares are among the weakest of all the FANG stocks.
  45. A-Shares Finally Earn MSCI Promotion (KBA, ASHR)

    China A-shares earned the coveted promotion to be included in MSCI's international benchmark.
  46. Nvidia Bear Now Bullish on Cryptocurrency Mining

    Pacific Crest does an about face, raising its investment rating, all thanks to cryptocurrency.
  47. Adobe Upside Looks Limited Despite Solid Quarter (ADBE)

    Adobe is trading higher on strong quarterly results, but overbought technical readings should limit upside into the third ...
  48. Cowen: Wal-Mart, Costco Buys Despite Amazon Growth

    Wal-Mart and Costco, with their low prices and healthy footprint, are not likely to suffer from Amazon's takeover of Whole ...
  49. Ethereum's "Initial Coin Offering" Trend Becomes Wildly Successful

    Ethereum is having a hard time keeping up with all of the initial coin offerings it has inspired.
  50. Microsoft Is Adding Cortana to Its Office Suite

    Microsoft announced the launch of Dictate, a voice-to-text app for Office powered by Cortana.
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Hot Definitions
  1. Dividend Yield

    A financial ratio that shows how much a company pays out in dividends each year relative to its share price.
  2. Fixed-Income Security

    An investment that provides a return in the form of fixed periodic payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity. ...
  3. Free Cash Flow - FCF

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  4. Leverage Ratio

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  5. Two And Twenty

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  6. Market Capitalization

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