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  1. Wal-Mart Leverages Stores to Speed Up Returns for Online Buys

    Wal-Mart's new simplified returns process marks the latest in a series product launches aimed at fighting off rising competition ...
  2. 9 Stocks Poised to Shine in a Volatile Energy Market

    Amidst a volatile energy market, one fund has outperformed its peers over the last 15 years. Here's a look at what the fund's ...
  3. Amazon, Home Depot, Starbucks Could Move Higher

    Consumer discretionary stocks are poised to climb led by this triumvirate of retail juggernauts.
  4. Stocks Look 'Overbought' as Traders Build Hedges

    The U.S. stock market looks heavily overbought after its most consecutive record closes in 20 years, spurring hedging activity.
  5. FAANG Stocks May Lead Market In Last Quarter

    The FAANG stocks are roaring back to life in the fourth quarter after a period of consolidation.
  6. 7 Real-Life Ways to Become a Billionaire

    The majority of billionaires follow similar paths. Will you follow in their footsteps?
  7. How Blockchain Is Changing the Energy Industry

    The technology could enable customers to trade excess energy with each other or make payments using cryptocurrencies.
  8. Oracle’s Biggest Threat Is Microsoft: IDC

    Larry Ellison is fighting the wrong fight as Oracle is 'just catching up' in the cloud space.
  9. Sell GoPro on Google’s New Camera or Buy on the Dip?

    GoPro shares recover from a massive sell-off following the release of Google's new Clips camera.
  10. Blockchain Is Helping Change Government Services

    The distributed ledger helps streamline operations and make them more efficient and trackable.
  11. 'Zero Knowledge Proofs' Could Boost Blockchain Adoption on Wall Street

    The complex mathematical proof encrypts transactions, making client and transaction privacy possible.
  12. IMF Chief Suggests IMFCoin Cryptocurrency as Possibility

    The organization is considering replacing its special drawing rights (SDR) reserve currency with a global digital currency.
  13. Alibaba to Stream US College Sports in China

    The e-commerce leader has acquired the rights to broadcast 175 Pac-12 college sports games per year.
  14. Netflix Hits New High After US Price Hike Report

    Netflix timed its price hike along with a plan to fund $7 billion in content spending next year.
  15. Kroger Faces Battle Against Barclays

    Absent a 'transformational event,' it will be almost impossible to change Kroger's narrative.
  16. Stocks Continue to Hit Highs Amid Positive Economic Data

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  17. Waymo Will Start Ride-Sharing Service This Month

    Waymo's service could start as soon as this month in Arizona, according to online publication The Information.
  18. Netflix Price Hike Helps Disney: Wells Fargo

    Netflix isn't the only one that will benefit from price hikes, so should Disney, says Wells Fargo.
  19. Why Analysts Still Love Facebook Stock

    Despite an uproar over Russian-backed ads in its newsfeed, analysts are still in love with the stock.
  20. How to Trade Emerging Markets After This ETF Set a Multiyear High

    The iShares MSCI Emerging Market ETF (EEM) represents 850 overseas investments heavily-weighted to China, South Korea and ...
  21. How Rising Wages Will Fire Up U.S. Stocks

    The September 2017 jobs report showed a 3% spike in wages, which is good news for the stock market.
  22. Nintendo Up on Reports of Switch Supply Boost

    Nintendo's stock hit a nine-year high after reports that it is boosting production of the Switch.
  23. End Times: Ways Elon Musk Believes the World Could End

    A study found that our universe is not an elaborate computer simulation vulnerable to being unplugged on a whim. Doesn't ...
  24. New Payday Loan Regs: Pros and Cons

    New regulations for payday lenders from the CFPB have both sides of the issue up in arms.
  25. Is It Time To Lock In Your Stock Gains?

    The question is how to bank your profits now that stocks have reached record levels
  26. Did Margin Trading Cause That Huge Ethereum Flash Crash in June?

