Nasdaq-listed Amgen Inc. (AMGN) has invested in an Israeli digital health incubator called eHealth Ventures through its European affiliate, Amgen (Europe) GmbH.

The investment includes two other partners: Amgen's Israeli distributor, Medison Pharma Ltd., and Israeli HMO Maccabi Healthcare Services. Financial terms were not disclosed.

eHealth Ventures, which launched in March 2016, is backed by the Israeli government. It is a conglomerate of investors that are active in the field of digital health, and it aims to invest in 40 new innovative companies over the next eight years.

The conglomerate includes the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, Israeli health provider Maccabi Healthcare Services, Amgen's local distributor in Israel, and Medison Pharma, an Israeli drug company.

Expanding Partnerships

The California-based Amgen has been venturing into multi-shareholder partnerships, expanding beyond drug development programs. (See also: Amgen Inks Oncology, Neuroscience Deals.)

A partnership with eHealth Ventures will help Amgen expands its digital health pipeline and support health technology initiatives to improve medical care. (See also: Amgen Arrowhead Announce Two Cardiovascular Collaborations.)

Through its partnership with Amgen, eHealth Ventures will get access to key market inputs, business modeling, commercialization of research and development activities, and go-to-market strategies. (See also: Amgen Targeting Biosimilars.)

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