    The digital currency exchange Coinbase is under investigation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for a "flash crash" ...
  27. This Cryptocurrency Gained 695% on News of Visa Deal That Never Happened

    Monaco cryptocurrency announced in May that it had introduced a Visa-backed credit card, but the other company says it is ...
  28. Charles Schwab’s Townsend Addresses Tax Reform

    Schwab's VP of legislative affairs says there are a lot of unanswered questions on the proposal.
  29. A Look at the Largest Sustainable Investing ETF

    Investors looking for a virtuous approach should consider one of the oldest socially responsible ETFs.
  30. New Report of Swollen Apple iPhone 8 From China

    Apple is facing a fresh report that its iPhone 8 shipped with a crack along the side.
  31. Costco Stock Gets Pummeled Despite Upbeat Quarter

    Costco has fallen nearly 10 points and 6% so far in Friday's session after a bearish reaction to quarterly earnings.
  32. Schwab Continues Low-Cost Tradition With New ETF

    Charles Schwab will soon launch another cheap ETF.
  33. Will Netflix Price Hikes Raise Its Stock Price?

    Shares soared earlier this week after Netflix raised prices, but traders will be watching these key support levels.
  34. PayPal Stock Extends Winning Streak but Faces Resistance

    PayPal shares hit new 52-week highs, but the stock faces key trendline resistance levels moving forward.
  35. Apple Trumps Android in OS Upgrades: Edison

    AAPL beats GOOG in adoption, but the firm favors shares of Tencent, Baidu and Microsoft.
  36. FedEx, UPS Stocks Drop After Amazon Delivery Initiative

    FedEx and United Parcel Service sold off on Thursday morning after Amazon said it would test a new self-delivery system.
  37. Charles Schwab Undercuts Rivals With New ETF

    Charles Schwab is rolling out a new ETF that undercuts its rivals.
  38. 11 Mistakes Inexperienced Landlords Make

    Avoid these pitfalls if you considering purchasing a rental property.
  39. The Financial Fitness Tour's Journey Across the Midwest

    Investopedia and American Century are driving a tour bus around the Midwest to talk to Americans about their financial questions ...
  40. Self-Driving Cars to Benefit These Stocks: Morgan Stanley

    The firm released a diverse list of companies that will benefit from the autonomous driving revolution.
  41. September US Non-Farm Payrolls Decline by 33,000, Earnings Growth Jumps To 0.5%

    US non-farm payrolls declined 33,000 for September compared with expectations of a gain around 85,000 for the month and this ...
  42. International Tax Havens Embrace ICOs

    ICOs are becoming popular in tax havens like Gibraltar, Switzerland and Isle of Man.
  43. Yum China Same-Store Sales Beat Estimates, New CEO Announced

    The first major Western fast-food operator in China announces a CEO change alongside upbeat sales figures.
  44. Elon Musk Says Tesla Can Fix Puerto Rico's Electric Grid

    The tech guru believes Tesla has the technology in place to solve power shortages on even bigger islands.
  45. Netflix Traders Gearing Up For Big Volatility

    Netflix stock is looking strong as analysts have raised their 3Q estimates for the company.
  46. Oct. 16 Tax Extension Alert: Don’t Get Stuck Unable to File

    New IRS procedures for filing your tax return could complicate your ability to meet the Oct. 16 filing deadline for 2016 ...
  47. Mylan's FDA Approval Isn't All That: Wells Fargo

    While Mylan's 17% rally this week is 'a little bit exaggerated,' a 'key win' could boost EPS.
  48. Buy Ford and Forget Tesla: Standpoint Research

    'The list of companies that are shooting at Tesla right now is not a short one,' writes an analyst.
  49. Starbucks Is the High-End Leader: Morgan Stanley

    Analyst suggest that 'Third Wave' brands remains a 'very small portion' of the coffee segment.
  50. Apple: Update Fixes Watch 3 Connectivity Issues

    After reviewers had trouble making calls with the new Watch, Apple released a software update.
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    The sale of securities to a relatively small number of select investors as a way of raising capital.
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